People Killed in Car Crashes and the Cars That Killed Them

  • Alfa Romeo

  • Hugo Koblet - (white)
  • Amilcar

  • Isadora Duncan
  • BMW

  • Jimmy Davis
  • Bugatti

  • Jean Bugatti - Type 57S Tank
  • Buick

  • Jayne Mansfield - 1966 Electra
  • Clifford Brown
  • Richie Powell
  • Cadillac

  • Eddie Cochran - limo
  • Jackson Pollock
  • Helmut Newton
  • Johnny Horton
  • Chevrolet

  • Ernie Kovacs - Corvair
  • D. Boon - van
  • Dale Earnhardt
  • Cord

  • Tom Mix - 1937 812 phaeton
  • De Tomaso

  • Tim Horton - Pantera
  • Dodge

  • George Patton - touring car
  • Facel Vega

  • Albert Camus
  • Ferrari

  • Dan Snyder - 360 Modena
  • Ford

  • Razzle - Pantera
  • Honda

  • Joe Ranft - 2004 Element
  • Jeep

  • Seymour Cray - Cherokee
  • Mercedes-Benz

  • Princess Diana - S 280
  • Basil al-Assad
  • MGB

  • Steve Prefontaine
  • Mini

  • Marc Bolan - 1275 GT
  • Mitsubishi

  • Left-Eye Lopes - 2001 Montero (red)
  • Falco - Pajero
  • Nissan

  • Junk Yard Dog - 1996
  • Packard

  • F.W. Murnau
  • Pontiac

  • Sam Kinison - Trans Am
  • Porsche

  • James Dean - 550 Spider
  • Bobby Phills - 1997 993 Cabriolet
  • Ben Hollioake
  • Salvador Sanchez
  • Renault

  • Desmond Llewelyn - Megane
  • Francoise Dorleac
  • Rover

  • Grace Kelly - 3500 P6
  • Saab

  • Cozy Powell - 9000
  • Triumph

  • Chris Bell
  • Dennis Brain
  • Volkswagen

  • Claudia Jennings - Beetle
  • Harry Chapin - 1975 Rabbit
  • Volvo

  • Alan Pakula - 1995 station wagon
  • Williams

  • Ayrton Senna - FW16 Formula One
Author Comments: 

A whole lot of racecar drivers died in wrecks, but only a few during races.

According to wikipedia:
Princess Diana: Mercedes-Benz S 280

That's the only info I could find on any of the cars. The rest are vague (naturally) eg: Margaret Mitchell was "struck by a speeding taxi".

Thanks. I knew Di's car should be named somewhere. I was kindof surprised I couldn't find info on Princess Grace.

Grace Kelly: After leaving the road her 10-year-old Rover tumbled 100 ft (30.5 m) down a ravine, turning over several times before coming to rest in a garden.
In September, 1982 Janet Gaynor was seriously injured in a San Francisco taxi cab accident which also injured her husband, executive producer Paul Gregory, and actress Mary Martin, and killed Martin's agent, Ben Washer. She never recovered and died of pneumonia on 14 September, 1984

I just checked several sites and it was a Rover 3500. Or a Rover 3500 P6 according to one site. I don't know what all of these numbers mean anyway...

Harry Chapin: 1975 VW Rabbit
Bobby Phills: 1997 Porsche 993 Cabriolet

This isn't on your list, but since I haven't found anymore...
Marc Bolan: Mini 1275 GT

Thanks There and Oedipus.
Marc Bolan wasn't immediately recognizable to me. Didn't know the guy from T Rex died in a car accident.

Here some more suggestions (but don't ask me for the cars):

Desmond Llewelyn
Alan J. Pakula
Helmut Newton


Brandon De Wilde

And interesting links for this may be: and this one

Also seems logical to me: Ayrton Senna.

Pakula, weird I didn't hear about that one.

Thanks for the additions

I know Eddie Cochran was killed in a car crash while touring England, and country singer Johnny Horton died in a car crash somewhere in Texas, if I remember correctly. I don't know about their cars though.

Nice idea for a list...

Johnny Waco

Thanks for reminding me of Eddie Cochran. That's the one that ruined Gene Vincent's career.

Mary Jo Kopechne in Ted Kennedy's 1967 Oldsmobile Delta 88.

W. G. Sebald, no idea what car.

Don't think I'll include her, since she was only famous for being killed in a car.

good call

Alan Pakula: 1995 Volvo station wagon
Ayrton Senna: Williams FW16 Formula One
Desmond Llewelyn: Renault Megane

Big help, thanks

T.E. Lawrence?

I thought it was a motorcycle... but I may just be remembering the movie... and perhaps inncorrectly.

What about Joe Ranft (2004 Honda Element), Herb Brooks, the President of Greenpeace whose-name-I-cannot-remember, Chu Berry, Scot LaFaro, Bob Berg, Richie Powell...

...and, of course, Clifford Brown.

I suppose a motorcycle can be considered a type of car.

Added Joe Ranft.
There are a lot more car wrecks than I anticipated, so I decided to leave off listing them until car information becomes availabe.

Clifford Brown & Richie Powell - Buick.

Rad, thanks.

According to Wikipedia, "[T.E. Lawrence] was mortally injured in a Brough Superior motorcycle accident in Dorset." He died six days later (so whether or not this counts for your list is questionable).

And let me go on record for saying that this is one of the coolest lists out there. Really. Please keep it up.

It could count, but I'm not including motorcycles at the moment.

I'm kinda surprised that this is one of my most popular lists. It's a weird, random idea that doesn't seem to mean anything.'s so bad news...

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