Celebrities Who Were Murdered

  • Proof 4.11.06
  • Dimebag Darrell 12.8.04
  • Jam Master Jay 10.30.02
  • Phil Hartman 5.28.98
  • Gianni Versace 7.15.97
  • Notorious B.I.G. 3.9.97
  • Jack Nance 12.30.96
  • Tupac Shakur 9.13.96
  • Selena 3.31.95
  • Haing S Ngor 2.25.96
  • Peter Tosh 9.11.87
  • Marvin Gaye 4.1.84
  • Dominique Dunne 11.4.82
  • John Lennon 12.8.80
  • Dorothy Stratten 8.14.80
  • Bob Crane 6.29.78
  • Sal Mineo 2.12.76
  • Pier Paolo Pasolini 11.2.75
  • Sharon Tate 8.9.69
  • Ramon Novarro 10.30.68
  • Scrapper Blackwell 10.7.62
  • George Reeves 6.16.59
  • Carl Switzer 1.21.59
  • David Bacon 9.13.43
  • Robert Johnson 8.13.38
  • Ted Healy 12.21.37
  • Tom Bay 10.13.33
  • Paul Bern 9.5.32
  • Thomas Ince 11.19.24
Author Comments: 

Obviously meant to be entertainers and not political figures.

Actress Dominique Dunne was killed too (11.4.82).

Dunne, of course, I remember the story. Thanks.

A famous model from the 60's or 70's named Gia (not sure of her last name) was murdered.

Might be thinking of Gia Carangi who died of AIDS.

Hmm...really? I must've spaced out on the ending of that movie. I remember her getting beaten up really bad in an alley; I was thinking she died then.

Paul Bern died 5 September 1932 & George Reeves died 16 June 1959 both are suspected suicides but There is speculation that they may have been murdered.

Thanks. I wasn't sure whether I should include Reeves or Thomas Ince. The Bern case is news to me.

Umm...how about Gianni Versace, July 15 1997? Would "fashion designer" fall under the category of entertainer?

Sure, it counts

Actress Dorothy Stratten was killed by her husband, at the age of 20.

I'd say she's famous enough. Thanks.

Heh, I'm digging all your death lists. If I recall, there was a 90s pop star named Selena who was murdered. They even made her life-story into a movie starring Jennifer Lopez.

Added, thanks. I almost watched that movie recently because I mistook it for Serenity.

Haha, well, Serenity is certainly better than the mushy Selena.


Did you hear about the D12 rapper Proof? He was shot and killed recently.

I did hear about Proof. Completely slipped my mind. Reminder appreciated.

Does anyone remember a singer, male, in the late 90's or early 2000's who died. Possibly a one hit wonder, might have been murdered? This is driving me crazy because I KNOW my sister called and told me this years ago and she is swearing she has no idea what I'm talking about. Can anyone lend a hand? THANK YOU!

Also, Elizabeth Short aka The Black Dahlia July 29,1924

You can certainly include William Holden and Natalie Wood to this list of celebrity murders.