1001 Things to do Before you Die

  1. This is a live list. It will grow and change with time, especially as I check things off the list. Completed goals will be highlighted and include the year it was completed along with a comment.

  2. Read 1000 Books
  3. Watch 1000 Movies
  4. Graduate from University
  5. This step completed my schooling and was an awesome feeling!

  6. Visit Vincent van Gogh's Tomb
  7. Eat pizza in Italy
  8. See elephants in the wild
  9. Visit Graceland
  10. Meet a war veteran and thank him or her
  11. Spend a whole day shopping
  12. Make a memory quilt
  13. Eat in the 360 restaurant in the CN Tower
  14. Go apple picking
  15. See part of the Dead Seas scrolls
  16. Visit the Parliament Buildings
  17. Watch the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace
  18. Waltz at a ball
  19. See the Parthenon/Acropolis
  20. In 2007 I took a trip to Greece and saw this incredible building.

  21. Visit Loch Ness
  22. Visit the Winchester Mystery House
  23. Learn Archery
  24. Visit the Lincoln Memorial
  25. Learn how to can and preserve food
  26. Tour the White House
  27. Drive across a bridge more than a mile long
  28. Eat in a railcar diner
  29. Own an original work of art
  30. I commissioned a piece of art for myself back in 2007 and am very happy with the result.

  31. Hold a lamb
  32. Restore a classic car
  33. Make homemade rootbeer
  34. Tour Pearl Harbour
  35. Take a road trip across Canada
  36. Visit the Taj Mahal
  37. See the pyramids and the sphinx
  38. Tour the Colosseum
  39. Visit the Little House on the Prairie house
  40. Visit the Anne Frank House
  41. Eat a food that I grew
  42. This year I grew cherry tomatoes and was able to savour the fruits of my labour. They were delicious!

  43. See Michelangelo's David
  44. Visit Mesa Verde
  45. Weave a basket
  46. Observe the 2012 transit of Venus - Completed June 5 2012!
  47. This was so cool and done on my lunch break. It was so small compared to the sun but I'm glad I went. The next transit isn't until 2117!

  48. Cook Thanksgiving dinner
  49. Have a bubblebath by candlelight
  50. Go to the top of the St. Louis Arch
  51. Learn Morse Code
  52. Visit the Forbidden City
  53. Grow a bonsai tree
  54. Learn to develop photos in a dark room
  55. Learn to juggle
  56. Kiss the Blarney Stone
  57. Visit the Serengeti Plain
  58. Explore the routes of the Underground Railroad
  59. See the Liberty Bell
  60. See a meteor shower.
  61. Go to the top of the Empire State Building
  62. See the Sistine Chapel
  63. Take a tour of the Tower of London
  64. Ride on a trolley car
  65. Ride a steamboat
  66. Get published/write a bestseller
  67. Go whale watching
  68. Climb to the top of the Statue of Liberty
  69. Climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower
  70. Visit the Hershey Chocolate Factory in Pennsylvania
  71. Hike to Macchu Picchu
  72. Teach someone to read
  73. See the ruins of Pompeii
  74. Attend a Chinese New Year celebration
  75. Go to an archaeological dig
  76. Visit an Observatory
  77. Go to Niagara Falls
  78. Lean on the Tower of Pisa
  79. Sail on a tallship
  80. Visit Stonehenge
  81. Do a 1000 piece puzzle
  82. Be in a food fight
  83. See the Great Wall of China
  84. Visit Easter Island
  85. Find a four leaf clover
  86. See a falling star
  87. Learn to blow glass
  88. Go down a zip line
  89. Make a list of the top 5 people who have positively influenced me and then write them a letter
  90. Carve something out of wood
  91. Randomly select a book from the library and read it
  92. Go snorkeling or diving
  93. Attend/throw a costume party
  94. Help build a house
  95. Eat breakfast in bed
  96. Give up something for a month
  97. Fly First Class
  98. Ride in a hot air balloon
  99. Sleep under the stars
  100. Make my own ice cream
  101. See a play on Broadway
  102. Visit all the continents (Current progress: 2)
  103. See a movie at a drive-in theatre
  104. Donate blood
  105. Visit at least 20 capital cities (Current progress: 1)
  106. Ride the Orient Express
  107. Explore the Galapagos Islands
  108. Visit Uluru and watch the sun rise over it
  109. See Haley's Comet
  110. Extract my own DNA
  111. Learn how to take a compliment
  112. Buy a round the world ticket and go
  113. Give Mom a dozen roses just for being awesome
  114. Go to Walden and read Thoreau's book
  115. See a lunar eclipse
  116. Give to a charity anonymously
  117. Climb Tunnel Mountain
  118. Back in 2007 I climbed this crazy mountain the middle of town. I almost died on the way up because I wasn't used to the elevation but the view was well worth it.

