Surprisingly Good Movies

  • Punch Drunk Love
    I was surprised by this completely different role by Adam Sandler. It seemed that almost every other character was some variation of the same basic person. Here, while he is still playing an angry man, the anger is a much deeper part of the character, making this character significantly scarier but also more empathetic. The movie was slow in places, but overall I enjoyed it.
  • Fight Club
    A hotel I was at had HBO and this was playing. The previews made it look pretty shallow and unintelligent, but I thought it was a great movie. Very surprising, both how much I enjoyed it and the plot itself.
  • Three Kings
    I felt this did a great job of showing some of the less glorious aspects of a war like the Gulf War. It also seemed uninteresting from the previews.
  • O Brother, Where Art Thou?
    The previews didn't impress me and I didn't think I was much of a Clooney fan. We only went to see this cuz we missed the mattinee for Crouching Tiger... But, I was thoroughly entertained. Maybe Clooney is better than I thought...
  • Gods and Monsters
    I thought the plot for this movie was very interesting. Both McKellen and Fraser did good jobs with their roles. I was surprised by Fraser the most, as it seems most of his roles are brain-dead characters that generate little empathy.
  • Dark City
    Of all of the "reality isn't what it seems" movies that came out lately (mostly, I'm thinking of The Matrix and ExistenZ), I thought this was the most interesting of the three. I hadn't even heard of it, and my girlfriend and her roommate rented it. I was the only one who liked it...
  • Others I've Liked
  • Apt Pupil
Author Comments: 

Just some movies that pleasantly surprised me by how good I felt they were, especially considering what the previews and advertisements for them made me think about them.

Comments about the Others will come shortly...

dude, what's with the clooney bashing? he's great in most of his roles. From Dusk Till Dawn, Out of Sight, Three Kings, O Brother and the upcoming Ocean's Eleven are all quality projects!

To be honest, I liked From Dusk Till Dawn too. I guess that I always had seen Clooney as the doctor in ER and I didn't like that character all that much. I haven't seen Out of Sight, but I will look for it. My admiration of his abilities is growing. It just has taken some time... :)

Hmm. I personally hated Three Kings, but did manage to sit through the whole thing.

What didn't you like about it?

I have trouble watching movies when I think all of the characters are annoying or stupid.

I can certainly sympathize with that. There are plenty of movies I hated that everybody else seemed to like for exactly that reason.

I personally didn't have that problem with Three Kings, though. And I thought the gradual transformation of our heros from opportunists to something more honorable worked well. And of course, I agree with buber's observation about it being a provocative depiction of a war that we here in the US know best from the video-gameish CNN footage.

And Mark Wahlberg surprises me every time. I never expect to like his performance, but I usually do.

And the entire exchange around "you mean those little cubes you use to make soup?" was priceless. I love deadpan Clooney.

I also liked how the characters evolved, especially the hick soldier that was taught to kill the enemy without question who comes to realize that the Arabs are real people.