Trance House Techno

  1. **I'm including 30 second clips on some of the tracks.**
  2. Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea (Break Trance) (1992)
  3. For me, it doesn't get any better than this. When the bass kicks in, I melt.
  4. Papua New Guinea
  5. Hardfloor - Acperience 1 (Acid) (1993)
  6. This was one of the first techno albums I ever heard, and it's still probably my favourite. Crazy Germans and their 303's
  7. Acperience
  8. Orbital - Halcyon + on + on (Trance) (1992)
  9. Orbital is a pair of brothers. I think their mother took the drug Halcyon or something, hence the name of the song. It's beautiful and hypnotic.
  10. Halcyon
  11. Age of Love - Age of Love (Watch of for Stella Mix) (Trance) (1992)
  12. Sexy track. Brilliant for the time. Well, still blows me away.
  13. Age of Love
  14. Quench - Dreams (Trance) (1994)
  15. The extended version is also much more effective than the one everyone knows. It does everything a trance song should do.
  16. Dreams
  17. Li Kwan - Point Zero (1994)
  18. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
  19. Point Zero
  20. Ab Chic - Nexus 6 (Acrid Abeyance Mix) (Hard Acid) (1994)
  21. Pretty hard grinding track, with an awesome buildup. These guys know what to do with a 303.
  22. Nexus 6
  23. Pump Panel - Ego Acid (Hard Acid) (1995)
  24. I love Pump Panel. It's Tim Taylor and another guy. This is such a fun and bouncy track. It makes me happy.
  25. Ego Acid
  26. Union Jack - Red Herring (Trance) (1995)
  27. Beautiful pulsating track making great use out of the phaser. The 303 plays a big part too.
  28. Red Herring
  29. Dj Misjah & Dj Tim - Access (Hard Acid) (1996)
  30. Hard grinding acid trance just the way I like it. One of the best rushes ever. Sounds kind of train-like.
  31. Access
  32. Poltergeist - Vicious Circles (Union Jack Rmx)(Hard Trance) (1993)
  33. Definitely one the hits from back in the day. This track apparently made someone "lose it." Psychedelic drugs may or may not have been invloved. This is taken from Discogs, "One of those tunes that still never fails to raise a smile. This is an immense track from beginning to end. The dark, stabbing, minimal beginning builds to a first breakdown and then make sure you've got reinforced party pants on because it's bouncy gurning idiocy all the way." I thought it was a good summary.
  34. Vicious Circles
  35. Marco Polo - A Prayer to the Music (Bedrock Mix) (House/Trance) (1995)
  36. This song is quite hard to find. Not acid at all, but probably this longest rush of any track I know, but well worth it if you make it to the end.
  37. A Prayer to the Music
  38. Underworld - Rez (Trance/House) (1994)
  39. One of the lesser known Underworld tracks, but it's my favourite. It was a single release. Nothing is better than listening to this at a sweaty rave with the sun coming up.
  40. Rez
  41. Public Energy - Three O' Three (Hard Acid) (1992)
  42. This is Jochem Paap, aka Speedy J. I would consider this the minimal, bare bones of acid. It's great and funky and hard as hell.
  43. Three O Three
  44. Sourmash - Pilgrimage to Paradise (Hardfloor Mix) (Trance) (1993)
  45. This Hardfloor mix is better than the original, only because the original sounds incredibly dated. Original vocal sounds make this track stand out.