  119. See the Russian Ballet live
  120. Learn another language
  121. Visit a costume museum
  122. Learn how to reproduce a historic costume
  123. Visit the Louvre
  124. Learn to play the guitar
  125. Partake in a Japanese Tea Ceremony
  126. Attend Burning Man
  127. Visit Venice
  128. Reach the age of 100
  129. Eat a meal good enough to be my last
  130. Memorize a poem and pass it on
  131. Learn to operate a ham radio and talk to people around the world
  132. Fly a kite
  133. Go on a trail ride with horses
  134. Tour Monument Valley
  135. Tour Windsor Castle
  136. Go to St. Ives and Tintagel Castle
  137. See Jamaica Inn
  138. Watch the George River herd return
  139. Attend the 100th Anniversary of Vimy Ridge
  140. Go to the Royal Pavilion
  141. Write a letter to the editor
  142. Live in London for a year
  143. See Yosemite National Park
  144. Visit the British Museum
  145. Visit Nelson's grave and the Sark
  146. Be a mentor
  147. Visit the Victoria and Albert Museum
  148. Visit Westminster Abbey
  149. See Hadrian's Wall
  150. Navigate the Marlborough Maze
  151. Visit Stratford-Upon-Avon
  152. Swim in a fountain
  153. Visit my old high school
  154. Adopt a pet from a shelter
  155. Visit Edinburgh Castle
  156. Take a trip on the Royal Scotsman
  157. Visit Caernarfon Castle
  158. Walk through the Laburnam Arch
  159. Climb Mount Snowdon
  160. Learn to skip rocks
  161. Back in 2007 one of my friends taught me how to skip stones in Greece

  162. Have a favourite joke
  163. Give to charity
  164. Attend the opera
  165. In 2006 I attended my first opera, The Magic Flute. A great introduction!

  166. Buy everyone in a pub a drink
  167. Stay up all night and watch the sun rise
  168. Touch an iceberg
  169. Catch a fish with my bare hands
  170. Stormchase a tornado
  171. See the launch of a Space Shuttle
  172. Since the shuttle program is over this goal is probably unaccomplishable.

  173. Stay in the best suite in a 5 star hotel
  174. Join the Traveler's Century Club
  175. Make fire without matches
  176. Attend a film premier
  177. Experience weightlessness
  178. Be present when a Canadian team wins the Stanley Cup
  179. Make the front page of a national newspaper
  180. Stand on the International Date line
  181. Be part of a flash mob
  182. Drink a vintage wine
  183. Be an extra in a film
  184. Have a gelato in Settimo Gelo in Rome
  185. Dive with a whale shark
  186. Ride something bigger than a horse
  187. Publish an article about my travels
  188. Follow in the footsteps of my favourite travel book
  189. Have a movie marathon
  190. Dance the tango in Argentina
  191. Follow my food from field to table
  192. Photograph an endangered species in the wild
  193. Milk a cow
  194. Participate in Carnival
  195. Learn how to make a national dish
  196. Travel India by train
  197. Visit the birthplace/gravesite of a cultural icon
  198. Descend into Fantastic Pit
  199. Visit the Cueva del Fantasma
  200. Stop off at Solna Centrum, a Stockholm Metro Station
  201. Climb to the Tiger's Nest
  202. Ride the Glacier Express from St. Moritz to Zermatt, Switzerland
  203. Go to the symphony
  204. Ring a church bell with a rope
  205. Change a tire
  206. Try something different from the grocery store every time I go
  207. Plant and harvest a tree that produces fruit
  208. Fly in an Avro Lancaster
  209. Use the crosswalk at Abbey Road
  210. Swim in a bio luminescent lake
  211. Let someone else have the chance I missed
  212. Buy an item created by Karl Faberge
  213. Skate on a frozen pond
  214. Kayak on the ocean
  215. In 2011 I kayaked for the first time ever. It was in the ocean but not the open ocean. I was so sore, you have no idea.

