BBC Series: Best Ever, ranked

  1. Dr. Who!: Consistently fantastic, always clever and entertaining
  2. The Prisoner: Magnificent, prepare to be awed
  3. Black Books - surreal and clever series about a bookshop
  4. Monty Python's Flying Circus: Inventive sketches
  5. Absolutely Fabulous: Dahhlinginginging
  6. Keeping up Appearances: My dad's parents watch this, so it's tame, but spot-on comic timing
  7. The Avengers: Daring duo
    --Here's the break, between the top tier, and the second-but-still-beats-most-American-television tier--
  8. Father Ted: Dirty vicarThe Office: Not great, but better than the insipid American version
  9. Blackadder: Witty, Wry
  10. Monarch of the Glen: My grandmother's faithful to this show, and she's an A&E type
  11. Thin Blue Line: Dumb cops
  12. What Not to Wear: The original and preferred version, if you like that sort of thing in the first place
Author Comments: 

When it comes to drama and comedy - the brits do it better. Call me an anglophile, but you know it's true. Of course my access to the BBC is limited to the BBC America, so there's probably more out there, I plead ignorance.
UPDATE: DR WHO ROCKS! I'm sure there's a more cultured way to say it, but I'm fascinated by the show. So it moved up in rank