MMORPG Classes: A Long List, part 1

  1. Class, Game, Class description
  2. "Lo-fent (Paladin)", "Nodeka", "None match the righteous strength of the paladin. None match their vigorous drive to thwart evil. None match their holy ambition to stamp out evil wherever it may hide. The paladin are holy crusaders with righteous powers both physically and magically awesome. Some of their abilities are; holy light, deific amelioration, inviolable asylum, spiritstone and divinity."
  3. "Heiton (Druid)", "Nodeka", "Battle has never been so varied as it is with the druid. These foresters possess so many forms of utility, defense and offensive magic, one could argue that no class is so diverse. Among their massive list of abilities are; song of the trees, circle of bane, rite of sundering, cyclone of the guild, blackfrost cloudburst and enclosure of trewan."
  4. "Rogue", "Gemstone", "Specialists in maneuvering and manipulation, Rogues have an easy time learning many skills, such as stalk and hide, pick locks, detect and disarm traps, climbing, perception, searching and ambushing. With all of these skills, Rogues make excellent scouts, lookouts and hunters. They are fairly adept with weapons and heavier armor, second only to warriors. They may also learn how to use spells and magical devices more easily than warriors."
  5. "Samurai", "Clandestine MUD", "Honorable retainers to the kingdoms of the east, the samurai are the entrusted watchmen of their vast and wealthy domains. They are an honor bound and fanatic sort, willing to give their lives at the mere word of their lieges."
  6. "Channeler", "Clandestine MUD", "Planeswalkers from the nether regions, these people control the portals and gateways of Clandestine. They are the guardians and overseers of all the mystical pathways that crisscross this world."
  7. "Lich", "Clandestine MUD", "Often called death mages, the Lich control the powers of death itself. With this control comes access to strange and exotic spells that can rend flesh from bone and seperate soul from body."
  8. "Nightblade", "Clandestine MUD", "Hunters of the night, they are entrusted with guarding the mortals from those creatures that would chose to prey upon mortal flesh. They are capable of creating multiple mirror images of themselves."
  9. "Conquistador", "Clandestine MUD", "After returning from far off conquests, conquerors are usually promoted to the rank of Conquistador, although this class is not limited to just conquerors. They return with knowledge and wisdrom from their travels."
  10. "Crusader", "Clandestine MUD", "Warriors that have spent their entire lives seeking out the promised land and all the treasures that it holds, they are blessed in the sacred rivers and as such command both the greatest of white and dark magic."
  11. "Technomancer", "Clandestine MUD", "Advanced scientists who have begun to master advanced techniques of machines and alchemy, they can construct and repair nearly anything and their broad intelelct is called upon by many to help them repair or understand things that are new or foreign."
  12. "Cardinal", "Clandestine MUD", "Powerful white mages who command the greatest of holy energies, they are the mortal enemies of the Lich and strive to bring forth the white powers of heaven to aid them in their struggles against darkness. They are masters of strange exotic white spells."
  13. "Hunter", "Clandestine MUD", "Strong maters of survival, they exist in the wilderness and sleep out among the stars. They lead a pauper's life as they abhor wealth and try to remain as nature driven as possible."
  14. "Ataelos (Warlock)", "Nodeka", "Fierce battle combatants, armed with reigns of power that none can match. Ataelos are the perfect combination of the fighter-caster and possess dominating mental abilities. Wielders of both the mystical ataghan and the staff of the gate."
  15. "Archwizard", "Clandestine MUD", "Masters of magic, far beyond that of normal mages, Archwizards do nothing but try to increase their knowledge in spell lore. Archwizards do not bother with the physical exertion of thieving, as they can manipulate all functions including thought, with their elite magic."
  16. "Mindbender", "Clandestine MUD", "Mindbenders are those professing in the art of total confusion and chaos. They kill their victims with trickery and well planned schemes. They study magics that grant them the ability to delude one's mind and manipulate weaknesses."
  17. "Shadowmage", "Mozart MUD", "The shadowmage works in darkness, seeking to master the realms of sorcery left untouched by the academic mages. Harnessing the mind-affecting wizardry of illusionary magic and the raw energy of the light spectrum, their years of hidden research culminate in the weaving of potent spells. Their unhindered experimentation has refined the process into its most efficient form, allowing a skilled shadowmage to conjure with surprising quickness, occasionally casting twice in the same combat round."
  18. "Arbiter", "Mozart MUD", "The arbiter is a champion of balance. He is a warrior who has dedicated his life to maintaining the equilibrium between good and evil in the world, that it may flourish through its diversity. As a master of both spirit and arms, he has strengths similar to a paladin: clerical skill that complements his martial prowess. He has demanding strictures of behavior which he must maintain in order to keep his spirit in harmony with balance. It is not an easy task, but there are many rewards for those willing to undertake the challenge."
  19. "Thief", "Mozart MUD", "Thieves are the masters of stealth, supreme in sneaking, backstabbing, and assassination. Thieves rule the underworld both on the Surface and in the Underdark, wherever criminals may gather together. Other thieves prefer to work alone and avoid the company of their peers. Thieves are inferior to warriors, barbarians, and some of the other more battle-oriented classes in face-to-face combat, although they can outmatch the pure spell-casting classes physically. Like warriors, thieves have no magical power, but have no compunction about using magical items."
  20. "Warriormonk", "Mozart MUD", "Warriormonks are practitioners of the ancient open-handed fighting styles. They embody the concept of the pure martial artist, focusing exclusively on physical ability. Warriormonks' combat ability is based on fighting styles, each having unique advantages. Having adhered to the structure and discipline of the pure martial path, they are more proficient at the offensive fighting styles. Like monks, warriormonks are required to take a vow of poverty as part of their training, and therefore have fewer possessions than other classes. This is true even of those warriormonks that are multi-classed."
