Favorite Songs Whose Titles Contain Names of States

  • Hotel California - The Eagles
  • Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • New York Groove - Ace Frehley
  • Mississippi Queen - Mountain
  • New York State of Mind - Billy Joel
  • Tennessee Jed - Grateful Dead
  • California Dreamin' - Mamas and Papas
  • Ohio - Neil Young
  • Kentucky Woman - Neil Diamond
  • Tennessee - Arrested Development
  • All My Ex's Live in Texas - ???
  • Devil Went Down to Georgia - Charlie Daniels
  • California Girls - Beach Boys
  • California Love - 2Pac and Dr. Dre
  • Georgia On My Mind - Ray Charles

How about My Home's in Alabama (Alabama) and Georgia on my Mind (Ray Charles?)?

Forgot about Georgia on My Mind. Must be an anti-Designing Women thing. Can't really say I'm an Alabama fan (the band, that is, not the state). I don't want to make this a list of any state song, just ones I like. Keep 'em coming though -- I'm sure there's a lot that I've overlooked.

great list! well obviously i don't know if these count as "favorites" for you, but i was thinking of Your Own Private Idaho by the B-52's and Carolina In My Mind by James Taylor.

Does the name following the title indicate the version you like best? Because the best version of Georgia on My Mind is a really tough call. It's been done by Billie Holliday and Ella Fitzgerald, just to name two.

On a separate note, there is a song called The Devil Comes Back to Georgia by Mark O'Connor, Charlie Daniels, Johnny Cash, Marty Stuart and Travis Tritt that you might enjoy.

All My Ex's Live in Texas is by George Strait :)
Also a great one-- "Carolina in my Mind" by James Taylor, and

here are a few more for ya:

blue hawaii - elvis
moonlight in vermont - frank sinatra or billie holiday
south dakota morning - beegees
if you're gonna play in texas - alabama (double whammy!)
ohio - utah saints (ditto!)
nevada skies - lori line
there is no arizona - jamie o'neal
he'd rather be in colorado - john denver
almost heaven (west virginia) - john denver
lake alaska 4 am - andy stochansky
meet virginia - train
it never snows in florida - new found glory
you've got a friend in pennsylvania - new found glory

(and i believe the "all my exes" song is by george strait--don't ask my why i know...)

my list of songs with places in the title goes as such.
1. It Never Rains In Southern California by Albert Hammond
2.Girl from Ipanema(singer songwriter unknown but i looked up Ipanema and it's a neighborhood in the city of Rio de Janeiro Brazil)
3.Missouri Waltz by Glenn Miller(mostly an instrumental but still name of a song with a place in the title)
4.Indiana by Melissa Ethridge
5.New York New York by Frank Sinatra
6.New York by Alicia Keys
7.London Bridge By Fergie
8. London Bridge is Falling Down (singer songwriter uknown but a childrens nursery rhyme)
9.O Canada siger sing writer uknown (is the national athem of Canada)
10.North to Alaska by Johnny Horton
11.Venice Queen by The Red Hot Chili Peppers
12.Memphis Tennessee by Chuck Berry
13.Idaho by Afroman(hes rapper)
14.America the Beautiful (sonwriter unknown but singer has been many people kate smith mariah carey ray charles beyonce and those r just the few i know of)
15.China Girl by Davie Bowie
16.Africa by Toto
17.California Paradise by The Runaways(had Lita Ford and Joan Jett in the group from the 1970s goole it or watch the true life movie and c about them)
18.Key West Intermezzo(ISaw You First) by John Melloncamp
19.Key Largo by Bertie Higgins
20.Mississippi Queen by Mountain
21.Earth Song by Michael Jackson (earth is a place u never said it had to be a specific name like india japan key west missouri etc. and earth is the name of a place out planet )
22.Rio by Duran Duran
23.Yellow Rose of Texas by I forget but its the song of Texas.
24.Kansas City by Wilbert Harrison
25.The Battle of New Orleans by Johnny Harton
26.Austin City Limits by Fats Domino
27.Walking to New Orleans by Fats Domino