  46. Pilgrimage to Paradise
  47. Jones & Stephenson - the First Rebirth (Hard Trance) (1994)
  48. NOT the crap Trance Allstars ripoff. This song made me cry once. It starts so simple, and builds to a masterpiece.
  49. First Rebirth
  50. Atlantic Ocean - Waterfall (Ravey Trance) (1993)
  51. Fun old track with a memorable hook. This will make anyone happy.
  52. Waterfall
  53. Rabbit in the Moon - Out of Body Experience (Trance) (1994)
  54. Sends chills down my spine.
  55. Out of Body Experience
  56. Underworld - Cowgirl (Trance/House) (1994)
  57. Everything, Everything, Everything. So original, and so great.
  58. Cowgirl
  59. Jonny L - Ooh I like It (Rave) (1993)
  60. I love this fun track. Too bad Jonny L started making Drum and Bass.
  61. Ooh I Like it
  62. Robert Armani - Circus Bells (Hardfloor Mix)(Hard Acid) (1996)
  63. The hook will stick in your head for awhile, but that's the point. Hardfloor is so bouncy and fun.
  64. Circus Bells
  65. Drax II (Trope) - Amphetamine (Trance) (1994)
  66. I first heard this track on a compilation called 5000 Ohms. It's exciting, emotional trance.
  67. Amphetamine
  68. Mory Kante - Yeke Yeke (Hardfloor Mix)(Acid) (1994)
  69. Another classic Hardfloor mix. This song will make you happy, I guarantee it.
  70. Yeke Yeke
  71. Chemical Brothers - Chemical Beats (Acid Breaks) (1995)
  72. So funky. I like this better than Higher State of Consciousness
  73. Chemical Beats
  74. Tori Amos - Professional Widow (Armand's Star Trunk Funkin' Mix) (1995)
  75. Makes me want to dance. I love this song.
  76. Professional Widow
  77. Eat Static - Gulf Breeze (1994)
  78. AWESOME old trance. Not very well known.
  79. Gulf Breeze
  80. Orbital - Chime (Trance) (1990)
  81. Holy crap this is old. How do you define Orbital? Nothing else is like them.
  82. Chime
  83. The Ethics - To the Beat of the Drum (La Luna) (House) (1995)
  84. To the Beat of the Drum
  85. Nikolai - Ready to Flow (Trance) (1994)
  86. Ready to Flow
  87. Paragliders - Paraglide (Trance) (1994)
  88. Most of the Paragliders tracks sound similar, with flowing, carefree melodies.
  89. Paraglide
  90. Bucketheads - The Bomb (House) (1995)
  91. The Bomb
  92. Aphex Twin - Pulsewidth (Ambient) (1993)
  93. Kind of a creepy song, but isn't all Aphex Twin kind of creepy? Good to chill out to.
  94. Pulsewidth
  95. Drum Club - Sound System (Underworld Mix)(Trance) (1993)
  96. I usually am not a fan of vocals, but this one is great. Relaxing track.
  97. Soundsystem
  98. Vapourspace-Gravitational Arch of 10 (Ambient) (1993)
  99. VERY long intro, but well worth it. Vapourspace is Canadian, on Plus 8 records (Richie Hawtins Label)
  100. Gravitational
  101. Moby - Move (Rave) (1993)
  102. This is Moby when he wasn't ashamed of making techno.
  103. Move
  104. Leftfield - Space Shanty (Trancey House) (1995)
  105. Off of the "Leftism" album. This track makes you feel like you're a jet fighter or something, hehe.
  106. Space Shanty
  107. Orb - Little Fluffy Clouds (Ambient) (1990)
  108. I love the Orb. This track has a spoken word sample. I love the way the Orb adds little sounds here in there just to freak you out.
  109. Little Fluffy Clouds
  110. The Visions of Shiva - Perfect Day (Trance) (1992)
  111. A collaboration between Paul Van Dyk and Cosmic Baby.
  112. Perfect Day
  113. Altern 8 - Everybody (2 Bad Mice Remix) (Rave) (1993)
  114. My favourite Altern8 track. The vocals are so cute. Makes me think of gas masks and glowsticks, and ravers with A's on their shirts.
  115. Everybody
  116. C.J. Bolland - Sugar is Sweeter (House) (1996)
  117. I always connect this song with Professional Widow, probably becasue they came out around the same time.
  118. Sugar is Sweeter
  119. Cosmic Baby - Fantasia (Celestial Harmonies)(Trance) (1994)
  120. One of the first records I bought. The beautiful piano part doesn't come in until 5:30. Whoever said Robert Miles was the first to use pianos in trance, obviously never heard this.