  21. "Antipaladin", "Mozart MUD", "The antipaladin is a sinister warrior who is everything the paladin is not. Thoroughly wicked and immoral, he has turned to foul magics and dark treachery to advance his own ends. As unholy blackguards, antipaladins combine the prowess of a warrior, the stealth of a thief, and the baleful magic of the dark arts, yet is not self-disciplined enough to become a true master of any of them. For those who strive, however, is the reward of the Unholy Avenger, a fearsome blade to help smite their enemies."
  22. "Priest", "Amitoune", "A priest is a mighty healer and protector of the weak. Led with a mission to heal and teach, Priest have many varied and sundry healing spells at their command. While clerics possess some combat spells and magic to affect one's chances in battle, their main goal is self preservation. They accelerate in wisdom and knowledge as they gain in level and experience. The wisdom of the priest in the ways of magic and the art of healing, make them a desirable asset for any group."
  23. "Charlatan", "Adventures Unlimited", " Charlatans are usually accepted wherever they travel...for a little while. These are highly charismatic individuals that rely upon their subtle magical abilities and their wits to relieve their audience of their possessions. Charlatans believe in the motto share and share alike as long as it is you who is doing the sharing."
  24. "Myrmidon", "Adventures Unlimited", " A myrmidon is a combination of a fighter and a mage. They are often talented mercanaries or battle mages skilled in both the art of magic and fighting. They are multitalented and skilled in many ways. Myrmidons often follow their conscience, fight for certain causes, or perhaps hire themselves out as soldiers of fortune. They can be found almost anywhere doing almost anything."
  25. "Nojohr", "Nodeka", "Only the nojohr can study the arts of another and use their own powers against them. Only the nojohr is considered a master of all weapons. Only the nojohr controls the beacons of light allowing him to use the world as his portal. And only the nojohr has the power of Thelgarron's fusing - a unique power that can be used as either offensive or defensive, depending on the strategy the nojohr wishes to implement. The nojohr is a master of combat."
  26. "Warrior", "Adventures Unlimited", " Warriors live for combat and the thrill of battle. They are the best fighters of all the classes, but lack the subtle skills of thieves and the magical talents of mages and priests. Warriors are best for those who don't mind taking the direct approach, even when another method might be called for."
  27. "Rune Priest", "Sharune", "Rune priests are holy men and women of the twargan and deep dwarves. They are devoted to praying to the dwarven gods and enchanting sigils and runes with powerful magic. They are granted clerical powers by their gods, and have the power to protect people from many types of magic. They are among with clerics, the most proficient healers."
  28. "Spirit Master", "Sharune", "Spirit masters are keen in the handling of spirits and are also quite competent in the arts of life mastery. They are the equivalent of the evil necromancer. They can plane shift to the spirit plane(which is only accessible by spirit masters) where they can enthrall the spirits of fallen heroes and other creatures which will then obey their commands. Spirit masters work best alone, but they can also group with other players if they wish, acting like healers. Their spirit followers however do not like other players and will return to the spirit plane if encountering other players of the same racewar side."
  29. "Animist", "Sharune", "Animists are simply wizards of the nature. They deal with wilderness, animals but also powerful magic whose purpose is to control or manipulate nature in one way or another. Be it to conjure storms or to create a beautiful summers day. They are somewhat proficient in the arts of healing, although their main area is dealing damage. They are rarely seen in cities and tend to spend most of their time out in the wild."
  30. "Elementalist", "Sharune", "Elementalists are mages dealing with some of the four different elements of the world of Sharune. The elements are fire, ice, earth and light. Each element has its own powers and unique abilities, but they are also similar in many aspects. The different elementalists can all create walls and use a wide variety of offensive spells. Each elementalist gets to choose two different elements they want to utilize and they get no spells from the remaining two."
  31. "Enchanter", "Sharune", "Enchanters are magic-users who specialize in enchanting items or people to protect them. Whether its to make them move faster, or to protect them from melee damage or magic they can do it. Enchanters are also known to have a few deadly nukes. Enchanters are always sought after because most adventurers fear to travel without one in their company."
  32. "Wizard", "Sharune", "A wizard is an offensive sort of all-round magician that gain spells from many different areas and purposes. Their main profession however, is the handling and controlling of staffs and transportation spells while they are still able to deal large amounts of damage."
  33. "Savage", "Sharune", "Savages are trolls who are the complete opposite of their berserker brethren. They are skilled in a variety of defensive skills and are perfectly capable of protecting themselves, and anyone else who is with them. Their prefered weapon is usually a one handed axe, but they can also be seen using many other one handed weapons such as clubs and hammers."
  34. "Battlerager", "Sharune", "Battleragers are dwarves who dedicate their lives to that of the warrior. Despite their small size their are fierce warriors, and deadly oponents. They are skilled some defensive and most offensive skills. They have the use of many weapons, but prefer to use axes and hammers over all others. They can be strong and sturdy warriors, but pay with their strength and sturdyness with low agility and dexterity."
  35. "Noble Warrior", "Sharune", "Noble Warriors are Raukburhrum who have chosen the warriors path. They are practiced in a number of defensive and offensive skills, making them a force to be reckoned with. Due to their amazing strength most Noble Warriors prefer the use of two-handed weapons to help double their power. They are as capable of protecting their people and friends as they are of destroying their enemies."
  36. "Aylakias (Valkyrie)", "Nodeka", "Not all warriors are graceful - aylakias are the image of graceful. These female warriors are cunning fighters that can match any man (or woman) in combat. With abilities like; valkyrie's agility, archers competence, beguile and seduce - aylakias have many tools to handle enemies with."
  37. "Pirate", "Sharune", "Pirates are quite rare in the realms of Sharune, though the few that still exist often sail in the bay of blood, spreading terror through raids and plunderings. They are the rulers of the seas and their skills deal with sailing ships, navigating as well as naval combat. They are also very competent fighters that prefer the use of scimitars or falchions."
  38. "Minstrel", "Sharune", "Minstrels are people who have dedicated their lifes to learning different musical instruments. They don't use spells, but instead can cause amazing things to happen through their music. When playing their instruments they use "Mana," when they have no more mana they have to let it regenerate before they can play again."
  39. "Marauder", "Sharune", "Marauders are men and women who have abandoned large towns and crowded places for nature. They are often seen in the company of their pets, who are extremely tame and can be seen helping their masters fight. They are more skilled in the area of bows than any other class except for maybe a ranger, who they consider their equal. A marauder in a large city is an amazing sight, because they dislike crowded places and prefer the secludedness of the outdoors."
  40. "Psionicist", "Sharune", "The psionicist uses the power of his mind and body to accomplish feats by his own will. Some would call a psionicists powers 'magical', but that is not the case. Unlike the magicians who use the magic to infuse the world and environment, the psionicist uses it to infuse himself. A psionicist uses this internal energy in a similar way to that a mage uses his external force. Instead of praying or memorizing for spells, the psionicist uses mana, 'mental power', when using its abilities. The mental power is a sort of energy supply that charges whenever the psionicist meditates."
  41. "Paladin", "Sharune", "Paladins, or holy knights as they are called by some, are the true masters of protection and organized warfare. They often use broadswords which is their favorite weapon, though they are quite skilled with chain weapons such as morning stars and flails. All paladins are trained in heavy armors thus no one stands even close to them when it comes to maneuvering in heavy armors. When they gather for war to protect their faith or religion they often set out in large mounted companies. This is the reason why they are considered the masters of mounted combat. Their faith also gives them some minor magical abilities."
  42. "Necromancer", "Sharune", "The necromancer is a mage that has specialized in knowledge of death. Necromancers are of evil alignment and deal with undead monsters such as skeletons, zombies, ghouls, wraiths and in some rare cases dracoliches. Necromancers are difficult to play and mostly travel alone with their undead followers that they animate from corpses. Necromancers work best alone, but they can also group with other people if they wish to. Their undead followers however do not like other players and will return to the realms of death if encountering other players of the same racewar side."
  43. "Assassin", "Ages of Despair", " Assassins are the true masters of handling daggers in the deadliest manner imaginable. They are the masters of backstabbing, and they learn how to create deadly poison for killing their prey even faster. They learn how to hide in the shadows and sneak, just like thieves, but they lack the thieves' expert knowledge of exploration."
  44. "Fathomer", "Realms of Despair", " Conquerers of many seas and ships, fathomers are adepts at both battletactics and the realm of storms. Having spent so much time at sea, they tend to lead solitary lives. Through the many raids they lead and take part in, fathomers quickly learn the art of war. The nature of this pirateous descent keeps them mostly on the defensive. However, as the fathomer grows in age and experience, they learn and become adepts with the elements of water. While they also have a limited ability to manipulate air, it becomes twofold when coupled with their reign over the oceans and seas. Stealthy yet bright, fathomers will not only evade most attackers, but are also quick to assail from shadows or feign their movements. Having spent so much time at sea to advance in their arts, fathomers are limited to medium sized races with sturdy frames."
  45. "Nephandi", "Realms of Despair", " Clerics draw their powers from gods both devout, indifferent and malign. Magi draw their power from the ethereal bonds between all life and matter. The Nephandi draw their powers from the Void that lies within the heart of men. They serve Infernal masters who condemn this world to ruin and waste. The Darkness of the Void swirled before the sun burned bright and will continue to swirl once the Sun is extinguished. The demons and the devils of the Void thirst for the end of Light. Their servants the Nephandi seek to hasten the End Times through the spread of depravity, temptation and corruption. Nephandi who renounce their Infernal Master renounce the source of their power. They possess only the base skill of a hedge magician and are too poorly skilled to defend themselves solely with the martial arts. Few Nephandi renounce the Path of Screams and maintain their evil alignment through the slaughter and corruption of innocence."
  46. "Khehusod (Marauder)", "Nodeka", "Destroyers of all that is holy. Ruiners by nature, bringers of evil by trade. The khehusod are driven to bring chaos forth, wherever it doesn't reside. Some of their chaotic abilities are; stoicism, regional deception, nefarious shift, dark protection, unhallowed scathing and discorded corporeal sinew."
  47. "Augurer", "Realms of Despair", " The art of augury has been pursued for countless years. Before written language there were those who were prophets and soothsayers, as well as those who divined the future with entrails and bones. The augurer is the result of the evolution of these individuals with heightened sight, a society of beings with the ability to see beyond the material world into other planes of existence and sometimes into the future. Augurers are driven to creative diversions, enjoying and excelling in art, theater and music of all types. In battle the augurer uses a combination of strong fighting technique and exceptional magical ability. For this reason an augurer must always be well rounded, depending on mental and physical prowess to vanquish its foes."
  48. "Vampire", "Realms of Despair", " Vampirism, in most legend, is a curse bestowed upon one being by another already damned to exist as a vampire. Vampirism in the Realms appears to be a curse of creation, for all those who subsist on blood are born to their existence. Fed and nurtured with blood, the vampire learns early in unlife the ways of the predator. While a vampire may drink from blood on the ground, such cool and congealed sustenance does not compare to warm and rich life stolen from the veins of a victim. The vampire stores blood within. It is measured in blood points (bp). These blood points may be expended in the casting of spells or the use of vampiric abilities. A severely damaged vampire will also intuitively draw on the power of the blood to heal themselves. A vampire will also instantaneously expend blood to remain functional during daylight. No such expenditure is needed in the evening hours. At this time a vampire also gains a bonus to their armor class, as well as the ability to transport themselves through mist once they are sufficiently skilled."
  49. "Golgothan", "Gateway to the Night MUD", "Golgothans are something of a "super Antipaladin." The sole purpose in life of a Golgothan is to spread sickness and fear on the land. Similar to Knights in their skills, they focus on sickness as opposed to healing arts."
  50. "Guardian", "Flaming Coast", "Guardians of nature, they are powerful summoners who can summon many animals and spells to devestate their apponents, if these were not powerful enough they can also morph into the most powerful of creatures rhayne has ever seen."
