3 Wishes from an All-Powerful Genie


What would I do if I had three wishes from an all-powerful genie? Man, that's a tough one. First, some ground rules:

Rule #1: No wishing for extra wishes.
Rule #2: No wishing for broad powers that would allow self-fulfillment of several wishes.

So, here they are:
1. Perfect health until I want to die.
2. Neverending happiness.
3. Unlimited wealth.

-literally irresistable sex appeal
-telekinetic powers
-mind control powers
-the power of flight
-amazing skill with every musical instrument

Anyone got a better approach? A different approach? An all-powerful genie?

By neverending perfect health, do you mean you wish to be immortal? If so, do you really want to live forever and watch all the people you love die before you? Don't get me wrong, I'd like to live a long time, but forever? Nah.

Besides, global warming is gonna make all hell break loose soon enough. Didn't you see "The Day After Tomorrow"? I'll be glad to be dead before that happens.

Sex and money are nice, but I don't think these material possessions necessarily guarantee happiness. I think I could take one wish and just wish for eternal happiness. Then it won't matter how much sex or money I'd have, because I'd still be happy. Although that could certainly cause problems at funerals. I guess everything has its drawbacks.

This reminds me of something a chauffeur of moderate income, a nice guy who worked hard to support his wife and kid, once told me. He said, "Money can't buy happiness, but it sure makes being miserable a hell of a lot easier." Isn't that the most simultaneously depressing and uplifting thing you've ever heard?

I guess I'd like the option to decide to die, but I wouldn't mind living for centuries and having people die around me.

Global warming is hardly the biggest and most immediate environmental problem.

Hmmm... yes, perhaps I should change #3 to eternal happiness, but then I have to find a new way to fit sex and money in there :-)

see #2

Upon further reflection, your thoughts have caused me to reconsider. My wishes above have been changed. For posterity's sake (lol!), here is what my original wishes were:

A quick answer would be (1) unlimited wealth, (2) neverending perfect health, (3) mind control abilities. If #3 is a little too far and breaks rule #2, then substitute with 'literally irrestible sex appeal,' since that's what I'd most use mind control for anyway, right? :-)

1. The ability to travel instantly to anywhere in the universe - to see what's out there.

2. The ability to travel instantly to any time in the past - to see what really happened in history.

3. A healthy lifespan sufficient for the explorations made possible by 1. and 2.

I thought of another strategy to consider: infinite knowledge. If you had this, you could (1) have the smarts to become fabulously wealthy even without the guarantee of unlimited wealth, and (2) have the knowledge of the human mind to get anyone to go to bed with you without the guarantee of irresistible sex appeal.

Although maybe ignorance is bliss, in which case you should definitely keep the neverending happiness wish. Eternal knowledge and happiness - that's all I ask. :-)

Very clever. Though, I don't think I'd want to be burdened with infinite knowledge. Who knows, though.