  121. Fantasia (Celestial Harmonies)
  122. Dj Misjah & Groovehead - X-Pact (Hard Acid) (1995)
  123. This track has a great vocal sample that goes, "deeper inside myself." Like most Misjah stuff it's very hard acid. Really good, my 2nd favourite after Access.
  124. Moby - Go (Rave) (1992)
  125. see above
  126. Go
  127. Juno Reactor - Conga Fury (Goa) (1996)
  128. I'm not a huge fan of goa, but this one I love. It's very tribal sounding.
  129. Conga Fury
  130. Josh Wink - Higher State of Consciousness (Acid Breaks) (1995)
  131. Different funkier use of the 303 than many other tracks. If you don't know this song, you don't know much, do you.
  132. Higher State of Consciousness
  133. Hardfloor - Kangaroos and Bubbles (Acid) (1995)
  134. A great track from their "Respect" album. That album has fun track titles like "Mustard Pancakes." This is the last Hardfloor album I like, after that they went seriously downhill. I guess you can only be the masters of acid for so long.
  135. Kangaroos and Bubbles
  136. Dj Misjah & Dj Tim - Purple Road (Hard Acid) (1995)
  137. A less aggressive acid track, with a hypnotic sort of melody.
  138. Purple Road
  139. Green Velvet - Flash (Techno, House) (1995)
  140. This track has a vocal of some guy talking about kids doing drugs. You either love or hate this track.
  141. Flash
  142. Orb - Perpetual Dawn (Ambient) (1992)
  143. Groovy Orb track
  144. Perpetual Dawn
  145. Dave Clarke - Red 1 (Techno) (1994)
  146. Dave Clarke is one of the techno innovators. This album is a must have for anyone into techno of any sort. No melody in these tracks, just superb techno, which is also danceable.
  147. Red 1
  148. Bump - House Stompin' (Big Bump Mix)(House) (1994)
  149. Review from Discogs (better than what I could write)-"As the title tells us this one's a massive House stomper with a lot of saxophone, female vocals which received massive support by the NY Sound Factory DJs back in 1994. Especially Junior Vasquez pushed this tune." Can also be found on the Sasha/Digweed Renaissance Mix.
  150. House Stompin
  151. Beyond - Silver (Trance) (1993)
  152. A female vocal samples dominates this track. A minimal trance song.
  153. Silver
  154. Luxor - the Big Bang (Hard Trance) (1993)
  155. This song does it for me. Hands down, a perfect trance song.
  156. Big Bang
  157. Pete Lazonby - Sacred Cycles (Trance) (1994)
  158. Starts off with an Indian sounding man discussing life. Takes a long time to get going, but builds up to great trance.
  159. Sacred Cycles
  160. Lil Mo' Yin Yang - Reach (House) (1996)
  161. Another old housey track with a female vocal sample I like. Not sure what she's saying, which is the way I like it. Distorted vocal samples are what I prefer.
