MTV's 22 Greatest Voices in Music

  1. Mariah Carey (Yay, WELL deserved, IMHO)
  2. Freddie Mercury
  3. Whitney Houston (Not anymore, I'm sorry to say. Back in her prime, YES!)
  4. Bono
  5. Christina Aguilera
  6. Alanis Morisette (Another well-deserved! I LOVED Alanis for 3 straight years. THE voice of angst. Why I love Michelle Branch now, lol)
  7. Kurt Cobain
  8. Björk
  9. Celine Dion (Well deserved!)
  10. Tupac Shakur (Using MTV's criteria, this is very well deserved. Tupac was known for his mouth, if nothing else, lol.)
  11. Michael Jackson (HeeeHee! Hooo!)
  12. Chris Cornell
  13. Eminem
  14. David Bowie
  15. Alicia Keys (LOVE LOVE LOVE Alicia Keys! Now she is someone who speaks to me. This one line in her song: "You'll never get the chance to experience/my lovin'/cause my love it feels like OooooooOooooOooooh!" And then she goes "And i swear on my mother anf father it feels like OooooooOooooooOooooh!" I believe her, lol! Very well derserved, WILL be on my list of favorites ever with the third album!)
  16. Steven Tyler
  17. Jewel
  18. Thom Yorke
  19. Mary J. Blige- (Before Alicia Keys, there was NO ONE jamming like Mary J. Blige. I don't think she has the nicest voice, but she could definitely work what she had, and her songs were perfect for her.)
  20. Michael Stipe
  21. Sade
  22. Bruce Springsteen
Author Comments: 

"MTV's 22 Greatest Voices in Music is a countdown of the greatest singers in contemporary music, by MTV and Blender Magazine. The countdown, which was aired in March 2003, features vocalists from the different genres of music including Pop, R&B, Rock and Hip-Hop. The list was compiled by music industry critics, but fans were also given the opportunity to vote in a nation-wide poll conducted on MTV2.


The coundown was not based simply on the artist's vocal prowess, claims Tom Calderone, music and talent vice president at MTV2 and MTV. "We considered how the voice complements the music and connects with listeners. It comes down to how compelling and influential that voice is to people's lives." The countdown, however, is by no means exhaustive, as only singers in the last 25 years were taken into consideration."

I'm very surprised to see Michael Stipe here, but it's a good choice.

Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston,Celine Dion, Michael Jackson, they can be part of this list (always considering the peak of their vocal capabilities).
Some, like Aguilera... maybe, depending who else shows up.

I admit some of them I really don't know well enough to evaluate offhand.
But Bono, Cobain, Mercury - and I'm a Queen Fan -, Bjork, Eminem, Springsteen, have no place there, ever. We're talking about voices, and having them included, without including Seal, Terence Trent D'Arby, David Coverdale, Billy Ocean, Kenny Rodgers, and man others whose VOICE was good... it's ludicrous to say the least.

Bono, for one, should be ranked below Helen Keller.

It is obvious that this is a popularity list and not a real deal list of the greatest singers ever. The ones in this list that belong are the following--Michael Jackson,Whitney Houston who I think should be number one,Sade,Alecia Keys,Celine Dion,.....the rest if this was a top 30 list belong in the lower half in the twenties easy...Mercury should be maybe around 22 on here. Top male vocalist that should be right up there in the top 2 or 3 is Brad Delp from Boston, simply some of the most powerful and finest vocals ever on Bostons first album. The guy was brilliant and should be at number two either with or right behind Whitney Houston. The next name up there missing is Steve Perry from Journey. Simply another rediculous omission by fly by night fans with short memories. I will stop with those two glarring and simply stupid omissions and just leave it to real fans that know music and talent to simply name more guys or girls that can either sing with or better than the names listed. Delp and Perry as well as other artists like Kenny Loggins (who is good but not as good as Delp-Perry)could sing cirles around the guys in that list....even in their 40's and 50's. Feel free to chime in on the many others who are definitely better than at least 80% of that bogus list.

I agree that Brad Delp and especially Steve Perry rank among the greatest vocalists in rock. But why don't you think Freddy Mercury is deserving of such a high placement? He's easily Top 5-worthy, at the least.

Other curious omissions: Jeff Buckley, Mike Patton, Luther Vandross, and Prince.

Oh, and Bono on this list is downright laughable.

Hey man you know after I posted that about ol' Freddy I kind of thought later about it and thought it was a little harsh considering his body of work. I would think Freddy who I really liked back in the day and still now even though he is gone would be more deserving of the last half of the top ten instead. I think Freddy should be somewhere around number 7. George Michael is another great voice that is not on the top ten or 15 list as well as the great singers you posted. How about Boy George or David Coverdale? Those two are also top 20 guys if there ever was any. It's just fun to me to pick aprt these so called lists of the best singer's ,etc that they churn out from time to time.

Definitely agree with George Michael -- simply one of pop music's greatest vocal talents. Yes, David Coverdale is another great vocalist. Boy George has a good voice, but I never really considered him one of the greats.

Layne Staley should have been there- no one is as haunting, strong, and provocative as he was!

Was Britney Spears on the list?

This list is ridiculous.

Mariah Carey ahead of Whitney Houston? That is absurd. Why isn't Aretha Franklin on this list? Why are Bono and Michael Stipe here. Thank God Beyonce isn't on the list (very marketable, but over-rated - much like Mariah).

This list seems to have been made by a person with a very narrow base of knowledge.