  51. "Sentaari", "Aetolia", "The Sentaari are a neutral guild of highly skilled and well disciplined monks dedicated to keeping the Balance. Walking fearlessly into the unknown, the Sentaari perfect the body into a devastating weapon through the unarmed fighting skills of Tekura. They develop the will to master mind and body, channeling energy and defying pain through the ancient skills of Kaido. Through meditation and rigorous training they embrace the mental powers of Telepathy, gaining near and remote control of other people's minds to help or hinder as the situation calls for. The Sentaari are known for their general benevolence towards others."
  52. "Sentinel", "Aetolia", "Like their cousins, the Druids, Sentinels use the Metamorphosis skill to do most of their hunting. Their shapechanging ability is legendary. encompassing such forms as the fearsome basilisk, the stealthy jaguar, or even the mythical icewyrm. They use their mastery of Concoctions to brew potent elixirs and other medicinal items to heal their injuries after a battle, or to gather precious cures to various afflictions an opponent may use against them. Unlike the Druids, the Sentinels also gain the skill of Woodlore, which allows them to summon various woodland creates to help them in battle, the ability to create various types of traps, and some general hunting abilities such as axe-throwing."
  53. "Indorani", "Aetolia", "All things die, break down, and decay. Nothing escapes the caress of Despair. This is fact of reality as most come to understand. There are those, however, who know otherwise. These entities are aware that if you serve Despair then it serves you as well. These dark souls are known as necromancers. The practictioners of the black art have an inkling of the truth but even they fall short of it. The true inheritors of Despair are the Ancient Indorani."
  54. "Luminary", "Aetolia", "As the mighty phoenix rises from death, so have the warriors of Light risen from the mire of apathy and corruption. It is the Luminary who have been chosen by the Light to carry the enduring torch to reveal every shadowed corridor and brighten every darkened hall."
  55. "Syssin", "Aetolia", "Much like the Paladins who vow to defend their city, the Syssin will ensure safety and protection of the City of Spires. But do not confuse the ends with the means. The Syssin are equipped to be crafty and wily, and use their skills of Venoms, Subterfuge, and Hypnosis to befuddle and eliminate their enemy."
  56. "Infernal", "Aetolia", "The Infernals are a blend of fighting, discipline, and necromantic magic. With their skills of Necromancy, Chivalry, and Forging, they are well-equipped to purge the weak and helpless from the land, or make them serve their needs. Despite their evil ways, however, Infernals maintain a strict code of honour, and their way of life is hard, often impossible, for all but the most dedicated. They do not tolerate dissent, and punishment is swift and hard for those who break the rules of the guild, or violate the honour of it."
  57. "Ninja", "Nodeka", "The silent warrior. These spiritual dark killers are a danger to all who stand in their path or who cross their path. With an arsenal of offensive tactics like; yikwon hand form, hurricane kick, ashi baria kick, keiiken and joufu's arc, these dark magical fighters have numerous ways to slay their enemies."
  58. "Magi", "Aetolia", "Although the Magi remain a neutral force in the world, they are a force to be reckoned with. In keeping with their neutral stance, the Magi guildhall moves throughout the realm by magical means, setting down here and there, above the politics of any one city or region. By harnessing the power of four of the five elemental planes: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, the Magi invoke spells through the skill Elementalism to both protect their allies and destroy those who would threaten them or the stability of the Realm. Magi have learned to imbue certain objects with considerable offensive power and to craft items of great significance using their skill of Enchantment. With their Crystalism skill, the Magi can fashion a variety of crystals whose natural vibrations they harness to great effect - from healing vibrations to devastating explosions."
  59. "Daru", "Aetolia", "The Daru are a group of monks seeking perfection following the path of Lord Rahn. They are Warriors and Seekers of the Flame. They balance their Mind, Body and Will in their strive for perfection. Tekura is the use of their body in hand to hand combat. It is known that some of the Divine are Masters of the highest level of Tekura. Illumination best represents the will of the Daru monk. Students of the light, they use their inner power to affect the world around them. Telepathy is the use of the mind to manipulate situations as they arise. They use it as an attack mainly but there are other uses for it. They can bring about the fear of their wrath in an enemy, or grant them inner peace. With a single thought they can rattle an opponent's nerves, or render him paralyzed. With enough training and preparation they can kill with one thought."
  60. "Cabalist", "Aetolia", "The Cabalists are a secretive sect of necromancers who have discovered the primal link that numbers have on the physical realm, and have learned how to harness that knowledge as power to manipulate their surroundings. Cabalists draw on the powers of the skills Necromancy and Domination, exploring the theory that all organization and knowledge evolves from Chaos. Their cardinal skill, Numerology, is a much more subtle discipline dealing with numbers and thought, though its precise details remain enigmatic to outsiders."
  61. "Bloodborn", "Aetolia", "The Bloodborn - vampires reborn in the mystical power of blood - are an anomaly in Consanguine society. Unlike the traditional Noble Houses, the Bloodborn are a formal guild with all the trappings thereof. This structure is echoed in the formalized rituals they conduct using the blood of friend and foe alike. The focus of the Bloodborn is the skill Hematurgy, by which they tap into the mystical powers of blood using arcane rituals. As vampires, they also command the skill Corpus, by which their bodies are imbued with supernatural strength, speed, and resilience, and Mentis, giving them the power to sway the minds of others."
  62. "Vampire", "Aetolia", "The Consanguine, as many call themselves, are sentient with some faint similarities to their mortal selves, but as different from mortals as night from day. Though a class unto themselves, vampires have no guild. Instead, most vampires belong to one of four great Houses, each comprising the bloodline of one of the four original progeny embraced by Abhorash Nehekhara. The Embrace is the process by which a new vampire is sired, or created. Whether viewed as a precious gift or a terrible curse, it is never given lightly; after all, one more predator means more competition for resources. During the Embrace, the body reworks itself, sloughing off the imperfections present in every mortal form and becoming more beautiful, with the grace of a predatory animal. The new suckling reawakens, but his heart does not beat nor do his lungs exchange air. He is now one of the living dead. He wakes suffering a ravenous hunger for blood, his first acquaintance with the monster that has been spawned within him."
