History's Most Interesting People... According To Me

  1. Boston Corbett... The man who killed John Wilkes Booth against direct orders not to, because God told him to do it. Among other crazy things, he castrated himself with a pair of old scissors, went for a walk, went to church, came home and had dinner, then decided to get medical attention all in one afternoon months after his wife died giving birth to a still-born baby girl. He threatened some high ranking officials numerous times at gun point after witnessing them mock his religious beliefs, lived decades in a hole in the hills of Kansas and the woods of Minnesota respectively and was last known to have headed for Mexico.
  2. Harry Houdini... one of a kind real-deal escape artist, magic-hating, psychic-killer(figuratively of course). It's funny that all the magicians that idolize him probably would be hated by the man himself, he thought all "magicians" with their tricks and visual stunts were rip-offs and con-artists. He was the real deal and even went around debunking psychics and mediums as big frauds, and then when they accused him of using psychic powers and supernatural gifts to do the things he does, he laughed at them. Modern day Houdini lovers do some crazy shit, but they are all sissy-stunt panzies compared to Houdini. The man even fought of death longer than anyone could imagine, given 7 hours tops to live with a 2 days-old ruptured apendix and a fever of 105, he laid on his death bed for 8 days.
  3. Richard "The Iceman" Kuklinski... The most cold-blooded killer/person I have ever seen or heard about. The thing that attracts me even more than that to his story is that he is both unapoligetic and very humble, even self-critical, all at the same time. And he talks like a hardass.
  4. Jim Corbett... Hunted man-eaters in india and wrote books about it.
  5. Terrance Yeakey... Oklahoma City bombing hero who was killed by the fbi.
  6. Josef Mengele... the "angel of death", an auschwitz doctor during world war II that conducted mad-scientist-like experiments on prisoners and later fled to south america escaping any punishment.
  7. Black Bart Roberts... Unwilling navigator captive turned ruthless pirate captain
  8. Jack Dempsey... greatest boxer of all-time and old school tough man... chewed tree sap, washed his face with vinegar, and soaked his fists in horse urine, all for the fight.
  9. Robert E. Lee... Larger than life anti-secession leader of the Confederate Army
  10. Herman Melville... Real life whaler and author of Moby Dick.
  11. Eadweard Muybridge... a photographer perfected(invented) the instantaneous motion picture capture process before the motion picture machine to win a bet that horses were airborn for an instant during their trot, not to mention causing a really cool effect with the electrically triggered multiple camera's that did the motion capturing. Was also aquitted of murdering his wife's secret lover under 'justifiable murder'.
  12. Lee Harvey Oswald... "assassinated" John F. Kennedy.
  13. Roger Waters... Lead singer/songwriter of Pink Floyd
  14. Henry Morgan... ruthless pirate captain, f*** blackbeard.
  15. Bill Hicks... Misanthropic stand-up comedian.
  16. Edgar Allen Poe... Horror writer.
  17. Abraham Lincoln... President
  18. Mark Twain... Southern adventurer/writer.
  19. Sam Peckinpah... Movie director, hardass, drunk.
  20. Oprah Winfrey... The person I hate most in life.
  21. Bob Denard... French mercenary of African Wars.
  22. George Washington Carver... Former slave, peanut expert, enthusiast, inventor of the cure-all, most versatile, best food, ever discovered, peanut butter, among hundreds of others.
  23. Pete Rose... The greatest baseball player who ever lived.
  24. Mark David Chapman... Killed Lennon, went crazy with guilt hours later.
  25. Jim Thompson... Pulp Noir writer of The Getaway, one-time dirty politician.
  26. Tom Waits... bluesy singer/songwriter, back alley drunk.
  27. Henry Beecher... Eccentric Civil War era preacher
  28. Jack Ruby... ex-con mafia thug who killed Lee Harvey Oswald 'so that Jackie Onassis wouldn't have to go through the pains of a trial'
  29. Mike Hoare... Irish mercenary of African Wars.
  30. Woody Guthrie... Folk Singer who wrote "this land is our land"
  31. Steve McQueen... Actor
  32. Bill Cosby... Actor
  33. Johnny Cash... Had the best voice of all time and tons of problems.
  34. John McEnroe... Tennis star, old school jackass.
  35. Jack Kerouc... Writer of 'On the road'
  36. Bo Jackson... Surprisingly insightful freakish athlete
Author Comments: 

in order of my interest... excluding any novels/movies/music they created and focusing solely on their biographical life, if they even fit that bill.

As you may be able to tell I have a soft spot for drunks, killers, and crazies

Working on explanations for those who need an explanation

Shooting John Wilkes Booth, whether God told you too or because you just wanted some shooting practice, is pretty commendable. Cutting your manhood off is real crazy shit. Maybe it was the death of his wife that drove him mad. Or mabye he just had a chemical imbalance, to say the least.

I also find interest in Sir Henry Morgan the Buccaneer, Bill Hicks (excellent comedian), Lincoln, Poe, Twain, and Steve McQueen.

i agree about booth... it's just interesting how purely insane the man was and at the same time how i can't really make an argument against anything he did... i mean he cut his dick off because he either believed so deeply in his marriage to his wife that he didn't want to be tempted to do anything with any other woman, or maybe he felt so guilty for causing her and his unborn daughter's death by impregnating her that he cut it off out of spite... who knows, but it's all understandable.

What do you hate about Oprah?

everything... she embodies and exploits everything I hate about the typical female idiot drone... have you ever seen the crowd reaction in the opening? that should be enough to hate her, you actually watch the show and all it's fake sympathy for a bunch of idiots and their me, me, me sob stories and the giving free stuff away and being thought of as a saint when really she's just the most evil and staunch of businesswomen... her show is called 'oprah' for god sakes, even after it's big enough that she could call it anything she wants and it wouldn't make a difference, that should be enough... not my own words but couldn't be more true, "Everything is staged to make her look good and to ignore that even though she's supposedly pro-people that she has some very very disturbing signs of being a raging narcissist with a strong temper and an unfeeling heart."... in fact you can read this whole thing if you want a convincing argument from someone who doesn't wish she were dead.

What about Hunter S. Thompson. Your list is composed of many strange, alcholic, and eratic, yet extremely interesting people. I think he should be in at least the latter part of the top 10. What do you think?

Carver didn't discover peanut butter

maybe you should spend your time hating someone who actually does bad....and not someone who at least tries to make the world a better place.

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The man even fought of death longer than anyone could imagine.

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