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The listies: movies.

Updated. While our favorite songs are very similar, our movies not so much.

I didn't include your favorites for years where you only rated them 7, because this list only includes a movie if it's at least 7.5 or more. Some listies don't give ratings (just rankings in years), so I include their #1s here eventho I doubt they'd rate 7.5 or more for some of the shorts from the 1800s.

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The listies: songs.

Updated "Sleep walk", "Across the Universe" (sure you prefer the 1970 Let it be version to the 1969 No one's gonna change our world version?), and "Wheeling West Virginia".

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Top 10 Songs of Each Year

Lots of great stuff here, now on my list of songs to listen thru.

I've only found pages saying Santo & Johnny's "Sleep walk" was released in 1959. Do you know where WMP gets the 1958 date? I'd like to add it also to http://www.listology.com/jeandr/list/listies-songs "The listies: songs.".

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Favorite Holiday Poll

I'd think "None of the above" could beat all these options by a wide margin.

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The listies: movies.

Thanks for the update - I've fixed it and Swingers.

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10 favorite songs per year.

Favorite covers:

1. Strange fruit - Nina Simone [Billie Holliday]
2. I can see clearly now - The hothouse flowers [Jimmy Nash]
3. Smooth criminal - Alien ant farm [Michael Jackson]
4. Whiskey in the jar - Metallica [traditional]
5. Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley [Leonard Cohen]
6. At last - Etta James [Ray Eberle, Pat Friday, Glenn Miller]
7. Somewhere - Barbra Streisand [Reri Grist]
8. Mad world - Michael Andrews and Gary Jules [Tears for Fears]
9. The first time ever I saw your face - Roberta Flack [Peggy Seeger]
10. The boys of summer - The Ataris [Don Henley]
11. The ballad of Lucy Jordan - Marianne Faithfull [Dr Hook]
12. Such great heights - Iron and wine [The postal service]
13. My baby just cares for me - Nina Simone [Eddie Cantor]
14. Nothing compares 2 u - Sinéad O'Connor [The family]
15. Smells like teen spirit - Tori Amos [Nirvana]

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Queen vs. The Who


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The listies: episodes.

I don't really like any of the characters. Okay, maybe Tami (aka Mrs Coach). There are evil characters I like, e.g. Mr. Blonde in Reservoir dogs, and there are really bad characters I like, e.g. Mal in Firefly; but they're honest about their flaws, while most of the Friday night lights characters actually think of themselves as good and decent folk.

Episode 1.21 is my favorite from season 1; and the scene where Tami sits the coach down, says "Hi", takes off his hat, and they laugh was amazing - Kyle Chandler played it perfectly.

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The listies: episodes.

I've now watched up to 1.18 and I'm really getting into it - some more great episodes.

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The listies: episodes.

During the first two episodes of Friday night lights I was beginning to despise almost all the characters: they were so shallow, vainglorious, stupid, backwards, and superstitious that they made the characters in One tree hill look like Carl Sagan. All the good things I've heard kept me watching tho, and I thought episode 1.03 was pretty good. The next 2 episodes made me consider giving up on it again, but I just saw 1.06 which was great. My bias against jocks may be what's preventing me from seeing the good in it.

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Favourite Episodes of Firefly

Eventho "Shindig" is my least favorite also, I absolutely love the "mercy" line.

Have you thought about a ranked list of your all-time favorite episodes (with IMDb years) from all shows? The listies: episodes could do with another person's.

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Favourite Episodes of Firefly

10 "Out of gas" (my #1 favorite tv episode)
10 "Our Mrs. Reynolds" (#2)
9 "War stories" (#11)
8 "The train job"
8 "Objects in space"
8 "Serenity" (episode)
8 "Safe"
8 "Ariel"
8 "Heart of gold"
8 "Trash"
7 Serenity (movie)
7 "Bushwhacked"
7 "Jaynestown"
7 "The message"
7 "Shindig"

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The listies: movies.

Updated - thanks for the note.

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2011 Songs

If you ever make a favorites songs list and include the year of 1st release, please ping me so I can include you on The listies: songs. (I can't link it because the site triggers its own domain as spam - click my username and look for the list.)

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Listology Spam Brigade

Could the Mollom image(?) be auto blocked by my Adblock Plus setup?

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