Movies with most uses of the 'F' word

  • Tigerland- 527 times
  • Another Day in Paradise- 327 times
  • Sweet Sixteen- 313 times
  • Narc- 298 times
  • The Big Lewbowski- 281 times
  • Fubar + Made- 274 times
  • Pulp Fiction- 271 times
  • Resevior Dogs- 252 times
  • Dead Presidents- 247 times
  • The Boondock Saints + Goodfellas#- 246 times
  • Jay and Silent Bob Strike back- 228
  • True Romance-225 times
  • Scarface- 208 times*
  • American History X- 205 times
  • Shaft- 165 times
  • Snatch- 153 times
  • Bad Santa- 147 times&
  • Shaun of the Dead~ 77 times
  • South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut- 133 times^
  • ...Four Rooms, In the final segment, "The Man From Hollywood" which lasts 21 minutes, the word is used 193 times, and is used many more times during the earlier parts of the movie.
Author Comments: 

Movies that used the f bomb or its direvitives more than any other. If you can think of some more big ones, I'll check them out to see where they stand.

#In Goodfellas, the word is mostly used by Pesci

*Held the record for the time

&Uses total of 243 profanities, and "Badder Santa," the unrated version, holds record for most profanity for a Christmas film, with 170 uses of "F" word, and 286 uses of various other profanities

^Though the movie has the world record for most profanity with 399 swears, it only uses the word 'Fuck' 133 times.

Lol, funny list. Was your source something like

nope, it be You go to a movie that swears alot and go to 'trivia' section and it will tell you how many times they say 'fuck' if its alot. I wanted to an in-order list so that's I made this. Thanks for the compliment!

Also from IMDB:
Another Day in Paradise (1998): The word "fuck" is used 327 times in this 101 minute film.
Dead Presidents (1995): The word "fuck" and its variants are spoken 247 times.
Fubar (2002): The word "fuck" is said 274 times.
I'll Never Forget What's'isname (1967): Often named as the first film to use the word "fuck" in its dialogue
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001): The word "fuck" is used 228 times.
Made (2001): The word "fuck" is used 274 times in the 90.5-minute film.
Narc (2002): The work "fuck" and its variations are said 298 times.
Sweet Sixteen (2002/I): The word "fuck" and its variations are used 313 times.
Tigerland (2000): The word "fuck" is used 527 times in this 98-minute film.
Ulysses (1967): early use the word "fuck."

Thank you so much! I truly appreciate the help. I have not seen any of those movies so I would have never thought to have checked those. I appreciate that. Maybe I'll update my list one day to include the movie lengths as well. Thank you alot. This is my favorite of my lists, and I like to have it as full as I can. Thanks again!

Have you checked Copland? It has to be up in the hundreds.

No I haven't. I'm sure Serpico and Good Will Hunting have to be up there too, but I can't find a number for them.

No problem. Glad to be of service. I've seen only a handful of them, too. These are the ones I've seen:
Sweet Sixteen
Pulp Fiction
Reservoir Dogs
Bad Santa
Shaun of the Dead
South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut