Cool movie-related Halloween costumes ideas for girls

  • Melanie Daniels (Tippi Hedren) in THE BIRDS
  • Mary the cashier zombie from SHAUN OF THE DEAD
  • The Bride (Uma Thurman) in KILL BILL VOL. 1
  • Yori (Cindy Morgan) in TRON
  • Joan Crawford in WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE ? (It gives you a reason to sit down for the whole party - could be cool if you go with a friend that dresses up as the Betty Davis part)
  • Wonder Woman (TV)
  • Jane Fonda look from Klute (but who would get it?)
  • Just-crashed Mary (Candace Hilligloss) from Carnival of souls (see above)
  • Belle from Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast (even better if you can get a friend to dress as said beast)
  • Scarlett O'Hara - the poor years (complete the look with just dug-out root vegetable)
  • "Just about to get zapped" Carousel-girl from Logan's Run
Author Comments: 

I need more ideas as I'm still looking for a costume myself in that same category. Any idea? Can anybody help a girl out?

Hermione is easy this year (as well as crazysexycool.) Blue jeans, dirty hooded pink zip-up sweatshirt, a little dirt on the face, blood on the cheek, a short wooden wand and don't wash your hair for five days. If you've got a friend with a scruffy bowl cut, an adidas top and large granny-glasses to hang out with you're all set. Finally, an excuse for calling people "foul, loathesome, evil little cockroaches" and then dropping them. Classic Hermione also rocks.

Princess Jasmine is sexy, but a bit dated
Storm From X-men
Chick from matrix

You wish ;)

Wonder Woman?

Nice one! I've got the dark hair for it, too.

Some cool ideas, my 3 year old niece went as Boo from Monster's Inc. last Halloween. She looked just like her and was very cute.

I ended up going as a sixties-style blond zombie freak. I would post a picture but I don't know how!

So I was "researching" my Hitchcock paper and sweet-talking the librarian into letting me blast through the inviolable 2 video limit. [ The 39 Steps , Vertigo , Psycho and The Birds .] It turns out that last Halloween she went as Tippie Hedren. She described an amaaazing costume. The green dress, a green hat with a seagull mortarboard, a sparrow armlet and some kind of hummingbird corsage. (Okay, she didn't quite say it that way. It was "A seagull on my head, a bird on my arm and another on my wrist." It's just that "hummingbird corsage" sounds so cool.)

...and nobody knew who she was. She was disappointed.

Heck, I was disappointed.

So I was "returning" the movies after Halloween and sweet-talking the librarian into letting me slide on the late fees. I asked her what she went as this year. It was her daughter Emily's first Halloween. Emily went as a kitty-kat. So the librarian went as the witch. I said, "A witch? That's nice and it's simple for your daughter's first Halloween." "I went as THE Witch. My face was bright green, I had the fake nose and I went in my red pumps with my blue and white gingham tablecloth hanging out of my candy (cloth grocery) bag."

I so totally love my librarian... and I'll try to forget the fact that I'm living vicariously through a librarian. Emily is going to grow up just fine. Speaking of fine: none of them for me!