Celebrities Who Have Killed People

  • Fatty Arbuckle (beat a prostitute to death, probably innocent)
  • Robert Blake (shot his wife)
  • John Wilkes Booth (shot a guy during a laughline of a play)
  • Matthew Broderick (drove his BMW into some women)
  • William S. Burroughs (shot his wife playing William Tell)
  • Laura Bush (killed a dude while driving drunk)
  • Gu Cheng (also killed his wife)
  • Ted Kennedy (drove off a bridge, leaving his passenger underwater)
  • Don King (shot a robber, also stomped to death someone who owed him money)
  • Leadbelly (shot a man in a fight over a woman, in true blues tradition)
  • Keith Moon (ran over his chauffeur)
  • Tom Neal (shot his wife in the back of the head with a .45)
  • Vince Neil (drunk driving killed Razzle)
  • Anne Perry (beat her friend's mother to death with a brick)
  • Albert Salmi (murder/suicide pact with his wife)
  • O.J. Simpson (cut up his wife and her boyfriend)
  • Phil Spector (shot Lana Clarkson)
  • Adlai Stevenson (shot a kid with a rifle)
  • Sid Vicious (stabbed his girlfriend)
  • Jayson Williams (drunk and playing with a shotgun)
Author Comments: 

Not counting military service.

Didn't know about Laura Bush, i'm sick but this is a pretty cool list.

Too bad the author specifically exempts military service. There's a fascinating story from the documentary material to Return of the King about how Christopher Lee corrected Peter Jackson on the sound someone makes when they're stabbed in the back. Seems he had personal experience with that from his days in the OSS in World War II...

Interesting story. And not too surprising coming from Lee

I'm curious out of all of these fatty arbuckle is the only one you assume could be innocent

He was acquitted.

so were plenty of others on this list


I believe Spector's trial is still ongoing. Vicious and Salmi didn't live to be tried, but there wasn't much doubt. The only two besides Fatty who claimed innocence are OJ and Robert Blake. It's just on my own estimation that Fatty didn't do it and those recent two did.

yeah, i just read a little on the fatty case and I guess now I have to agree, it sounds proposterous that he was even accused of anything.

John Wilkes Booth (an actor) killed president Abraham Lincoln 14 April 1865.

Ah, of course. Good thinking.

Lillo Brancato was just arrested and is accused of fatally shooting police officer Daniel Enchautegui, who interrupted the actor and his accomplice Steven Armento allegedly breaking into a Bronx home in search of drugs. Brancato has been charged with second-degree murder, while Armento faces first-degree murder charges.

I had to click on the link to remind me he was the guy from 'R Xmas. Thanks for the notice.

Matthew Broderick was involved in a head-on collision in Ireland in 1988 which killed the two female passengers of the other car. There were no eyewitnesses, nor any skid marks on the road, so he pled guilty to a lesser charge.

Wow, I never heard about that. Sounds guilty enough for this list. Thanks.

In 1963, First Lady Laura Bush drove her car into a classmate's, killing its driver.

Yep, that's my favorite. It was largely the inspiration for this list.

Brandy Norwood killed someone in a car accident a couple of years ago.

what about these people C-Murder found guilty of second-degree murder, earning a mandatory life sentence.
Rebecca Gayheart killed a nine year old while drivnig and talking on the cell phone.
Charles Dutton stabbed someone in a street fight.
Rae Carruth not sure if this counts he was found of conspiracy to commit murder to kill his un born child. He was a foot player for the North Carolina Panthers.

Snoop Dogg.

Varg Vikernes the one-man music project Burzum murdered a member of another band Øystein Aarseth.