My 30 Favorite Songs of the Bubblegum Pop Era

  1. No, I didn't hate everything that came out of the late 90s/early 2000s in the form of boy bands and blond girls. So here's a (sometimes tongue-in-cheek) list of my favorites (in order, I think). Some of these I still listen to regularly, some have been forever buried. There's a lot of other stuff like Pink (more-so R&B, at least earlier in her career) or Hanson (more-so rock) that could be considered pop, but I'll just stick with the pure bubblegum, TRL stuff to make things simple.
  2. N'Sync- It's Gonna Be Me (I wasn't a big N'Sync fan during this time, never owned a CD by them, but this song was truly awesome. This still gets regular play.)
  3. Britney Spears- Baby One More Time (Still Britney's best song to date, lol. This gets semi-regular rotation now. I was a hardcore Britney fan for a couple of years. "I must confess/that my loneliness/is killing me noooow..." Oh yeah.)
  4. Christina Aguilera- Genie in a Bottle (I liked this song the very first time I heard it. Gets semi-regular rotation now.)
  5. Backstreet Boys- Everybody (I was definitely a hardcore BSB fan back then. I own 3 of their CDs, heh. I hardly listen to any of them anymore, but this was a pure jam and I loved the video.)
  6. Britney Spears- Stronger (Britney's second best song to date. this one gets played regularly. This is the kind of song that I like to jam to when no one's looking. :-p "My loneliness ain't killing me no more!" Go Brit! I also love her dance moves in the video.)
  7. Christina Aguilera- Come on Over (This girl can really sing. I don't care what anyone says, but she can really sing. This is another song that I love to jam to.)
  8. Backstreet Boys- All I Have to Give
  9. Christina Aguilera, Pink, Mya, & Lil' Kim- Lady Marmalade
  10. Jessica Simpson- Irresistible This song still gets regular rotation. She's another that can really sing. I know many people don't believe that; heck, I didn't believe it for a while. I saw her on some awards show performing live back in 1998 or 1999. I forgot what she was singing, but she was singing it. I was floored, staring at the TV with my mouth hanging open. I think she may even be as good as Christina Aguilera, but I haven't heard her "sing" like that since. It's a shame too. Some of these people who got stuck in the "teen pop" music have really great voices.
  11. Clay Aiken- Bridge Over Troubled Water (He may be corny and dorky, but he has an incredible voice. He's another person that shouldn't be doing gimmicky pop. I bought his CD just to hear him sing. None of the songs on his CD are as memorable as what he did for this song. Can bring tears to my eyes every single time I play it. And the fact that he performed this song with this huge smile on his face, like it was no effort at all. I'd love to just hear him sing some songs like Celine. Leave the gimmicky pop stuff to the under-talented because Clay is definitely not one of them!
  12. Spice Girls- Say You'll be There (This was my jam, as much as I hate to admit it. But hey, the Spice Girls are single-handedly responsible for starting this bubblegum era. They're pioneers in an odd sort of way. But yeah, I own "Spice" and "SpiceWorld", heh. I was a huge fan. I wore the "Spice" CD out. The cover booklet is worn nearly to shreds. :-p
  13. Enrique Iglesias- Bailamos
  14. Jennifer Lopez- If You Had My Love (Is it just me or does JLo sound EXACTLY like Beyonce lately?)
  15. Backstreet Boys- As Long As You Love Me
  16. N'Sync- Bye Bye Bye
  17. Christina Aguilera- What A Girl Wants
  18. Spice Girls- Denying
  19. Robyn- Show Me Love (A little before this wave of the bubblegum pop era, but I loved this song!
  20. Britney Spears- Ooops I Did it Again
  21. Clay Aiken- Invisible
  22. Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony- No Me Ames (Before the marriage thing. JLo can't sing, but I think she sounded pretty decent on this song. Its clearly driven by Marc Anthony though. People also say her Spanish is bad. I suppose it is since I could understand every word she said. :-p Another reason I like it. :-D )
  23. Spice Girls - Love Thing (Wasn't released as a single, but many of their best songs were not released as singles, oddly.
  24. Backstreet Boys- I'll Never Break Your Heart
  25. Wild Orchid- At Night I Pray Am I the ONLY person who remembers this song? I'm sure everyone knows Fergie, now of the Black Eyed Peas; this was her group back in 1995, I believe. This is a little before the teen pop era, but if this song had been released just a few years later; they would've been huge. They could really sing, although I think it was mostly just Fergie pulling the other 2 girls along.
  26. Britney Spears- You Drive Me Crazy ("Oh-oh-oh-craaaaazy! But it feels alright!" Truer words could not have been spoken about Britney and the whole bubblegum era, in fact. This song should be the anthem of the teen pop era. How can you not jam to these Britney songs? They are 100% especially manufactured and mass-produced to be jams. :-p
  27. Spice Girls- Something Kinda Funny
  28. Mandy Moore- Candy (Poor Mandy. She just never could compete with Britney. So she moved to film. :-p )
  29. Backstreet Boys- Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely (I think "Millennium" was one of the best albums to come out of the bubblegum era, actually. I've always felt like BSB actually had a little passion about their music, which is rare for most of the big names from this time. They'd actually started way back in 1994 too, and modeled themselves after Boyz II Men. N'Sync modeled themselves after BSB, no doubt. :-p Sucks for BSB, but N'Sync totally kicked their asses on the charts, mostly thanks to Justin Timberlake and those fly dance moves.
  30. Spice Girls- Wannabe (Ahh, the original...)
  31. Justin Timberlake- Rock Your Body

Wow ... a unique list indeed!!! Bubblegum music, when it was still young was great... but the recent stuff is serious crap . Might I say, some of the songs here happen to be my favourites, as much as I hate teeny pop, esp. Backstreet Boy's Everybody and Quit Playin' and J.Lo's earlier stuff.

Thanks! I think the more recent stuff is crappy too. Lately they try to do some quasi-R&B sound (recent J.Lo) or else they have this pseudo-grunge sound; one guitar and call it a rock song (Ashlee Simpson). It was a lot better when it KNEW it was teeny pop and was unashamed. They don't even dance anymore! :-o

Yeah! And add to that ballant shameless copying of each other :-0, similar styles and hopelessly underdone or overdone music videos :-S.

Awesome list! Reminds me of the good old days.. :)

What a disappointment. Here I was expecting to see songs like Tommy Roe's "Dizzy" and Ohio Express' "Yummy Yummy Yummy".

You too, huh? I guess every generation has it's own form of bubblegum. You could take it back even further to Paul Anka, Fabian, Bobby Rydell, Annette, etc...

No one used the term until the late 60s and early 70s.

Sorry, I meant to put the years in the title, but I thought it was long enough already. :p I put it in the heading though.

What an awesome list! It's like the soundtrack to my early life- I grew up with these songs! Keep up the great work.