The Most Athletic Families of All Time

  1. The Mannings (Archie, Peyton and Eli) A family of quarterbacks. Archie, a #2 pick in 1971, gave birth to two Super Bowl champion #1 picks.
  2. The Hulls (Bobby, Dennis and Brett) The Golden Jet, Silver Jet, and Golden Brett. Bobby and Brett are the only father-son tandem to each score 600+ goals in the NHL. Dennis would never land a spot in the Hall like his brother and nephew, though his 300+ goals were good enough to earn All Star honors five times in his fourteen year career.
  3. The Williams (Serena & Venus) Serena and Venus are one and two among active players in career Grand Slams. Their combined 20 singles Slams would be even higher were they not having to face each other (they have met in 8 Slam finals, including 4 straight) However, when their powers combine, they have made for one of the most fearsome doubles contenders of all time, having won 12 Slams together. Both have been ranked #1, 80 combined tournament wins.
  4. The Dimaggios (Joe, Dom, and Vince)- Joltin Joe's 56-game hit streak may be one of the most celebrated records in all of sports, but not many know that little brother Dom had a nifty little streak of his own, 34 games in 1949, which remains a Red Sox record. The three brothers combined for 22 All-Star appearances over 34 years of service.
  5. The Matthews (Clay Sr, Bruce, Clay Jr, Clay III, Kevin, Jake and Casey) While Bruce might be the greatest offensive lineman of all time, his brother Clay Jr was a four-time pro-bowler who played linebacker into his 40s. Clay Jrs son Clay III is a defensive force for the Packers who has the potential to join his uncle in the Hall, while his other son Casey is an Oregon linebacker who recently forced a key fumble in the national championship game against Auburn. Bruce's son Jake is promising offensive tackle at Texas A&M and his other son Kevin is a young center for the Tennessee Titans. And of course there's Clay Sr, patriarch of the Matthews clan, who played four seasons for the Niners in the early fifties.
  6. The Sutters (Brian, Daryl, Duane, Rich, Ron, Brent, Brandon, and Brett) The six Sutter brothers played over 5000 combined games and captured 6 Stanley Cups through the 70s and 80s. Brents son Brandon and Daryl's son Brett are currently members of the Carolina Hurricanes.
  7. The Howes (Gordie, Mark, Marty, and Vic) Nicknamed Mr Hockey, Gordie Howe is of course regarded as one of the greatest hockey players to ever pick up a stick. However, his son Mark resides with him in the Hall. Gordie's other son Marty and brother Vic also had significant careers in professional hockey.
  8. The Sharpes (Shannon and Sterling) Sterling: 6-time Pro Bowl wideout who brought down 65 touchdowns to become one of the best Packers of the modern era. Brother Shannon is one of the three greatest tight ends of all time, going to 8 Pro Bowls and winning 3 Super Bowls with the Broncos and Ravens.
  9. The Waners (Paul and Lloyd) Nicknamed "Big and Little Poison," the Waner brothers patrolled the Pirates outfield during much of the 20's and 30s. Paul would collect over 3,100 hits despite playing many of his games hungover. According to Casey Stengel, "he had to be a very graceful player, because he could slide without breaking the bottle on his hip." Both Waners would wind up in the Hall of Fame, possessing the most combined career hits by brothers with 5,611.
  10. The Bonds (Bobby and Barry) Only two players in MLB history have gone 30 and 30 five or more times. One is named Barry Bonds. The other is his father.
  11. The Millers (Reggie, Cheryl, and Darrell) We all know Reggie as one of the greatest pure shooters of the past generation, but sister Cheryl could give him a run for his money. A three time Naismith college player of the year, she led her Trojans to two championships and owns just about every record in USC's books. When Reggie inevitebly gets his Hall of Fame bid, he will be joining his sister whose likeness has resided in Springfield for over fifteen years. The other brother Darrell spent four years at catcher and outfield with the California Angels.
  12. The Alous/Rojas (Brothers Felipe, Matty, Jesus, Moises, Mel Rojas, and Mel Rojas Jr) Brothers Felipe, Matty, and Jesus combined to form the first and only all-brother outfield for the mid-60's Giants. A generation later, Felipe's son Moises would outdue them all en route to six all star appearances and two silver slugger awards. Even Felipe's nephew Mel had a solid decade-long pitching career that spanned the 1990's and Mel Jr is carrying the family into a third generation with his recent selection by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 2010 draft.
  13. The Barrys (Rick and sons Scooter, John, Brent. and Drew) NBA legend Rick Barry had four sons who all ascended to the ranks of professional basketball.
  14. The Alis (Muhammad, Laila, Rudy, and Ibn) Laila is 24-0 with 21 knockouts. Muhammad's brother Rudy also found success as a professional heavyweight, as did Rudy's son Ibn.
  15. The Browners (Ross, Jim, Joey, and Keith, Keith Jr and Ross' son Max Starks) Joey was a 6-time Pro Bowl strong safety for the Vikings. Brother Ross was a two-time All-American for Notre Dame who was elected to the College Football Hall of Fame and played 11 seasons in the NFL at defensive end. His son Max is currently a offensive tackle for the Pittsburgh Steelers who has contributed to their two recent Super Bowl victories. Keith had an four year stint in the NFL and his son Keith Jr is following his father's footsteps at defensive end, currenly playing at Cal Berkley.
  16. The Alomars (Sandy, Roberto, and Sandy Jr.) Roberto: one of the greatest second baseman of all time, Sandy Jr: Former rookie of the year and 6-time All-Star catcher. Sandy Sr: Mediocre hitter best known for his defense at second base and subsequent coaching career. Like Cal Ripken Sr, Sandy coached his two sons (1989 Padres)
  17. The Deans (Dizzy and Paul) Playing "Daffy" to brother Jay's "Dizzy" . The brothers each won two games in the 1934 World Series for the Cardinals "Gashouse Gang", combining for 28 strikeouts and a 1.43 ERA. Combined for 39 wins that year. (Dizzy had 30!) Both had careers cut short by inury. Dizzy only had 4 healthy years but was so dominant in his time that he was elected to the Hall in 1953.
  18. The Perrys (Gaylord, Jim, and Chris) Gaylord was said to have approached Vaseline about doing an endorsement due to his widely known habit of doctoring baseballs. In fact, Gene Tenace, long time catcher of the prolific pitcher once said that at times he would have to walk to ball back to the mound as it was so greasy, he couldn't even through it back. Still, a Hall bid was hard to deny, as Gaylord accumulated 314 wins and 3,534 strikeouts over his 22 year career. Brother Jim won a Cy Young and 215 games in his 17 year career. Jim's son Chris was a successful golfer on the PGA tour.
  19. The Barbers (Tiki and Ronde) Tiki is the football version of Nomar Garciaparra, an all time great who for whatever reason prevented his team from winning a championship under immediately after his exit. However maligned, his 10,000+ rushing and 5000+ receiving yards (one of three in NFL history alongside Marcus Allen and Marshall Faulk), his place in the Giants pantheon is indisputable. Lining up on the other side of the ball was identical twin, Ronde, who accomplished quite the combo of his own as the only player in NFL history with 25+ sacks and 40 interceptions over a career. A couple of Hall of Fame bids for the Barber family is not out of the question.
  20. The Griffeys (George Kenneth Sr, Ken Jr, and Craig) Ken Sr was an integral member of Cincinatti's Big Red Machine, hitting .336 in 1976 en route to their second title in as many years. Fourteen years later, he would sign with the Seattle Mariners, joining his son who had a year earlier been called up from the minors. On September 14th, 1990, the father-son tandem would hit back-to-back home runs in a moment right out of a Disney movie. Junior would of course blossom into one of the greatest, most exciting players of all time. Younger brother Craig even played in the Mariners farm system, but never made it to to show.
  21. The Fielders (Cecil and Prince) Only father-son combination to each hit 50 home runs in a season.
  22. The Spinks (Michael, Leon, Cory, Leon Calvin, and Darrell) Michael went undefeated his first 31 professional fights to become the undisputed light-heavyweight champion of the world, and later the heavyweight champion with his defeat of Larry Holmes. Mike's only loss would would be his final fight, a knockout by the surging Mike Tyson in 1988. He is enshrined in both the International and World Boxing Hall of Fames. His brother "Neon Leon" is best known for upsetting Muhammad Ali to become the WBC/WBA heavyweight champion of the world in 1978. Born just five days later, Leon's son Cory would go on to become the undisputed Welterweight Champion in 2003. Two other sons, Leon Calvin and Darrell, also had brief professional careers.
  23. The Rivers (Doc, uncle Jim Brewer, cousins Ken Singleton and Byron Irvin, and kids Austin, Jeremiah, and Callie) Before winning a championship as coach of the Celtics, Doc played point alongside Nique, where he would average nearly 11 points and 6 assists a game. Jim and Byron served nine and three years in the NBA respectively. Ken Singleton spent the majority of his career playing right field for the Orioles, where he would go to three All-Star games and win a World Series in 1983. Doc's son Austin may prove to be the outdue them all, as one of the top, if not the top recruit to come of out of the 2011 class who will soon begin his college career as a Blue Devil. Jeremiah played hoops for Georgetown while Callie is thought to be one of the best college volleyball players in the country.
  24. The Nessers (Al, Frank, Fred, John, Phil, and Ted) The seven Nesser brothers composed the most famous football family in the country in the early 1900s, all playing for a Columbus Panhandles team that would eventually contribute to the formation of the modern day NFL. Legendary Notre Dame coach Knute Rockne once said of them, "Getting hit my a Nesser brother is like falling off a moving train."
  25. The Sislers (George, Dave and Dick) One of the greatest players of all time, "Gentleman George" Sisler hit a ridiculous .420 in 1922 en route to 2,812 career hits and a career .340 AVG. Despite a mediocre seven-year career, son Dick would go down in history for hitting a 10th-inning walk-off home run that would win his Phillies their first pennant in 35 years. His younger brother Dave would once be deemed "Yankee Killer" for going 5-0 against them in a 4-year stint as a reliever for the Boston Red Sox in the late fifties.
  26. The Niekros (Phil, Joe, and Lance) Masters at the art of the knuckleball, Phil and Joe's 539 combined wins makes for most successful brother combination in baseball history. Joe's son Lance also spent limited time with the Giants as a first baseman.
  27. The Ripkens (Cal, Cal Jr, Billy) Cal Sr only played minor league ball but went on two coach his two sons.
  28. The Grieses (Bob and Brian) Bob was Hall of Fame Quarterback for the Miami Dolphins who won two Super Bowls including the legendary undefeated 72 season. Brian is a former Rose Bowl MVP, Super Bowl Champ, and 1 time Pro Bowler.
  29. The Baers (Max and Buddy) Though most recall Max Baer as the man upset by Jimmy Braddock in the movie Cinderella Man, both he and his brother Buddy are listed in Ring Magazine's top 100 punchers of all time.
  30. The Bretts (George and Ken) Ken played 14 years for 10 different teams, finishing a career 83-85 with a 3.93 ERA. George of course was a 13 time All-Star, first ballot Hall of Fame third baseman who is one of four players in MLB history to finish with 3000 hits, 300 home runs, and a .300 average.
  31. The Tatupus (Mosi and Lofa) Lofa three time pro bowl linebacker, Mosi considered an all time Patriots great at special teams.
  32. The Bells (Gus, Buddy, David, Mike) A rare three-generation baseball family. Grandfather Gus was a four-time all star currently enshrined in the Reds Hall of Fame, while his son Buddy racked up 2,514 hits and six gold gloves to be considered an all time Rangers great. Son David had a solid 11 year career at third base for six different teams while his brother Mike was the black sheep of the family, appearing on the 2007 Mitchell report despite only managing to hit a mere two career dingers in his less-than-illustrious 1-year professional career.
  33. The Martinezes (Pedro and Ramon) Arguably one of the five greatest pitchers of all time, Pedro put up mesmorizing numbers during a time when steroid-use was wreaking havoc on ERAs everywhere. However, ever in the shadow of his younger brother, Ramon was one of the more underrated hurlers of the early 90's, eventually claiming a 135-88 record, a 3.67 ERA, and a no-hitter to his name.
  34. The Johnsons (Jimmy, Rafer, and Jennifer) Rafer won Olympic gold as a decathlete at the 1960 Rome games. Brother Jimmy is a Pro Football Hall of Famer who played 16 seasons with the 49ers. Rafer's daughter Jennifer won silver at the 1999 Beach Volleyball World Championship in Marseille.
  35. The Bryants (Joe and Kobe) Father of Kobe, Joe Bryant was selected in the first round of the 1975 draft, going on to score over 5000 points in 8 seasons in the NBA and spend seven years dominating the hardwood in Italy.
  36. The Delahantys (Ed, Jim, Joe, Frank, and Tom) Hall of Famer Ed Delahany was known was of the great power hitters of the late 1800's (of course this meant leading the league with 13 home runs, but still...) His four brothers also had stints in the majors.
  37. Billie Jean Moffitt King and Randy Moffitt Younger brother Randy had 96 saves for the Giants, Astros, and Blue Jays
  38. The Schofield/Werths (Dick and Ducky, Jason, Dennis, and Kim) Though Dicky, Duck, and Dennis each retired with sub-.230 career averages (Jayson's grandfather, uncle, and stepfather respectively), over 45 years of combined MLB service within one family is pretty hard to ignore. Mother Kim competed at the Olympic trials in long jump and the 100m.
  39. The Haistons (Sam, Jerry, Johnny, Jerry Jr, and Scott) Hold record with 5 family members to play in majors.
  40. The Boones (Ray, Bob, Aaron, and Bret) The first family to send 3 generations of players to the MLB all star game.
  41. The Van Arsdales (Dick and Tom) Identical twins Dick and Tom Van Arsdale had nearly as identical basketball careers. Both played hoops at Indiana, both played on the NBA All-Rookie team in 1966, and both retired in 1977 after 12 years in the league.
  42. The McEnroes (John and Patrick) Brothers John and Patrick won a combined 192 tennis titles and each ascended to top three doubles ranking.
  43. The Sedins (Henrik and Daniel)
  44. The Bibbys (Henry, Mike, and Jim) Henry and his son Mike Bibby both had careers in the NBA while Henry's brother Jim won a World Series with the Pittsburgh Pirates. in 1979.
  45. The Robinsons (Jackie and Mack) Though we all are well-versed in the illustrious career of Jackie Robinson, brother Mack had his own feat of courageousness, competing in the historic, racially-charged 1936 Berlin Olympics and capturing silver in the men's 200 meters by finishing .4 seconds behind Jesse Owens.
  46. The Mayweathers (Floyd Sr, Roger, Jeff, and Floyd Jr) Floyd Sr's two brothers each won professional featherweight titles, while he himself was a welterweight contender for much of the 70's and 80's. His training was of course integral in the development of the undefeated, nine-world title winning prima donna Floyd Jr.
  47. The Leiters (Al and Mark) Mark had a mediocre 11 career in the MLB posting a 4.57 ERA and 65 wins. Al was a 3 time champion, two-time all star who won 162 games and struck out over 1900 batters over an 18 year career.
  48. The Madduxes (Greg and Mike)
  49. The Uptons (BJ and Justin) Selected 1 and 2 respectively, Justin and big bro BJ are the highest drafted siblings in baseball history. The jury is still out on just how good these two will get.
  50. The Molinas (Bengie, Jose, and Yadier) The only three brothers in MLB history to each win a World Series.
  51. The Golics (Mike and Bob) Both defensive tackles and Notre Dame alums. Bob was a three-time Pro Bowler and two- time All-American wrestler for Notre Dame. Had over twice as many sacks as brother Mike. While Bob outdid Mike on the football field, there's no arguing who had the more successful post-NFL career. Mike hosts Mike and Mike in the Morning to Bob's starring role in Saved by the Bell: The College Years, The Stottlemyres (Mel, Mel Jr, and Todd), The Longs (Howie and Chris), The Tartabulls (Jose and Danny), The Wards (Daryl and Gary), The Wilsons (Mookie and Preston), The Szczerbiaks (Walt and Wally) Walt won 3 Euroleague titles with Real Madrid, The Winslows (Kellen and Kellen II), The Hasselbecks (Matt, Tim and Don), The Laroches (Adam, Andy and Dave), The Motas (Manny, Andy, and Jose), The Aarons (Hank and Tommie) The Aaron's hold the distinction of having hit the most combined home runs by a pair of brothers. Tommie chipped in with 13, The Noahs (Yannick and Joakim), The Winslows (Kellen and Kellen II), Santonio Holmes and Fred Taylor (Cousins), The Giles (Brian and Marcus), The Matthews (Gary and Gary Jr), The Dorsetts (Anthony and Tony), The Edwards (Braylon and Stanley), The Vicks (Michael and Marcus, Aaron Brooks is a cousin) , The Nens (Dick and Robb), The Simms (Chris and Phil), The Franconas (Tito and Terry), The Drews (JD, Stephen and Tim), The Giambis (Jason and Jeremy), The Gasols (Pau & Marc), The Weavers (Jered and Jeff), The Jordans (Michael and Jeffrey), The Dunleavys (Mike Sr and Jr), The Gwynns (Tony and Tony Jr), The Wagners (Honus and Butts), The Younts (Robin and Larry) Larry is the only player to be credited with pitching a game without actually facing a batter. Summoned to pitch in the 9th inning of a 4-1 game against the Braves in 1971, Larry took several warm up tosses on the mound before elbow pain forced him to exit. He would never return to a major league mound.

1.It's Archie Manning,not Arnie.
2.Walter Payton's son was named Jared, not Jeff
3.How could you leave out the Barry pro basketball family(Rick,Jon,Brent and Drew. Another brother, Scooter, played pro in Europe.
4.What about the NBA's Jones brothers (Caldwell, Charles and Major)
5.NBA's Tom and Dick Van Arsdale.
6.On the Alous you forgot Matty and Jesus.
7.NFL's Gloster and Willie Richardson
8.John and Patrick McEnroe
9.Reggie and Cheryl Miller
10.Billie Jean Moffitt-King and Randy Moffitt
11.Dwight Gooden, Darryl Strawberry and Drew Gooden
12.Gordie, Vic, Marty and Mark Howe
13.Joe and Frank Torre