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  • What is she thinking I hope someone from social services or the child's school was watching!!!!!!!!!
  • SHe started thinking she was so far above everyone else becuase she was the "baseball commissioner".
  • i didnt even know what they were when i was that age i was wanting the newest barbie doll and i never thought like these girls and my mom would have ripped me bald if i walk out of the house like these girls.... and moms were is the disclipline dont you have control ???????
  • But i have realli close friends in my group of friends that i stay at school with who are great and i love heaps as friends.
  • The world-defined script has my part written as an incorrigible retarded whore valued at $6.25 an hour if I am fortunate enough to be one of corporate America's chosen. My self-defined script is like the energizing bunny; I just keep goin and goin and going until I enhance my life to my satisfaction. I am of the opinion that the author of my world-defined script
  • I hate websites like the jessi one the promote like kids being slut! end of story!
  • This "click" at school doesn't do this for you.
  • My message cut off LOL!
  • The party is less than 2 weeks away and we don't want to cause a fight but we all know if we confront her we will be "outkasted" from the family because my mom tends to side with her and anything she says is always right!
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two things creep me out right now: Dr. Phil and the syncophantic, dependent, run-on sentence abusers who adore his show.

If this is their two cents, it must be in Confederate money.

Have you caught Letterman lately, with his "Words of Wisdom from Dr. Phil"? You know, Dr. Phil used to be married to Oprah.

His success is a sure sign the Apocalypse is near. I'm hot-tailing it to Canada.

was he really married to Oprah? Wow. That's like an Axis alliance or something.

I've seen one "Words of Wisdom" segment on Dave's show. Best quote I'd heard in weeks: "I've had a vasectomy, and I've had it reversed." No context given, none needed.

Who's Dr. Phil?

he's the 'it' boy on the talk show circuit. he's known for his "tough love" stance on counseling and his homespun wisdom. apparently, he had been featured on Oprah once a week, dispensing advice and whatnot.

Dr. Phil was not married to Oprah. He met her when she was being sued by the Beef Council. Before getting into the talk show circuit he ran a jury selection company and that's how he met her. Apparently the guest spots he did on her show were her highest rated episodes ever.


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