Favourite Episodes of Firefly

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  1. Out of Gas
  2. Bushwhacked
  3. Serenity
  4. The Message
  5. Objects in Space
  6. Safe
  7. Ariel
  8. Our Mrs. Reynolds
  9. The Train Job
  10. Trash
  11. Jayne's Town
  12. War Stories
  13. Heart of Gold
  14. Shindig

10 "Out of gas" (my #1 favorite tv episode)
10 "Our Mrs. Reynolds" (#2)
9 "War stories" (#11)
8 "The train job"
8 "Objects in space"
8 "Serenity" (episode)
8 "Safe"
8 "Ariel"
8 "Heart of gold"
8 "Trash"
7 Serenity (movie)
7 "Bushwhacked"
7 "Jaynestown"
7 "The message"
7 "Shindig"

Eventho "Shindig" is my least favorite also, I absolutely love the "mercy" line.

Have you thought about a ranked list of your all-time favorite episodes (with IMDb years) from all shows? The listies: episodes could do with another person's.

oh yes great line. also some great moments in my less rank episodes, like the bible run with river and book in Jaynestown