  162. Reach
  163. Marmion - Schoneberg (Trance) (1996)
  164. Schoneberg
  165. Dave Clarke - Wisdom to the Wise (Techno) (1994)
  166. A funky track. One of the more underrated on the album
  167. Snitzer & McCoy vs. Humate - Oh My Darling, I Love You (Hard Acid) (1997! oops)
  168. Great acid line, with an even better melody layered over top. The bass line is taken from BTO.
  169. Oh My Darling I Love You
  170. Pizzaman - Trippin on Sunshine (House) (1994)
  171. This is Norman Cook, aka Fat Boy Slim.
  172. Trippin' On Sunshine
  173. CLS - Can You Feel It (Rave) (1992)
  174. Definitely a rave classic.
  175. Can You Feel It
  176. Baby Doc & the Dentist - Catalan Rising/Catalan Dawn (Trance) 1994)
  177. Catalan Rising
  178. Elevator - Shinny (House/Trance) (1994)
  179. Shinny
  180. Clanger - Sea Dog (Trance) (1994)
  181. I really like the vocal sample in this track, which occurs over half way through.
  182. Seadog
  183. CJ Bolland -(Ravesignal III) - Horsepower (Techno) (1992)
  184. Horsepower
  185. Acen - Window in the Sky (Rave) (1993)
  186. Window in the Sky
  187. Messiah - Thunderdome (Rave) (1993)
  188. Thunderdome
  189. Wippenberg - Neurodancer (Hard Trance) (1995)
  190. Neurodancer
  191. Baby Doc & the Dentist - Tales of the Seraphim (Hard Trance) (1995)
  192. A seraph (Hebrew ????, plural ?????? Seraphim) is one of a class of celestial beings mentioned once in the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh or Old Testament), in Isaiah. Later Jewish imagery perceived them as having human form, and in that way they passed into the ranks of Christian angels. In the Christian angelic hierarchy, seraphim represent the highest known rank of angels.
  193. Tales of the Seraphim
  194. Adamski - Killer (Rave) (1990)
  195. Vocals by Seal.
  196. Killer
  197. Tempest - Salamander (Union Jack Rmx)(Trance) (1995)
  198. Tempest
  199. Capricorn - 20HZ (Rave) (1993)
  200. It sounds like a drum corps is coming at you.
  201. 20Hz
  202. Aphotheosis - O-Fortuna (Rave) (1991)
  203. From Discogs, (I should probably stop doing that), "the famous "O fortuna" track by Apotheosis..maybe one of my favorites of all times and lot of people love it's so popular all over the world..we all know it was banned ...deleted out of the market because of the illegal use sample of the classical gospel music carmina burana originally writen and produced by carl off..this o fortuna track is just a piece of art . back in 1991 when i first heard it i was so impress of how smart techno house music can be ..this track is just amazing and is also a collectors item since is totally out of print and hard to find this days!!" Interesting!
  204. O Fortuna
  205. Deep Forest - Sweet Lullaby (Old Trance) (1992)
  206. Sweet Lullaby
  207. Union Jack - Cactus (Trance) (1994)
  208. Cactus
  209. Plastikman - Spastik (Techno) (1993)
  210. This cd cover is a sheet of LSD (not real of course). The album is called "Sheet One."
  211. Spastik
  212. Paul Van Dyk - My World (Trance) (1995)
  213. My World
  214. Faithless - Insomnia (House?) (1996)
  215. Insomnia
  216. Acen - Close Your Eyes (Rave) (1992)
  217. Close Your Eyes
  218. Faithless - Salva Mea (Housey Trance) (1997)
  219. Salva Mea
  220. Dj Misjah & Groovehead - Acid Energy (Hard Acid) (1995)
  221. More hard acid from these guys. I own a lot of Misjah stuff. My favourite genre is hard acid. (Really? I never would have guessed from all the hard acid tracks on this list.)
  222. Acid Energy
  223. Blue Alphabet-Cybertrance (Trance) (1994)
  224. Cybertrance
  225. Utah Saints-Something Good (Rave) (1993)
  226. This is kind of a rave cross-over type of song. It was on the popular top ten charts.
  227. Messiah - Temple of Dreams (Hardcore) (1992)
  228. Contains a sample from the movie, "the Running Man."
  229. Temple of Dreams
  230. Utah Saints - What Can You Do For Me (Rave) (1991)
  231. What can you do for me
  232. This Chemical Life - Wired (Acid Trance) (1996)
  233. This song is not very well known. I can't find it on mp3, I only have it on vinyl. It's really good, I don't know why it's not more popular.
