Which movie holds the record for most f-words?


I have been wondering about this question for a while. Which movie holds the f-word record? Can anyone help me on this? I've read some tidbits about it on the Internet, but there's a lot of false information. For example, one article I read claimed that "South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut" had 399, while another article said the same movie had 133. I've heard "Scarface" had 208, but I've also heard that the band Blink 182 got the 182 from how many times the f-word is said in "Scarface." I've heard "Goodfellas" had 246 and "Pulp Fiction" had 257. I've also heard that "Casino" held the record with 362. Finally, I've heard that "Raging Bull" held the record, but without a number to back it up. Can anyone confirm or deny these rumors? Does anyone have a list or something? This is the kind of random movie tidbit I'd enjoy knowing.

Update (8/02/02) - According to www.screenit.com, Martin Lawrence's new stand-up comedy movie, "Martin Lawrence: Runteldat", has 311 f-words in it. But do we want to count movies that are just stand-up comedy?

I don't know which movie features the most f-words, but I'm betting Joe Pesci is the career f-word king.

If the question was Which movie scene has the most f-words in it? I would suggest the following very funny scene from PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES: Steve Martin has hiked miles back to the airport after finding that the car he has rented is not in its place. He complains in no uncertain terms to the rental company's female clerk, almost every other word being f-----g. When he's finished his tirade she asks him for his copy of the rental contract and he tells her he tore it up. She replies, "Then you're f----d!".

Amen. Great scene!

Hmmm, if we were talking individual scenes and actors, surely Dennis Hopper's Frank in Blue Velvet would be a contender...

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

It never would have occurred to me as a contender, but I just rewatched Glengarry Glen Ross and the f-word gets a lot of play in that movie. It probably wouldn't walk away with the prize, but it certainly deserves an honorable mention.

I have to believe that SCAREFACE holds the record if you exclude stand-up comedy routines. The phrase "F***kin Cock-a-roach" is used by Al Pacino more times than I could count. So many times that it became laughable, it ruined the serious nature of the movie for me, because we all just started laughing after hearing that phrase for about the 15th time. It was hard to pay attention to the rest of the movie. Maybe I will rent the DVD and count the number of times it is used, it has been a lot of years since I saw this movie.

nope, scarface doesn't have the most. the big lebowski has just over 250. pulp fiction has just over 250. i think casino might hold it. i think the south park reference was probably for just obscenities or vulgarities, not just the f word.

the record goes to F-word a documentry with 824 f-words, and 2nd place summer of sam wth 435.

Harold and Kumar (?)

It's F-Word but scarface holds the record for most in a given period. I love the bullet list too, the most bullets fired goes to Hard Man :)

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