  216. Throw a paper airplane off a tall building
  217. See Lenin's Tomb
  218. Stand in the Oculus of the Pantheon
  219. Eat a Durian, no matter the smell!
  220. Hear wild wolves howl
  221. Figure out how to tie all the knots (Scouts)
  222. Learn to whistle with two fingers
  223. Clip bad news from the paper and burn them in a ritual fire
  224. Bake a cake and eat the whole thing
  225. Leave a candy with my tip at the restaurant
  226. Say hi to cows
  227. Lean into the wind
  228. Go to breakfast in my pajamas, diner style
  229. Dream an afternoon away on a river bank
  230. Pay the toll booth for someone behind me
  231. Put coins in expired parking meters
  232. Hold a snake
  233. Let a waiter order a meal for me
  234. Learn which bridges to cross and which to burn
  235. Visit the Hagia Sofia
  236. Fire a cannon
  237. Follow my bliss
  238. Run through wet grass in bare feet
  239. Protest about something I really care about
  240. Drive on the 'wrong' side of the road in either Australia or the UK
  241. Meditate
  242. Send a message in a bottle
  243. Ride a camel
  244. Go rafting
  245. Participate in a book club
  246. Make friends that are worth keeping
  247. Write real letters to friends and family
  248. Adopt a pet
  249. Spend the day reading
  250. Have a picnic
  251. Get my palm read
  252. Successfully poach an egg
  253. Learn to identify constellations on sight
  254. Visit a tea plantation
  255. Send my parents on a vacation
  256. Learn how to darn socks
  257. Watch a Sumo match
  258. Drive across country
  259. Memorize the Prime Ministers in order
  260. Make my own bread
  261. Memorize a Shakespeare soliloquy
  262. Write a letter to myself to be opened in one year
  263. Make pie on Pi day (March 14)
  264. Learn how liqueurs, beer and wine are made
  265. Eat lobster in Maine
  266. Read every Pulitzer Book
  267. Send flowers anonymously to someone
  268. Learn to knit something other than a scarf
  269. Drink an entire bottle of champagne
  270. Develop a general knowledge on important topics
  271. Become financially literate
  272. Collect my favourite recipes
  273. Leave a hefty tip after excellent service
  274. Visit Neuschwanstein Castle
  275. Attend a murder mystery dinner
  276. Learn about liquor, enough to carry on a conversation (beer, wine, spirits)
  277. Go through the world's longest hedge maze
  278. Take a week long technology break
  279. Write my last will and testament
  280. Stargaze in the Atacama Desert
  281. Get passionate about a cause
  282. Learn to sail
  283. Drive the Great Ocean Road, Australia
  284. Solve a Rubik's Cube
  285. Sleep in a hammock
  286. Assemble a list of favourite quotes
  287. Visit Yosemite Valley (climb the Half Dome?)
  288. Go to the caves at Lascaux
  289. Attend a World's Fair
  290. Visit Tikal
  291. Tour Kiyomizu-dera
  292. Travel through the Chunnel
  293. Go Wakeboarding
  294. Attend a Japanese Tea Ceremony
  295. Pay for a stranger's groceries
  296. Climb the Tower of Pisa
  297. Take a helicopter ride over Kauai
  298. Visit the Vatican
  299. Pass on a family heirloom

how can I see all the list of 1001 things to do before I die?


I'm still in the midst of creating this list. Currently I only have 257 things on this list. I hope to add to it next year.