  234. Orbital - Lush 3-1 (Trance) (1993)
  235. Orbital are really in a class all their own.
  236. Lush 3-1
  237. Moby - Thousand (Trance) (1993)
  238. This song held the record for the fastest BPM's. I don't know if it still holds that title.
  239. Thousand
  240. The Prodigy - Everybody in the Place (Rave) (1991)
  241. Everybody in the Place
  242. Underworld - Mmm Skyscraper I Love You (Trance) 1993)
  243. Mmm Skycraper I Love You
  244. Humate - Love Stimulation (Paul Van Dyk mix) (Trance) (1993)
  245. Love Stimulation
  246. Banco De Gaia - Heliopolis (Trance) (1994)
  247. Heliopolis
  248. Balil - Parasight (Trance) (1993)
  249. Parasight
  250. Blunted Dummies - House for All (House) (1993)
  251. A classic release from the Plus 8 offshoot Definitive label.
  252. House for All
  253. JX - Son of a Gun (House) (1994)
  254. Son of a Gun
  255. The Prodigy - Charly (Rave) (1991)
  256. Charly
  257. Emmanuel Top - Turkish Bazaar (Trance) (1994)
  258. "The music was new black polished chrome And came over the summer like liquid night."-Jim Morrison
  259. Turkish Bazaar
  260. Armand Van Helden - Funk Phenomena (House) (1996)
  261. Funk Phenomena
  262. Gusto - Disco's Revenge (House) (1996)
  263. Gusto
  264. Union Jack - Two Full Moons and a Trout (Trance) (1993)
  265. Preceded Red Herring. It was one of my favourite trance songs, until I heard Red Herring.
  266. Underworld - Dark and Long (Dark Train) (Trance) (1994)
  267. Hypnotic and dark. I first heard it on a tape I bought in New York, lying in bed in a seedy hotel. Good times! It is used very effectively in the movie "Trainspotting" when Renton is coming off of Heroin.
  268. Dark Train
  269. Art of Trance - Orange (Trance) (1995)
  270. Octopus
  271. It's a Fine Day - Opus III (Trancey?) (1992)
  272. The vocal sample in FSOL's - Papua New Guinea is taken from this song.
  273. It's a Fine Day
  274. Art of Trance - Octopus (Trance) (1995)
  275. Paragliders - Bagdad (Humate Remix) (Trance) (1993)
  276. Mostly an Oliver Lieb solo project.
  277. Bagdad
  278. Bedrock - For What You Dream Of (House) (1993)
  279. Also in the movie "Trainspotting."
  280. For What You Dream Of
  281. Salt Tank - Eugina (Trance) (1996)
  282. Salt Tank
  283. Barbarella - My Name is Barbarella (Trance) (1992)
  284. Barbarella is a collaboration between Sven Vath and Ralph Hildenbeutel. Barbarella is a crazy old film starring Jane Fonda. Also where Duran Duran got their name.
  285. My name is Barbarella
  286. Odyssee Of Noises - Troya (Trance) (1994)
  287. See above. (plus some other guys)
  288. Troya
  289. Hallucinogen - LSD (Goa) (1996)
  290. LSD + Goa = Time well spent
  291. LSD
  292. Omni Trio - Renegade Snares (Hardcore/Jungle (1993)
  293. This doesn't really fit on the list, but it's the only jungle song I like, so I thought I would add it.
  294. Renegade Snares
  295. Katana - Erotmania (Trance) (1994)
  296. Hypnotizing track with an odd vocal sample, and bells, that you'll either love or find really annoying.
  297. Erotmania
  298. Me and Jack - Viva House (House) (1993)
  299. How can you not know and love this track? It is pure rave love.
  300. Viva House
  301. Caucassus - Our Dream (1994) (Trance)
  302. Our Dream
  303. Cygnus X - Superstring (1996) (Trance)
  304. Superstring
  305. X-Tracks - Plan '94 (The Voyage) (1994) (Trance)
  306. Plan '94
  307. Chicane - Offshore (1996) (Ibiza Trance)
  308. Jon the Dentist - Global Phases (1996) (Acid Trance)
  309. Global Phases
  310. Love Inc. - Trans Atlantis XS (1992) (Trance)
  311. Mike Ink is Love Inc.
  312. The Goodmen - Give it Up (1994?) (Tribal House)
  313. Speedy J - Pullover (1991) (Techno)
  314. Brainchild - Synfonica (1994) (Trance)
  315. Completely forgot about this one, my VERY bad.
  316. Cloned, sorry. Still working on it
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