Fictional Novels Based on Bible Stories

  • Abraham and Sarah - Roberta Dorr
  • Barabbas: Felon/Friend - Marvin Harris
  • Bathsheba: The Love Story that Changed History - Roberta Dorr (David & Bathsheba)
  • Beloved Rabbi - Michele Torrey (Jesus)
  • Beyond the Road to Damascus - Ferrel Glade Roundy (Paul)
  • Joseph - James R. Shott
  • Leah - James R. Shott (Jacob)
  • Mary, Handmaiden of the Lord - Virginia N. Wilson (Mary, mother of Jesus)
  • Solomon's Song - Roberta Dorr (Solomon)
  • Son of Laughter - Frederick Buechner (Isaac, Jacob, & Esau)
  • Stone Tables - Orson Scott Card (Moses)
  • The Fifth Mountain - Paulo Coelho (Elijah)
  • The Holy Embrace - Mario Brelich (Abraham & Sarah)
  • The Red Tent - Anita Diamant (Dinah)** Highly recommend
  • The Silas Diary - Gene Edwards (Paul & Barnabus)
  • The Timothy Diary - Gene Edwards (Paul & Timothy)
  • The Titus Diary - Gene Edwards (Titus & Paul)
  • The Weeping Chamber - Sigmund Brouwer (Christ & Simon)
  • Unashamed - Francine Rivers (Rahab)
  • Unshaken - Francine Rivers (Ruth, Naomi,& Boaz)
  • Unveiled - Francine Rivers (Tamar)

Have you read James Morrow's _Bible Stories for Adults_ or _The Harlot by the Side of the Road_ by Jonathan Kirsch? Both are short story collections. I have only read one of the stories in Morrow's book but it's more sci-fi alternate history (about a computer diciphering the pieces of the 10 commandments.) Kirsch's book contains stories from the bible that have been edited out because they're more controversial.

Robert Graves also wrote a book called _King Jesus_ but I haven't been able to find a copy cheap anywhere.

How about Sarah: Women of Genesis by Orson Scott Card?

Thanks for the suggestion. I checked out some reviews on the book and it sounds enjoyable.