  63. "Footpad", "Nodeka", "How can you fight against what you cannot see? This question often plague those who fight the footpad. Rarely even seen, these deadly stalkers strike quickly and vanish back into the shadows before their targets realize they were targets at all. With tools of deception and malice ranging from; blindsided machination, one of four, pivot, cloak, winded passage, critical attack, art of imbalance, thieves' sidestep, singularity of fate and shadow, these hidden warriors of the night are deadly beyond your wildest imagination. But rarely will one see their treachery to appreciate it."
  64. "Fallad", "Nodeka", "The fallad is both healer and destroyer. The fallad follows the path of the healer, except with more offense than defense). The fallad's defense and offense are magnificent. Some of their abilities are; holy analgesic, willed protector, godly mediation, white flames of prayer and creed of the first hammer."
  65. "Sa'duroth (Necromancer)", "Nodeka", "Necromancers are the foremost controllers of death. These hideous beings possess ungodly powers that allow them to reanimate corpses and potentially bring forth armies of undead to do their bidding."
  66. "Archon", "Aeternity", "An Archon is a master of the mind, adept at twisting thoughts, impressing ideas and manipulating objects with sheer mental power. The Archon dwells on matters of the mind, generally ignoring the matters of the body. Three general paths of knowledge are open to the Archon. The Archon of the Body focuses on the manipulation of the body, enabling him to perform awe-inspiring feats. The Archon of the Hand manifests psionic power in the form of telekinetics, able to move objects with mental might. The Archon of the Mind is skilled in the arts of telepathy and empathy, able to control the emotions and thoughts of those around him."
  67. "Mjol (Wizard)", "Nodeka", "Who can withstand the mental dominance of the wizard? The wizard rivals its mental powers with its magical strength - both concepts completely separate from one another. The wizard possesses powers such as, weave of balance, conjure elemental, broken vorpal-dimension, page of competence turning."
  68. "Armsmen", "Aeternity", "To be strong and to be physically adept – these are the traits that make an Armsman. They are the guards on the castle walls and the cutpurses padding silently through darkened alleys. They are the makers of armor and weapons and the defenders and takers of life. They reign among those who take up arms, and are deadly among those who live for combat."
  69. "Bard", "Aeternity", "Through the ages, those who enjoy making music and telling stories have been among us. But within that special segment of the populace lies a more select group, those who have discovered the secrets of altering physical reality with music and words, the true bards. The source of a bard's power is in his or her ability to make the world respond to certain sounds and songs. Bards can also be quite adept at hunting and fighting, as their frequent travel generally requires them to be self-sufficient."
  70. "Abjurer", "RetroMUD", "The abjurer guild is dedicated towards protective magics. The members use spiritual energy in order to focus their magc into a number of forms. The abjurer studies hard and meditates on the world around them. The teachings contained within the abjurer magic set the abjurer on the path that the world is inherently a dangerous place and that adventurers need all the help they can get in order to survive. The various forms of abjurer magic allow the abjurer to lessen the effects of harmful situations in which adventurers may find themselves placed. Abjurers prefering to be indescript do not tend to call attention to themselves either by action, demeanor or dress. Abjurers prefer robes of dark green and brown, allowing themselves to blend in, but when appropriate they will follow local fashion styles to further blend in. The protective energies that the abjurer uses is a direct result of there deep reverence for life and the philosophies that stress compassion and selflessness. Abjurers tend to be thoughtful, orderly, gentle-natured, and soft-spoken, going out of their way by demeanor and dress code to avoid attention. Owing to their mastery of protective forces, abjurers tend to live to a ripe old age; it is not unusal to find abjurers well into old age still in adventuring parties."
  71. "Alchemist", "RetroMUD", "Turning base metal not only into gold but into the finest gold, measured by quarters of wheat grains, is only the first step, albeit the Magnum Opus, of Alchemists. When they have achieved this they are entitled to call themselves Adepts, to take new names, and to put their apprentinces in pointed hats. If their alchemy surmounts this plateau, which it must if it is truly alchemy, it is concerned with achieving perfect knowledge of everything. For in all aspects of earth, fire, water, and air Alchemists seek facts, if not wisdom. Alchemists are busy men and benefit much from the assistance of their apprentices. Alchemy is transmittable from master to disciple and is not succesfully practiced from books alone. From their solitary habits, from the telltale gleams of light behind shuttered grilles, from the vapors and sounds issuing from the deep regions of their houses at the ends of cul-de-sacs, gossiping neighbors constructed tales of atrocities, witchcraft, Black Magic, but these are little true. Alchemists cherish secret passions for enthralled maidens who spin straw into gold, but if they marry, it is with a thrifty, patient housewife who does not interefere and is content with a silver wedding ring."
  72. "Biomancer", "RetroMUD", "Biomancers have a great interest in the body and curative medicine. The biomancer exhibits a fascination with life and death that borders on obsession. Casual acquaintances may consider her cold or hostile, but those who befriend the biomancer may come to know her as a caring, complex individual whose emotions run deep. The biomancer can be a valued and trustworthy companion. Biomancers are unshakable in their determination to confront and extinguish evil and will join like- minded individuals to undertake these types of missions. Not only do biomancers wield unmatched power, their familiarity with life and death makes them virtually fearless. On the other hand, a biomancer, much to a leader's chagrin, does not always follow orders automatically; a biomancer who disagress with her party's strategy may simply strike out on her own."
