Songs with days of the week in the title, please add more!

  • Sunday Morning, Yellow Sky sub. by taryn
  • Sunday Morning (No Doubt) sub. by busy
  • Sunday Morning Coming Down (Johnny Cash) sub. by Min
  • Easy Like Sunday Morning (Faith No More) sub. by busy
  • Sunny Sunday (Joni Mitchell) sub. by Min
  • Sunday Girl (Blondie) sub. by noahveil
  • Lazin' on a Sunday Afternoon (Queen)
  • Gloomy Sunday (I have a version sung by Bjork)
  • Pleasant Valley Sunday (The Monkees)
  • Sunday will Never Be the Same (Spanky and Our Gang) sub. by jblack
  • Sunday was a Fine Day (early Moby)
  • Sunday, Bloody Sunday (U2)
  • Tell Me on a Sunday (Andrew Lloyd Weber)
  • Every Day is Like Sunday (Morrissey) sub. by taryn
  • Monday, Monday (The Mamas and the Papas)
  • Manic Monday (The Bangles)
  • Come Monday (Jimmy Buffett) sub. by timepiec
  • Monday Mornin Blues (Breathe) sub. by taryn
  • Thank God It's Monday (NoFX) sub. by anon.
  • I Don't Like Mondays (The Boomtown Rats) sub. by jblack
  • New Moon on Monday (Duran Duran) sub. by noahveil
  • Blue Monday (New Order) sub. by noahveil
  • Tuesday Afternoon (The Moody Blues) sub. by spoky
  • Ruby Tuesday (The Stones) sub. by timepiec
  • Tuesday's Gone (Llynrd Skynnrd) sub. by olenka001
  • Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M. (Simon and Garfunkel) sub. by noahveil then jgandcag
  • Waiting for Wednesday (Lisa Loeb and Nine Stories) sub. by Min
  • 10:15 Thursday Morning (Hollies) sub. jgandcag
  • Thursday's Child (David Bowie) sub. by taryn
  • Thursday (Morphine)
  • Thursday Morning (Hollies) sub. by jgandcag
  • Friday, I'm in love (The Cure)
  • Friday on my Mind (The Easybeats) sub. by jblack
  • Saturday Night (The Eagles) sub. by timepiec
  • Saturday Night (Suede) sub. by anon.
  • Saturday Night (Skyhooks) sub. by farque
  • Saturday Night (Bay City Rollers) sub. by Min
  • Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting (Elton John) sub. by timepiec
  • Another Saturday Night (Cat Stevens) sub. by Min
  • Happy Days Theme (Happy Days) sub. by taryn
  • Some Days are Better Than Others (U2) sub. by christy
  • Driver's Seat (off Boogie Nights 2)
  • Seven Days (by Mr. Rogers)
  • Seven Days (Sting) sub. by rareheintz
Author Comments: 

I'm beginning work on a mix-tape entirely consistent of songs associated with the days of the week. If you can think of any further songs to help out (esp. ones representing the neglected tues-thurs, please submit them.)

What's with all the songs about Sunday anyway?

Tuesday afternoon by the Moody Blues

Maroon 5 Sunday morning
Dave Dobbyn Outlook for Thursday
911 Friday night

Come Monday, Jimmy Buffett

Friday On My Mind-The Easybeats
Sunday Will Never Be The Same-Spanky and Our Gang

Monday Mornin Blues - by Breathe (the folks who brought you that classic high school slow dance number, Hands To Heaven...)

uh oh, they keep coming to me: Every Day Is Like Sunday by Morrissey (and covered by the 10,000 Maniacs)

me again. some friends of mine had suggestions (which i can't believe i didn't come up with!): Thursday's Child by David Bowie, and the Happy Days Theme Song...

more to come, i'm sure.

wow... thank you for the wellspring of suggestions! This mix tape is seeming more possible now!

U2's "Some Days Are Better Than Others" off Zooropa. At the end, Bono goes off on a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday.... jag. Would that count?

yes, certainly. Thank you very much!

Thank god it's Monday - NoFX

Ruby Tuesday, the Stones
Saturday Night, the Eagles
Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting, Elton John

Havin' fun now! You may want to do a search on one of the lyrics sites by song title. I have a list of sites.

I might... but it's so much fun seeing what other people come up with!


