Pyramid of Power

  • BOOK

  • Fourth Reich of the Rich - by Des Griffin. This book has answer to following questions: Who killed JFK? Who financed Hitler's rise to power in Germany? Who brought down World Trade Center towers on 9/11? You'll learn how all this events are connected and how they were done with a single goal in mind. After reading this book, the world as you know it, will change forever.


  • 911 In Plane Site - this movie shows how official version of 911 events, simply doesn't match the facts. In other words... official version is fiction, and this movie proves it.

  • WEB

  • Inform yourself further by reading few articles on the net. It doesn't matter if at first you find them dubious... Only thing that matters, is that you read them. Everything else will click into place after you read them.

  • Flight 175. Too Hot to Handle

  • World Trade Center Demolition and the So-Called War on Terrorism

  • The Best Enemies Money Can Buy

  • At this point, one question comes to mind, who has enough power to do such things? Who can bring down World Trade Center - and get away with it? Who can kill JFK - and get away with it? That's the real question... what other questions are there? (to quote Tom Hanks from the movie Joe Versus the Volcano) ...what other questions are there? Well, meet the people who have that kind of power:

  • The Illuminati Agenda

  • New World Order

  • Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

  • This is only a tip of huge ice-berg. If following text is some indication, Illuminati might be around for as long as 4 000 years back...

  • The Bloodlines of The Illuminati

Ah, conspiracy theories. I love them. I'm definitely going to check out these links.

On 9/11 theories: have you seen the Popular Mechanics article from a couple of months back that attempts to debunk many of the conpiracy theories surrounding the event? I'm curious if you thought it was convincing.

The one I would question here is The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. It has been proven a forgery from the eighteenth century; the book Warrant for Genocide (can't remember the author) is a good history of how rabidly irrational anti-Semitism in (especially) Eastern Europe/Russia led to these sorts of fraudulent texts.

Johnny Waco

There is overwhelming evidence that Bush administration knew attacks were coming... For example check out 911 Timeline and others. Complicity on the part of administration is proven fact, in my opinion. The question whether they actually organized and "executed" 911, is still up in the air. My bet would be on - yes, because there is only a relatively narrow gap between complicity and cover-up.

I've just read Popular Mechanics article, and it does debunk some myths regarding 911. But it can't explain Flight 175 Anomalies for example. It's very small clip from the movie 911 In Plane Site, the actual footage is the movie is much more detailed. :)

If you have the chance read that link I posted about Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, you'll see that it claims Protocols are not Jewish in origin. I'll try to read that book you recommended.

I'm going on vacation in few days, so I apologize if some posts stay unanswered...