  73. "Cultist", "RetroMUD", "The Cultist guild has a long and treacherous history. Originally it was created by some of the Lesser Demons, to enslave and use mortal folk for their demonic desires. This plan backfired when the mortals became so powerful, that they infact became the masters, enslaving powerful demons to their cause. This was stopped when the Greater Demons of Sin learned of this betrayal and stepped in to amend the situation. The old patrons were killed, and the Greater Demons usurped them, bringing discipline and power to the Cultists. For the Greater Demons, the guild proved a valuable source of enrollment in the army of darkness, whilst for the Cultists it meant a new age of power, though a more subservient standing. The Cultists are masters of dark magic, drawing upon the power of a selected deadly patron (The Great Demons of the Seven Sins) and ultimately upon the power of the Demons master - Varkyll-an-bluge. Cultists are the dark priests of the Doom Bringer, constantly warring against the light. They show their obedience and dedication to the patrons by collecting and devouring sacrificial hearts, torn, still beating, from the dying bodies of their victims. Cultists also possess the amazing ability to summon demons, and to bargain with them, often receiving assistance and blessings from these foul infernal creatures."
  74. "Druid", "RetroMUD", "As protectors of nature, druids are aloof from the complications of the temporal world. Their greatest concern is for the continuation of the orderly and proper cycles of nature - birth, growth, death and rebirth. Druids tend to view all things as cyclic and thus the battles of good and evil are only the rising and falling tides of time. Only when the cycle and balance becomes disrupted does the druid become concerned. Druids are charged with the protection of the wilderness -- particularly trees, wild plants, wild animals, and crops. By association, they are also responsible for their followers and their animals. Druids recognize that all creatures (including humans) need food, shelter and protection from harm. Hunting, farming, and cutting lumber for homes are logical and necessary parts of the natural cycle. However, druids do not tolerate unnecessary destruction or exploitation of nature for profit. Druids often prefer subtle and devious methods of revenge against those who defile nature. It is well known that druids are both very unforgiving and very patient."
  75. "Fallen", "RetroMUD", "In a great battle between good and evil, before even Sikkar's name was whispered, two gods warred in a titanic battle that shook the heavens. Evil lost, and was imprisoned in the planet Crypt. Some say its very presence siphons the life out of the planet, and that long ago Crypt was a beautiful, living place. But the Nameless One, as it is often referred to by its worshippers, has awoken. And to return to this universe, the Nameless One has parcelled out its very soul to warriors of exceedingly impure and foul standards. Its servants of choice were once honorable and just men who have fallen from grace - hence the name. Fallen are said to wield their Fellblades, but in truth their Fellblade wields them. Their very personalities are subject to the whim of their blades, their lives are dictated by what their blades wish of them. Their swords forever lust for souls, driving them onward like starving vampires, pushing them further and further along the edge, rewarding them every step of the way with more and more power. Its ultimate purpose? Not even the Fallen know, for their swords keep their own council... but some fear that the Nameless One will awaken still when he has 666,666,666,666,666,666 souls."
  76. "Fighter", "RetroMUD", "The fighter is the ultimate soldier. Soldiering is his life. He may be a high-ranking officer or a career sergeant; he may belong to one nation's armed forces or may be a mercenary. To the adventuring party, he brings discipline and a useful understanding of military tactics; he's often contemptuous of rugged individualists or characters who don't like to take orders, so he causes a lot of friction in a party too. In times of war, fighters are the heroes of the nation. In times of peace, the common folk often look on them as parasites, living off taxes but providing no useful service. Mercenaries are often looked on as bandits and predators. Regardless of the public's opinion, though, the fighter and the standing army are necessary to the defense of the nation, and so there are always fighters to be found."
  77. "Hand", "RetroMUD", "The Hand of the Black Rose has a simple purpose: Total fealty to the Imam in his capacity as godservant of their deity, Cyllyl. As few, if any, recognize the Imam's authority, the Hand is kept very busy eliminating political opponents. The Hand do not fight fair, because Cyllyl can not afford to lose. Beyond their nimble and opportunistic style of combat, a Hand has a wide variety of tricks up his or her sleeve. Able to spring from the shadows to inflict mortal damage with a backstab, a Hand is also versed in the art of of poisons, and of debilitating strikes to the eyes and tendons. Cyllyl also brings an ancient knowledge of herbal lore to the Hand, and they make use of phials and poultices to enhance the natural capacities of their bodies, and to poison their victims. The Hand are initiated into the guild through an out-of-body experience where the Hand member to be visits the paradise where Cyllyl resides. Having witnessed such a paradise, the Hand are terrifyingly fanatical in their single-minded goals, fearlessly and foolishly laying down life and limb, all for the will of Cyllyl. Those who find the earthly pleasures more preferable lends their knives for hire. Regardless of their motivation, the Hand of the Black Rose is a terrifying and deadly foe."
  78. "Witch", "RetroMUD", "The religions of witchcraft are most often forgotten or forbidden by the societies in which they dwell, perhaps the primary reason why all witches are rumored to be evil. Witchcraft religions more often focus on female deities than male, and for this reason perhaps, most witches are female, though this is not a given rule, and certain sects welcome males among their numbers. Masses are highly ritualistic, and typically involve the combining of individual powers into group cabalistic magic. Witch covens are often involved in important world events, though they do so quietly, and behind the scenes. Covens tend to tolerate a high degree of individuality and autonomy among their members, as it is expected that the paths of the individuals serve the deity in some way. All witchcraft sects have an appreciation of nature, either its beauty or brutality, and as such no witch will willingly cause damage to nature. Dignity is of foremost concern to witches, and should they deign to travel among common society, they display the trapping so their religion openly, unless the will of their deity is better served by temporary subterfuge."
  79. "Mage", "RetroMUD", "Magic is work the like of which no guild has ever seen. A well-trained mage, firm in purpose and strong in skill, will stand his ground in the face of appalling danger. Nothing is unexpected of him; his arsenal of lore was assembled on the premise that all things are likely to befall. A mage may have to cut and run, but he will do so judiciously, effectively, and to advantage. Mages are not fond of working with their hands, but of necessity they search out magic articles if they cannot borrow or barter for them from others, or if they have no such tools handed down to them by older mages of yore. They tend to be poor fighters with little knowledge of weaponry. However, they command powerful and dangerous energies with a few simple gestures and mystical words. The very skills and arts which a mage uses for the benefit of others and for his own benevolent projects are fell weapons to match when turned to evil ends. After centuries of straightening out, adjusting, rescuing, and setting to rights the affairs of the world, a mage may begin to think he is better equipped to run the world than anyone else. If he succumbs to this urge he is a formidable opponent to put down. A good mage is forced to hold himself and his magic in check a bit--ride a little less swiftly, blast a little less blitseringly, smite less shatteringly than he is able in order not to slay idle bystanders. But where the welfare of others is no longer his concern, the full force of his power may be felt and much woe unleashed into the world."
