Top Ten Physical Comedians in Film History

  1. Charles Chaplin
  2. Buster Keaton
  3. Harpo Marx
  4. Curly Howard
  5. Jerry Lewis
  6. Woody Allen
  7. Mel Brooks
  8. Peter Sellers
  9. Jim Carrey
  10. Ben Stiller
Author Comments: 

My subjective criteria drew these selections from the world of film (thus no Rowan Atkinson, Lucille Ball or Michael Richards). These actors have a terrific talent for communicating without traditional narrative.

I believe Curly's last name was Howard, like Moe and Shemp. Larry's last name was Fine. Great list though.

Thanks for the correction.

Very nice idea. Very nice list. But Mel Brooks? My recollection is... failed.

Jackie Chan
John Cleese
Cameron Diaz
Chris Farley
Harold Lloyd (although I'm not sure that any pre-talkie comedian should be eligible by definition)

...and Steve Martin

In spite of his recent tarnishing of his reputation, I would suggest Michael Richards.

Thanks for the suggestion. I consider Richards to be near the top of my soon to be posted "Top Ten Physical Comedians in TV History."

I'll second Mr. Martin! ...and the Best Physical Comedy Performance in a Mediocre Movie Award goes to....... Steve in 1984's "All Of Me". Check it out.