Famous Libertarians

  • Clint Eastwood
  • Dave Barry
  • Denis Leary
  • Doug Stanhope
  • Dr. Demento
  • Drew Carey
  • Dwight Yoakam
  • Howard Stern
  • Jason Alexander
  • Jimmie Vaughan
  • Jimmie Walker
  • John Larroquette
  • John Stossel
  • Kenny Kramer
  • Kurt Russell
  • Larry Flynt
  • Marilyn Chambers
  • Matt Drudge
  • Penn & Teller
  • PJ O'Rourke
  • Sandra Bernhard
  • Sean Morley
  • Tom Selleck
  • Trey Parker
  • grandpa_chum
  • ...and Myself
Author Comments: 

I believe all these people have identified themselves as "libertarian" exluding people who express libertarian views but aren't formally members of the party such as Frank Zappa, Camille Paglia, Bill Maher, David Letterman, Alan Greenspan, Chris Rock, Kennedy & Tommy Chong.

It's interesting to me that you apparently feel no need to give any account of Libertarianism.

Libertarianism is the political party and philosophy of small government. Generally Libertarians believe the government should do little else but protect us from each other. That would mean complete separation of church and state, repealing laws about victimless crimes, total freedom of speech, government's noninvolvement with any service that could be provided by a free market, etc.

Read more specifics at www.lp.org

That's better :-D

if I were famous I'd be on this list.

I've heard of you. That's good enough.

haha... well thank you.