  80. "Jomsviking", "RetroMUD", "Jomsvikings are the essence of destruction. The children of Armagg-Odhinn, they are ever driven by the knowledge that the release of their deity will come about only when they are truly dead, and only then will a titanic battle between immortals and gods freem them all from the prison known as the Retroverse. With this knowledge, what has a Jomsviking to fear from death when he knows his soul will eventually be destroyed anyway? Jomsviking culture revolves around the ability to take by force from the weak. Their society has no allowances for mercy, and every Jomsviking, even those who are only initiates, are fully versed in the ways of combat. Despite this seeming brutality, Jomsvikings are loyal to each other unto death. They are the keepers of rune- keys to the sacred knowledge of the universe - this is why only Armagg-Odhin can unmake it. With such ancient magics at their disposal, more traditional spell-casting foes are startled when they find that the supposedly primitve Jomsvikings are deadly efficient killers. As one Templar was once quoted, 'Sikkar, save us from the Jomsvikings!'"
  81. "Merchant", "RetroMUD", "Merchants form guilds on some planets and caravans on others. They always travel in company and pride themselves on being matter-of-fact. They should be consulted when choosing a rare gift for one's beloved, or raising a ransom for one's liege lord. Merchants drive hard bargains yet can often be satisfied with a grant of charter or a court appointment for a son or daughter. Merchants are obese, have large families, and endow almshouses. They enjoy banquets of great length and hearty food, court politics, fine woolen and fur garments, and drink porter wine. These individuals form one of the most powerful groups on any world. They control the money, and when money talks, many ears listen."
  82. "Ranger", "RetroMUD", "Some expeditions are so demanding and some foes so dangerous that they require the attention of a highly trained specialist whose combat skills far exceed those of the typical fighter. Enter the ranger, a master tactician whose military instincts, fighting versatility, and steely nerves places him in the front rank of elite warriors. Though the ranger specializes in neutralizing monsters, his skills qualify him for a wide range of adventures. He may organize guerilla forces and lead them into hostile territories. He may stage reconnaissance operations to gather information concerning enemy strength and logistics. He may execute strikes against monster lairs, rescue hostages, or eliminate tribal leaders or spell casters. For a determined ranger, no job is too difficult, no enemy too formidable. Rangers boast extensive training in weapon use, scouting, warding, and outdoor survival. Some learn these skills in a regular standing military, others are trained by military orders. A few highly motivated individuals are self-taught. Rangers are in high demand by rules as army officers, as well as by private individuals who use them as bodyguards. Many hire themselves out as mercenaries or volunteer for causes that further their own ideas. As rangers thrive on action, most are eager to join adventuring parties."
  83. "Sentinel", "RetroMUD", "Sentinels are enforcers of law and order, the people who know the skills of criminals and rogues intimately so they can combat them. Sentinels may be vigilantes, obsessed with uncovering crime wherever it may be hiding, and stopping it. Or he may be the private eye, a mercenary of sorts. He may even be retained by an individual or organization who encourages him to sidestep laws to better serve his client. Masters of fast, effective combat, sentinels act as judge, jury and executioner to criminals and thieves. Their skills vary widely, for they must be equally as capable as the villians they seek to bring to justice. Sentinels also make the best guards, as their name implies, because their senses are so attuned to their surroundings. While not as strong in melee combat as a fighter, sentinels are formidable enough to delay a foe until more help arrives -- usually the city watch."
  84. "Antiquarian", "RetroMUD", "Antiquarians are interested in the valuables that might have been buried along with a corpse, rather than the body itself. Although very few burials across the Retroverse include valuable goods these days, there are many ancient burial sites which may contrain treasure. Antiquarians aren't specifically interested in collecting that treasure, but preserving it to learn about ancient cultures. This makes them something of 'academic thieves', a term they frown upon. Nevertheless, this rogue bunch of scientific explorers have unearthed much about the past of the Elder races -- and unleashed one or two Forgotten Nameless Horrors in the process. It is not unknown for rich tombs to have a number of traps and other devices to thwart intruders, and to enjoy a long and successful career, Antiquarians must learn to locate and disarm them. Few survive long enough."
  85. "Archer", "RetroMUD", "An archer is highly skilled with the bow. He has spent the majority of his youth training and practicing with his weapon of choice. He is skilled in rapid loading and expert at inflicting the most damage possible with his weapon. Exuding confidence in his abilities, he tends to disdain those who resort to hand-to-hand combat."
  86. "Asphyxiamancer", "RetroMUD", "The asphyxiamancer guild is for those who delight in suffocating their foes. From spells which merely suck the breath from their victims, to spells which drown the victim by filling their lungs with water, the magic is deadly."
  87. "Bandit", "RetroMUD", "Bandits practice their profession of thievery by force, rather than by stealth. They operate in the open countryside, making them somewhat similar to rangers. Bandits develop wilderness survival skills and certain criminal abilities to enable them to further their ends. They are typically involved in highway robbery, raids on small villages or isolated habitations, kidnapping for ransom, and similar sorts of activities."
  88. "Barbarian", "RetroMUD", "The barbarian guild makes men and women into brutal warriors of force and strength. The warriors are given further training in the 'art of bludgeoning' as they like to call their handywork. The use of axes is also studied. Barbarians are renowned in all the lands for their brute strength and violent outbursts, and can often be seen looting and pillaging in abandon."
