Current 120 Core Crayola Crayon Colors

  1. Almond
  2. Antique Brass
  3. Apricot
  4. Aquamarine
  5. Asparagus*
  6. Atomic Tangerine
  7. Banana Mania
  8. Beaver
  9. Bittersweet
  10. Black
  11. Blue
  12. Blue Bell
  13. Blue Green
  14. Blue Violet
  15. Brick Red
  16. Brink Pink
  17. Brown
  18. Burnt Orange
  19. Burnt Sienna
  20. Cadet Blue
  21. Canary
  22. Caribbean Green
  23. Carnation Pink
  24. Cerise*
  25. Cerulean
  26. Chestnut (formerly Indian Red)
  27. Copper
  28. Cornflower
  29. Cotton Candy
  30. Cranberry
  31. Dandelion
  32. Denim*
  33. Desert Sand
  34. Eggplant
  35. Electric Lime
  36. Fern
  37. Forest Green
  38. Fuchsia
  39. Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown
  40. Gold
  41. Goldenrod
  42. Granny Smith Apple*
  43. Gray
  44. Green
  45. Green Yellow
  46. Hot Magenta
  47. Inch Worm
  48. Indigo
  49. Jazzberry Jam
  50. Jungle Green
  51. Laser Lemon
  52. Lavender
  53. Macaroni and Cheese*
  54. Magenta
  55. Mahogany
  56. Manatee
  57. Mango Tango
  58. Maroon
  59. Mountain Meadow
  60. Mauvelous*
  61. Melon
  62. Midnight Blue (formerly Prussian Blue)
  63. Navy Blue
  64. Neon Carrot
  65. Olive Green
  66. Orange
  67. Orchid
  68. Outer Space
  69. Outrageous Orange
  70. Pacific Blue*
  71. Peach (formerly Flesh)
  72. Periwinkle
  73. Pig Pink
  74. Pine Green
  75. Pink Flamingo
  76. Plum
  77. Purple Heart
  78. Purple Mountain's Majesty*
  79. Purple Pizzazz
  80. Radical Red
  81. Raw Sienna
  82. Razzle Dazzle Rose
  83. Razzmatazz*
  84. Red
  85. Red Orange
  86. Red Violet
  87. Robin's Egg Blue*
  88. Royal Purple
  89. Salmon
  90. Scarlet (formerly Torch Red)
  91. Screamin' Green
  92. Sea Green
  93. Sepia
  94. Shadow
  95. Shamrock*
  96. Shocking Pink
  97. Silver
  98. Sky Blue
  99. Spring Green
  100. Sunglow
  101. Sunset Orange
  102. Tan
  103. Tickle Me Pink*
  104. Timber Wolf*
  105. Tropical Rain Forest*
  106. Tumbleweed*
  107. Turquoise Blue
  108. Unmellow Yellow
  109. Violet (Purple)
  110. Violet Red
  111. Vivid Tangerine
  112. Vivid Violet
  113. White
  114. Wild Blue Yonder
  115. Wild Strawberry
  116. Wild Watermelon
  117. Wisteria*
  118. Yellow
  119. Yellow Green
  120. Yellow Orange
Author Comments: 

*Named by consumers

Can anyone tell me what kind of color inch worm is?

'"Home of the 'Inch Worm" crayon? Kelly Schneider, a Marblehead sixth-grader has "won" the competition to name a new green crayon for the Crayola Corporation in it 100th Year celebration. Ms. Schneider's name was selected from over 100,000 entrants.'


Thanks! You seem to have an impressive amount of knowledge about crayons.

I think crayons are cool. Coloring is therapeutic for all ages, you know! *grin*

What colour is razzmatazz?

It's a raspberry color.

Ah right, cool. :)

You can't really tell on some of them by the names. It would be a cool job to name crayon colors, I think. :)

Sure would, lots of fun and you get a chance to be creative!

What happened to Bronze? Much as I love them, Gold, Silver and Bronze Crayolas have always made me uncomfortable. They seem to have a different character than the rest of the crayons.

I love(ed) having both Blue Violet and Violet Blue as colours. I used to try and decide which one was added to which. (Is it Blue with Violet added or is it a Blue shade of Violet? Or is it all vice versa?) For some reason Blue Green and Green Blue didn't hold as much fascination for me.

I must say that I despise White. It never works. I have to save it for Easter eggs. I'd much rather have an extra Black (it goes so fast.)

Call me a classicist but some of the new shiny-happy colour names leave me blue. "Atomic Tangerine," "Banana Mania," "Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown," "Laser Lemon," "Purple Mountain's Majesty," "Mango Tango," "Mauvelous" and who the heck allowed a colour to be named "Purple Heart"? If I ever see "Jazzberry Jam" I'll start throwing toast. Why isn't "Toast" a colour? And Pink Flamingo should be "Flamingo Pink."