Blue Monday - Fats Domino

"Sunday Morning Coming Down," Johnny Cash..."Sunny Sunday," Joni Mitchell..."Waiting for Wednesday," Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories"..."Another Saturday Night," Cat Stevens..."Saturday Night" by the Bay City Rollers...I'm sure there's more, but that's all I can think of right now.

saturday night by the skyhooks australian band 1970s/80s

saturday night Suede

Sunday Girl- Blondie
New Moon on Monday- Duran Duran
Blue Monday- New Order
Wednesday Morning, 3AM- Simon and Garfunkle

hey, i just remembered "Sunday Morning, Yellow Sky" by October Project.

I didn't see any Wednesdays so how about "Wednesday morning 3 am" Simon and Garfunkel

"10:15 Thursday Morning" Hollies. I am afraid I showing my age.


And what about "Seven Days" by Sting? It's a little different than the Mr. Rogers cut...


- B

cool are my additions:
sunday morning - no doubt
easy like sunday morning - redone by faith no more, but the original is by someone else...

Tuesday's Gone by Lynard Skynard

Friday's Child - Van Morrison
Joe Harper Saturday Morning - Van Morrison
Stormy Monday - Van Morrison

Here's a GREAT one nobody thought of:
SUGAR ON SUNDAY(I'm leavin' on Monday) by Tommy James and the Shondells. Gettin' a little, before hittin' the road. Great theme.

yeah, that was a good song... off of crimson and clover

young girl sunday blues by the jefferson airplane off of After Bathing at Baxters

I suspect you've finished making that tape a long time ago :^) but here's a few more additions if you or anyone else is interested.

Sunday Papers (Joe Jackson)
All On A Sunday (Spocks Beard)
Lazy Sunday (The Small Faces)
Sunday Girl (Blondie)
Sunday Morning (Earth, Wind & Fire)

Stormy Monday (Allman Bros.)
My Monday Date (Louis Armstrong)
Home On A Monday (Little River Band)
New Moon On Monday (Duran Duran)

Tuesday's Dead (Cat Stevens)
Tuesday Morning (Michelle Branch)

Wednesday (Tori Amos)
Wednesday Again (Self)
Wednesday (the Eight Hour Song) (Rain)

Sweet Thursday (Cat Stevens)
Thursday (Jim Croce)
Like A Summer Thursday (Townes Van Zandt)

Freaky Friday (Aqua)

Drive In Saturday (David Bowie)
Someday I'll Be Saturday Night (Bon Jovi)
Saturday Night at the Movies (The Drifters)

I can add "Saturday in the Park" by Chicago, "Police on My Back" as covered by the Clash, "Lady Madonna" by the Beatles, "One Week" by Barenaked Ladies, and "Three Days" as covered by K.D. Lang.

BTW, I think the listing of "Lazin' on a Sunday Afternoon (Queen)" should be "Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon" by The Kinks.

Todd H.

Just found list and want to know if the songs have been released as singles or are they just songs on albums? As album songs dont count on my list, gotta b singles

Thursday (Jim Croce)

I forgot one
It Always Rains on Saturday (Reba McEntire)

Thank you for this list!! I too am trying to make a "Days of the Week" mix - I love a theme mix - "coffee" "sweet sounds" "beach" "home" "baby" and of course yearly Halloween, Valentine's, and Christmas have been some of mine.

Additional songs that don't fit the title requirement - but would work well....

"Eight Days a Week" - Beatles - could be a good opener

"Lady Madonna" - repeatedly mentions the days of the week

"Da Do Run Run Run" - I think the Ronnetts "Met him on a Monday and my heart stood still"

And just thought of:

"Come Saturday Morning"

Thanks Again

Satuday Love - Charelle & Alexaner O'neal
Friday on My Mind - Easybeats
Saturday in the Park - Chicago
Someday i'll be Saturday Night - Bon Jovi
Lazy Subday - Small Faces
Sunday Bloody Sunday - U2
Pleasent Valley Sunday - Monkees

Police on My Back - The Clash - lists days of the week repeatedly.

No mentions for probably the best one yet, the Velevet Undeground's "Sunday Morning", the first track on their debut album.

Also there's Stevie Wonder's "Tuesday Heartbreak", John Lee Hooker's "Wednesday Evening Blues", the Clash's "48 Hours" is about hell-raising on Friday and Saturday, "The Magnificent Seven" by the Clash is Monday morning, Arctic Monkeys' "View From the Afternoon" is very specifically about Saturday night, and I think the Velvets' "All Tomorrow's Parties" makes a nice bookend, looking forward to Sunday again.

