The World's Sexiest Film?

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This list goes from very faint elegant eroticism, films with brief sexuality, to porn. Please add any suggestions + opinions.

I just rewatched it so I have to suggest it: how 'bout Tampopo? Perhaps only for food fetishests, but still.

Well, I suggest Russ Meyer's "Faster, Pussycat Kill! Kill!" then

I'd already added it!

Though there are some favorites of mine listed, I didn't find most sexy.
I voted for woman in the dunes.
For suggestions,... I don't really know sexy films I guess.

You're right, a lot of "sexy" films aren't very sexy. Don't leave much to the imagination or create enough erotic tension + atmosphere, just stright into nudity, pounding + breathless panting. For instance i find Michelle Pfeiffer at her sexiest in The Age of Innocence. And In the Mood for Love builds a delicate but intense sense of longing without any overt eroticism but then fades. A couple of spine-tingling scenes in Mulholland Dr- the audition (just a kiss) and Watts + Harring together. I tend to find certain scenes sexy rather than whole films.

Yes, I also tend to find only certain scenes sexy, and not whole films. And your description of sexy would be mine for "erotic" :intense sense of longing without any overt eroticism.
sexy is a difficult term to nail down.

How can you ask about the world's sexiest film and not include one Russ Meyer flick in your choices ?

Good point, but that's why i was asking for suggestions.

How did the research go for this one :)

Well i must admit i haven't seen a few of those American 70's porn movies. Of course you're right, i've watched most of them purely for intellectual research. Now whatever happened to that long raincoat?