I can't believe that Teal Blue is gone. I'd just barely accepted its presence in the original New 64 box... 120 is just too much. Kids today have no idea how easy they have it. (Of course Lego isn't what it used to be... none of us are.)

White is for writing in secret code on white paper, to be revealed by your fellow spy who colors over it with magic marker.

The key to the crayons with double-color names is that it's all vice versa. Blue Green is blueish green, more green than blue. I always liked Red Violet, but thought that it should really be Candy Apple.

I agree with you about some of the new names. Beaver? Come on. Unmellow Yellow? Please. I have to admit, I never really knew what sienna was or what it looked like burnt, but at least it sounded euphonious, and unlike with some of the new names, I never felt that the manufacturers were trying to turn me on or make me think about drugs.

Does that White trick really work? I know that when my niece decides that she wants to use white I give her light green paper. The White still doesn't work but she grinds the crayon down to a nub with no result except to prevent any other crayon from working.

Regarding your "turn me on" -- Isn't "Candy Apple" your porn name?.. Wait a minute! They're all porn names! I'll take "Purple Pizzazz".

My friends and I used to play Make-Your-Own-Porn-Name. It's easy and fun and everyone can play! Here's how it goes:
Pick your favourite candy.
Use the consonant that begins your middle name (if your middle name starts with a vowel try your last name. Then your first name. If none of those work use the letter 'D.')
Choose your favourite colour.
These are your first, middle and last names for your porn alias.

Mine is "Chocolate C. Blue"... the funniest (and absolutely perfect) name we came up with was "Pom-Poms R. Pink."

Well, I don't know, antique brass is just...ah. I see your point. Never mind. Tipper Gore must never know about this, or there will be Congressional hearings. And if I ever have children, they're getting K-Mart crayons. They will also not be getting My Little Ponies .

Your game is irresistible. Just in the last few minutes, I thought of:
Peppermint C. Pink
Mint D. Green
Almond Roca R. Tan

Didn't Rue Paul have something like that about drag queen names, where you take the name of your childhood pet and the street you grew up on?

Oh, and the white trick works. Email me your addy and I'll send you a secret spy note. is one of those your "real" porn name?

You can always drop your middle initial, depending on what makes the most sense. (You'd have to for "Three Musketeers P. Yellow".. unless that's what you're into.) But there are just so many wonderful combos made with the middle initials
Chunky N Tawny
Twizzlers L'Orange
Mars Bar Steal
Kit Kat Delight Brown
Mounds O'Gold

I'd be the worst draq queen ever: Streaky West Center College.

Yeah, that's no good. Mine, however, actually works: Peaches Westpoint. (Since I have no plans to use it, anyone who wants to may steal it.)

My, this is addictive:
Licorice Whip Carmen
Godiva C. Blue
Jelly Bean Pink

I happen to have the new 64 box "State Crayola Collection," and it looks like the Crayola company is as naughty as ever. Let's see, pulling out a few at random, I've found "Fort Knox Gold," "Amber Waves of Grain," and "Yankee Doodle Dandelion."

Well, Molly Gunnison is mine. Am I a naughty librarian or something?? ;)

And for the other game, how about Bazooka Beaver?

I like Molly Gunnison. Bazooka Beaver could star with Neon Carrot and Atomic Tangerine in an apocalyptic film.

I just remembered that my sister would be an even worse drag queen: "Mr. Whiskers Pomeroy." It's little consolation that she'd make a great character in a Gilbert & Sullivan operetta.

Isn't there a porn "actress" named "Amber Waves"? I'm ashamed that I know this. I'm hoping it's just a joke name that I've heard. I do know that I once worked in a restaurant that had an ice machine with my stripper stage name: Crystal Tips.

A server that I once worked with was late doing her weekly food shop so she brought her groceries into the restaurant and put them in the walk-in cooler and freezer. At the end of the shift she broke out her Trix popsicles. The box said "Now with Lemony Yellow! Rasberry Red! and Orangey Orange!

I let it slip how much I hate large food corporations and their deceptive labelling. By using the fruit names as adjectives Trix could get away with implying ingredients without actually having to use them. "No, look. It says it's made with the juice." Somewhere else on the box it said "With 10% real fruit juice."

"I bet they use apple juice from, like, skins and seeds." We looked at the ingredients and, sure enough, no lemon, no rasberries, no oranges in any of the three. Apples all around.

"Well!" she said. "I'm going to get my money back. I thought I was tricking my kids into eating healthy." The thought of popsicles serving as fruit in a diet still makes me queasy.

Did you ever read the back page of Consumer Reports? They always have pictures of stuff like the Trix deception (although, hey, apple juice is better than no juice) – for instance, “Now, 50% more cream filling!” But then you read the fine print and realize that the calculation is based on a comparison to some other brand of cookie altogether.