In Only Seven days -- Queen

Rainy days and Mondays -- The Carpenters

Saturday Night -- Whigfield

Wednesday-Jimmy Eats World (I didn't see a lot of wenesdays)
8 days a Week -The Beatles...not sure if it counts tho

edit:thought of another
His Girl Friday-The Academy Is...

Suicide Sunday- The Friday Night Boys
Rainy Monday- Shiny Toy Guns
Rainy Days and Mondays- The Carpenters
No Typical Thursday Night- The Downtown Fiction
His Girl Friday- The Academy Is...
Friday I'll Be Over You- Alison Iraheta
Saturday- The Rocket Summer

Except for Monday by Lorrie Morgan

And who could forget Rebecca Black's smash hit


Thursday - The Features

Cass McCombs - Saturday Song

The Velvet Underground - Sunday Morning can't believe no one else submitted it..

Bay City Rollers- Saturday Night

Sweet Tuesday Morning- Badfinger

Monday Morning - Fleetwood Mac
Saturday Sun - Nick Drake
Baron Saturday - The Pretty Things
She Left Me On Friday - Shed Seven

Hi, I didn't read all the comments so I may be repeating some songs that you already have been given, however, these were not listed above on the actual list:

-Sunday Morning - The Velvet Underground
-Sunday Papers - Joe Jackson
-Sunny Sunday - Joni Mitchell
-Sunday - Sonic Youth

-Monday - Wilco
-Long Monday - John Prine
-Monday Monday Monday - Tegan and Sara
-Blue Monday - Milton

-They call it stormy Monday (but Tuesdays just as bad) - T-bone Walker
-On a Tuesday in Amsterdam Long Ago - Counting Crows
- Tuesday Heartbreak - Stevie Wonder
-Tuesday's Dead - Cat Stevens
-Tuesday Morning - Michelle Branch
-Tuesday Morning - The Pouges (I'm not sure about this song I haven't heard it )

-Ash Wednesday - Elvis Perkins
-Wednesday Week - The Undertones
-Wednesday - Drive-by Truckers
-Wednesday Morning - America
-(April) Spring, Summer and Wednesday - Status Quo
-Wednesday Week - Elvis Costello

-Thursday - Asobi Seksu
-Thursday - Country Joe and The Fish
-Thursday the 12th - Charlie Hunter
-(Thursday) Here's Why I did not go to work today - Harry Nilsson
-Sweet Thursday - Pizzicato Five

-Black Friday - Steely Dan
-Friday's Angels - Generation X
-Friday the 13th - Sonny Rollins
-Get'em out by Friday - Genesis

-The Heart of Saturday Night - Tom Waits
-On More Saturday Night - The Grateful Dead
-Saturday - Built to Spill
-Saturday in the Park - Chicago

I hope some of these songs help. Honestly I only know a handful of them right now but I am setting up my ring back tones on my phone, and instead of ringing I want the caller to hear a song that corresponds with the day. I'm a little OCD.

Good Luck

For all days of the week:
Nick Lowe- 7 Nights Of Rock
Etta James- Seven Day Fool
Individual days:
Marshall Crenshaw- Monday Morning Rock
The Verve- Make It Till Monday
The Pogues- Tuesday Morning
Stone Temple Pilots- Church On Tuesday
Primal Scream- Gentle Tuesday (on Rhino'sChildren Of Nuggets Box Set)
The Undertones- Wednesday Week
Donovan- Jersey Thursday
Country Joe And The Fish- Thursday
David Bowie- Thursday's Child
J.J. Cale- Friday
Them- Friday's Child
Nancy Sinatra- Friday's Child
Black Crowes- Good Friday
The Specials- Friday Night, Saturday Morning
Joe Ely- Treat Me Like A Saturday Night
John Fogerty- Almost Saturday Night
Nick Drake- Saturday Sun
The Monkees- Saturday's Child
Etta James- Sunday Kind Of Love
The Doors- Blue Sunday
The Commodores- Easy (Like A Sunday Morning)
Nick Drake- Sunday
Van Halen- Sunday Afernoon In The Park
Spanky And The Gang- Sunday Mornin'
Blur- Sunday Sunday
Jethro Tull- My Sunday Feeling
Paul McCartney- Heaven On A Sunday
Billlie Holliday- Gloomy Sunday