Greatest Ever Youtube Videos

  • 1. Mind Bending Thumb Bending
  • 2. LeBron James "The Decision" Parody
  • 3. Mark Prindle "Goddess In the Doorway" Review
  • 4. Yung Harry - 99 Benz
  • 5. Ashley Beerse - Dumb Crap We Do in Hotel Rooms
  • 6. Isabelle Senjem - entire channel
  • 7. Alexis Flatten - Strongest Girl in the World
  • 8. Vaz Deferens - Spines

Listology Spam Brigade


So the spam situation here has gotten pretty bad, as many of you have perhaps noticed. The service I use (Mollom) helps a lot but not completely, and I am trying to avoid adding CAPTCHA to all submissions because I know a lot of people find it irritating. I don't think it would help much anyways, a lot of the spam these days is actually done by real human beings who get paid pennies per comment posted on websites with decent Google rankings. A while ago I deputized AJDaGreat to help as spam cop, giving him the ability to delete spam comments and block spammers. However he has been busy lately and is about to go into law school, therefore I am looking for some volunteers to help out. If you are an active Listology member in good standing and would like to help killing spam, leave a comment and I will get in touch.

Listology Secret Santa 2010

Pre-S: I'd normally put this at the bottom but since many previous participants may not read that far (since they already know how this works) I thought I'd put this first. That being said...

Listology Secret Santa 2010 - Coordinator Needed!

It's that time of the year again, time for Listology Secret Santa! For those who don't know, this is a fun game run every year wherein Listologists trade mix CDs of their favorite music that get randomly shuffled between all the participants. Here is the rundown from last year's program:

Notes about Notifications


Since launch there have been some problems with comment notifications and after Feif's poll this weekend I thought I would bring people up to date about what has been happening to alleviate them.

Search is back


As everyone knows I had disabled search at one point to improve site stability. Since then life has been in the way and I have not found the time to fix things up. It may still be a bit before I get a handle on this, and in the meantime people have been clamoring to have search return, so today I turned it back on. We may experience occasional downtime but I hope to keep it as minimal as possible. If anyone notices the site is down, feel free to email me or ping listology on Twitter.


I saw this article on RWW about It seems like Jim, Listology's creator, was way ahead of his time. I was also amazed to see all of the other listmaking services that people listed in the comments. Unless one of these new startups can recreate the community of some place like Ask Metafilter, for example, I can't see how any of them will ever be better than our good old Listology.

Listology Stability - Site Search temporarily disabled


It will come as no surprise to any regular visitor that the site has been suffering from some stability issues. I have some theories about why this might be, and I'm starting to try and eliminate possiblities. The first possibility I'm looking into is the new site search which eats a lot of system resources (it is powered by Apache Solr for those of you who might be in to such things.) As a result the site search will be down for a day or two while I monitor the effects this has.

Listology Secret Santa 2009

Listology's seventh annual Secret Santa is underway! Here's the way it works . . .

  1. You e-mail me that you want to participate at dgeiser13 AT gmail DOT com
  2. I will collect all the e-mail addresses between now and 11:59 PM December 11th.
  3. I will e-mail all participants my snail mail address.
  4. You make two copies of a music mix on CD.