Actually, my drag queen name sounds kind of like a clothing brand, but with a little tweaking, you get Peaches Boulevard, an awesome name. My brother’s would be Toto Opal, which sounds like an anime character.

Wasn’t there an Amber Waves in Boogie Nights? Do you think these crayons could all be actual names of actors? I mean, I’m just wondering how far the Carnola Crayon company goes. Abe Lincoln’s Hat. 10,000 Lakes of Blue. Remarkable Mount Rushmore. And on and on, down to Boston Tea Party.

Cornflower has always been the most mysterious crayon in the box. It looks bright blue, but when you color with it, it’s actually a much lighter shade. I always assumed it was the flower that appears on corn when it’s ripe for harvest, but according to this, it’s a drought-tolerant annual.

...and I'm guessing that the "apple juice" was made from something like pressed floor sweepings. (Mmmm, floor sweepings.)

Didn't Toto Opal star in Bette Midler on the Roof ?

Yes! there was an Amber Waves in Boogie Nights (which I only watch for the articles.)

I wish I was a drought tolerant annual. ("Bachelor's Button"? Will the pornographic euphemisms never end?)

Can you imagine? Sweeping the floor for the makings of apple juice is probably somebody's full-time job [shudder].

You asked if the pornographic euphemisms will ever end? Well, read the end of the Bible and tell me what you think. ;)

I'm not sure what you mean by "bachelor's button" though. I thought they were demure little flowers worn in men's coats at weddings. Maybe you could draw us a picture -- with crayons.

My mom took my crayons away.

I always said "no" to would-be borrowers in elementary school (I was sure they'd be eaten, peeled, or put where they didn't belong), but I could share my crayons with you.

I don't like some of the newer color names, either. Too dressed up. I did like Teal Blue, though, and I prefer more colors, but I think they could be named a bit more smartly.

Based upon the Relative Height Quick Test the colour Teal Blue is #3 on my colouring hit chart (not that I've coloured all that recently.) Plum is #2 and, always and forever, Cornflower is #1. ...Well, technically I use Black the most but it is strictly utilitarian in nature.

I remember being much younger (and I could leave it at that) and being baffled by the name "Cornflower." It wasn't yellow (we call it maize) and it wasn't pink like flowers. I think it was the iconoclast in me that led to Cornflower being my favourite blue colour in the box. "Indigo" also baffled me. "Pine Green", "Brick Red", even "Indian Red" those I could understand...

For years I thought that Magenta was "Magneta." I sort my crayons by colour/shade and I remember that every time I used to colour I thought that I was going to be able to keep them organized by using one crayon at a time and returning it to its rightful place before picking up another one. I always ended up with crayons everywhere. It's no wonder that my desk is in a certain condition. Every time I had to re-sort the crayons before I coloured again.

I'd sort blues (top left, dark to light) into greens (bottom left, dark to light) and then start on the reds (top right, bright to dark.) Browns, my least favourite, would be next (bottom left, light to dark) and they'd flow leftward into the yellows which would end up next to the light greens. I'd save the Black/White (2) and the metal colurs, Gold/Silver/Bronze (3), for last so that I could even out the shades into their proper quadrants.

Checking on my box reminded my that crayon-smell is #2 on my favourite/soothing smells hit chart. Baby powder, always and forever, is #1. Whenever I need to relax to go to sleep I put a dash of baby powder inside my pillow case. It also helps to make pillow fights more fun... as well as shorter.

Interesting! :) Isn't it fascinating how crayons and coloring provide(d) such detailed memories and such involved play/interactions for so many of us?

Regarding your use of black, was it for outlining what you were planning to color?

I should do a poll on favorite Crayola crayon color...

Making art is how we learn to use our young stubby little fingers. (Mine are still stubby.)

I use(d) black for contours and shadings when I'm drawing freehand. I also reflexively reach for black when writing text. Now that I'm thinking about it, I do very little gentle rubbing or shading work with black. When I use it I tend to be pressing hard.

(Remember when you were young and you had no fine muscle control while erasing pencil marks? You'd either scrunch up the paper or rub right through it. And "erasing" actually meant "smudging"? I still have a pink eraser that I got in the fourth grade. It wasn't used all that much to begin with and it has pretty much fossilized... but I've made over two-dozen moves with it and I know exactly where it is in my desk.)

I remember being required to write with those extra thick pencils and crayons in kindergarten, for the benefit of those with less finely developed motor skills. After years of using the regular-sized pencils, I had to adapt to writing with the larger ones and would use all sorts of tricks when the teacher wasn't looking to make my handwriting look better, from writing with both hands to steadying the top of the pencil with my mouth (which is how I discovered that rubber erasers don't actually taste that bad).