  89. "Daja (Healer)", "Nodeka", "The holy cleric. In addition to their god-like healing powers, the healer has control over powerful followers through their willed protector ability, and the prayer of guardianship - which calls forth a truly powerful being. Healers have an array of offensive skills and spells as well as utility abilities which rival any class. Healers are an asset to any group, but can travel alone without any trouble due to their controlled followers and offensive abilities."
  90. "Berserker", "RetroMUD", "Berserkers are fearsome warriors who, in the heat of battle, tap powerful but dangerously unpredictable battle lusts. These wild passions liken them to savage beasts. While they are often loyal, trustworthy, and noble, berserkers have a wild and willful nature that leaves them always unpredictable."
  91. "Bounty Hunter", "RetroMUD", "The Bounty Hunter is a ruthless mercenary, worshipping little besides the price on his target's head, recognizing few laws save the contractual distinction between 'kill' and 'capture.' He may be found serving the state, capturing criminals and bringing them to justice, or he may serve the shadowy lords of the underworld, avenging the twisted honor found among thieves and criminals. Pursuit of his quarry may take him through a thousand hostile environments, foreign lands, and to all six planets. He is a hunter of men. The Bounty Hunter's vocation is rigorous and demanding at every level: physical, psychological, even moral. It requires a sure hand and a stable mind."
  92. "Center Chi Master", "RetroMUD", "Most martial artists concentrate on the intricacies of physical combat, but the `Chi Master takes his studies to a higher level. Through rigorous training and attuning his mind, the `Chi Master learns to manipulate chi as a weapon that can level buildings and make him nearly unstoppable. Their incredible abilities often make them appear to be superhuman, rivaling even Mages in their destructive power."
  93. "Chovihani", "RetroMUD", "The practice of supernatural powers is regarded with awe by both gorgios (foreigners) and gypsies alike. These spellcasters, the chovihanis, serve the important function in gypsy society of being able to both bless and poison, heal or make sick. Equally important however, the chovihani is one who is respected for both wisdom and knowledge of magical beliefs and practices. It is the chovihani, for example, who has knowledge of the many social taboos which regulate gypsy life, as well as many magically based social ceremonies such as baptism, marriage, or divorce. Chovihani have been described as having eyes like a bird, with the corners of the eyes turned up like the point of a curved pointed knife. Their hair is often very straight but then curled at the ends. They also usually have darker and more brilliant eyes than other members of their race."
  94. "Confessor", "RetroMUD", "Confessors have stared into the face of evil and seen their own reflection. They are the avengers of the land that once was Crypt before the Nameless One awoke. Some call them defenders of the land, others call them insane zealots out for revenge at any cost. The most despicable demons call them Death. The Confessor is deemed worthy by the ancient gods of justice, before even Sikkar, who bestow upon the Confessor a mask of all his purged evil. The demon mask, some say, is the planet Crypt's answer to a Fallen's blade. The mask, once bonded to the Confessor's face, never comes off. There are two ways a Confessor will ever remove his mask: kill him, or when the Nameless One is finally driven from Crypt. The Confessors know just how hopeless a task they face. Perhaps it is the hope of redemption by turning their murderous rage on evil. Perhaps it is the cold, calculating zeal that drives their blows. Or perhaps, Confessors are just out of control killing machines who have picked a side. Whatever their reasons, for a Confessor, it is always a good day to die."
  95. "Corrosionist", "RetroMUD", "Corrosionists enjoy watching things slowly decay into that natural state of all things, a liquid. They can appreciate the Pyromancer's ability to melt a being down to its basic organic material, but that's a very messy and imprecise method. To the Corrosionist, the Art of Melting (as it is often called), is a fine art indeed. Not surprisingly, many Corrosionists work as apothecaries or as candlemakers."
  96. "Cryomancer", "RetroMUD", "Cryomancers are the opposite of Pyromancers, but equally as dangerous. Where Pyromancers revel in their ability to destroy, Cryomancers are cold and calculating individuals, planning each move with icy precision. Where a Pyromancer will obliterate his foes in a firey blast of anger, a Cryomancer often lets his enemies slowly freeze to death. Hailing from Raji, Cryomancers are generally solitary, creating homes easily by crystalizing the very air itself. Some whisper that the icy powers of a Cryomancer reflect the cold-heartedness within - Cryomancers aren't tellling."
  97. "Dakini", "RetroMUD", "Dakini are a death cult that believes in the perpetuation of anarchy and chaos, making them dangerous in the extreme. They enjoy the sweet destruction, war, pain, panic, fear and hate their magic inflicts upon others. Infatuated with the liquid within living beings, Dakini seek to paint the walls with blood, and use living sacrifices in blood in all their rituals to take the lazy path to power, by taking the role of magical parasites who draw energy from the sick and wounded. They commit these crimes all in the name of their dark, blood-thirsty goddess, Kali."
  98. "Darkfey", "RetroMUD", "The Darkfey are the spellcasters of the Unseelie Court. Although purporting to be the true masters of magic, Darkfey aren't masters of anything. In fact, the chaotic element of their magic is seen as a means of 'weeding out the weak' and they sneer at the non-Seelie races who attempt to dabble in their magicks. Darkfey sorcery can be extremely powerful, but it can also be wild and uncontrolled. When spells are cast correctly, they are awesome to behold. But it is the fumbles that the Darkfey are legendary for. That and their peculiar appetites..."
  99. "Death Knight", "RetroMUD", "There are some amongst the forces of evil who fancy themselves nobility, elite amongst the minions of the damned. It is this very vanity that creates these unholy beings, for the Nameless One is only too eager to lure vicious warriors and arrogant knights into its fold. The product: The Death Knight. A being of despicable evil, the Death Knight has an affinity for undead. Prideful of its standing, it is a point of honor with the Death Knight to seek out champions of good and face them in one-on-one combat. If Death Knights have a flaw, it is that they resemble their Paladin counterparts too closely -- they believe in fighting on fields of honor, recognize the rules of chivalry (even if they do twist them regularly) and impose their own twisted honor on less organized minions."