BREAK-UP MUSIC: for a boy or a girl....

  • suggestions welcome
  • let's begin with the obvious ones....
  • You're So Vain---Carly Simon
  • I Will Survive---Gloria Gaynor
  • Boys don't Cry---The Cure
  • I Fall To Pieces---Patsy Cline
  • Tainted Love---Soft Cell
  • Always Something there to Remind me--Naked Eyes
  • My Best Friend's Girlfriend--The Cars
  • These Boots are Made for Walkin'--Nancy Sinatra
  • Goodbye---Gravity Kills (sub. by shira)
  • Divorce song---Liz Phair
  • Cecilia--Simon and Garfunkel
  • Why---Annie Lennox
  • One---Aimee Mann version (Magnolia sdtrk)
  • Femme Fatale--Velvet Underground
  • Rid of Me---PJ Harvey
  • Pictures of You---the Cure
  • Loser--Beck
  • X-Factor--Lauryn Hill
  • I Ain't Missin' You---Jon Waits
  • (? can't remember his last name, probably released around '85, he had spiked red hair)
  • With or Without You--U2
  • King of Pain--The Police
  • What a Wonderful World--Louie Armstrong
  • (yes weird...i guess gareth meant so you'd cheer up or something)
  • The Perfect Drug--Nine Inch Nails
  • Missing--Everything But the Girl (thanks, taryn)
  • The Sign--Ace of Base
  • The Last Day of Our Acquaintance--Sinead O'Connor
  • The Letter--Natalie Merchant
  • Walk on By--Cake (anonymous reader)
  • Love's Been Rough on Me(album)-Etta James (sub. by groovytune)
  • Love Hurts--Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
  • You Keep me hangin' on--Kim Wylde
  • No More "I love you's"--Annie Lennox
  • I Will Never Be the Same--Melissa Etheridge
  • Number 41--Dave Matthews Band(sub. by Marie)
  • If I Could Turn Back Time--Cher ( this song only made the list b/c of the outfit she wore in the video...what was that all about?)
  • Piece of My Heart--Janis Joplin (sub. by groovytune)
  • CARELESS WHISPERS!!!--wham (esp. for grvytune!:)
  • love me or leave me--Nina Simone
  • i hate everything about you--UGLY KID JOE (sub. by jranwez)
  • i go crazy--FLESH FOR LULU (some kind of wonderful sdtrk)
  • quit playing games with my heart--BSB (their first hit single!) ;)
  • something by ABBA (before jen kills me)
  • HALAH, GIVE YOU MY LOVIN---both by mazzy star from the "she hangs brightly album...thanks to snoozer***
  • don't think twice, it's alright--bob dylan (thanks L.Bangs)
Author Comments: 

i thought this would be a fun list to make....(because i'm weird like that, i guess) although i'm not currently in the throes of a break-up (knock on wood) i thought of a few and then ran around and polled friends and got some pretty strange suggestions (they're not all included here) in addition to the obvious ones...i tried not to repeat any bands but some, like the cure, need to be mentioned more than once...

i also had suggestions for anything by morrissey, morphine, and billie holliday...but i don't know their music that well...maybe if someone out there does, they could give me specific songs...

this is a strange list, i know. but i wanted to make it anyway

I've credited some of the songs to my friend "groovytune" who will join the listology group very soon....

hey dude, it's Jen. I'd like to suggest some ABBA songs - particularly "One of Us", "The Winner Takes It All", "Knowing Me, Knowing You", and on the cheering up side "Move On".
There's another one too, that I listened to innumerable times after my break-up w. Tryke, but I can't remember it right now. I'll get it though!
Also, the Patsy Cline boxed set has a whole CD entitled Heartbreaks. Any song on that does well. Especially That "Seven Lonely Days" song. That one's great.
Also "Recovery" by Olivia Newton-John from the Physical album, and "Not Gonna Be the One" which is about how she's not going to go back to him when he gets lonely. Something I've done! ):JENHOWEL, sorry it says anonymous

A short FYI . . . If you click the "login first" link, after you login it will bring you back to the screen you were on so that you can post your comment (in case not wanting to navigate back to where you were is why you don't bother logging in).

i'm thinking of a few right now:

"missing" by everything but the girl; "am i the only one" by barenaked ladies; "you had time" by ani difranco

i'm sure i'll come up with more later...

thanks taryn, yeah "missing" really is a great song for this list...i'll add it now.

Since You've Been Gone-Sinead O'Connor
Victim of Love- Erasure
Head like a hole- nine inch nails
In My Life- The Beatles
Girlfriend in a Coma- the Smiths

oops, I meant "nothing compares 2 U" which somebody already said. Also, who can forget Alanis Morrisette (sp?)-the queen of break-ups.

Quick question, are these intended to be songs played whilst breaking up, or songs that you'd play for the other party to signify how you feel? :)

Either way, one that many of you probably haven't heard is "She's Famous Now", by none other than Reel Big Fish.

She used to be my girl but now she's famous / She was just so sweet, but now there're boys at her feet

It's basically the lead singer's song to an ex who wound up with a fairly successful music gig (she's Monique Powell from Save Ferris, another very good band).

Ah well, I like the song anyway. Bitterness at its finest =)

dude, antihero? How come you don't have any lists up?

I thank you for asking, actually :)

And, now that you mention it, I just created a list like 5 minutes ago. It's called "Movies I'm Somewhat Ashamed to Admit I Like".

It is my first effort, so be gentle ;)

actually antihero, i think one of my friends suggested that one...but i'd never heard it so i didn't feel like it put it on....yeah this list is sort of all breakup songs...however you may interpret it...that was a good question though and i'm happy that you used "whilst." hmmm, like my friend, jenhowel, i too am curious why you have no lists....:)

I try and make it a point to use "whilst" at least once a day. Keeps things interesting. :)

I'm glad to know someone else would've recommended Reel Big Fish... Actually, a fairly large percentage of their songs could qualify for this list; not least of which would be "She's got a girlfriend now" and other such favorites.

And, same as with jenhowel, thanks for the curiousity =).

'walk on by
the house where you still live
walk on by
the place where we would kiss
and the room
where I held you tight
I must walk on by'

(Cake, "Walk On By")

Actually, come to think of it, about a fourth of Cake's songs are good for this category

that's funny...

Ohmigod...I totally forgot to mention my personal fave...MJ and I used to WAIL it at the top of our lungs when we lived in Brooklyn - "Untouchable Face" by Ani D. Or "I Want to be Around", by Tony Bennett (which has the refrain: 'I want to be around/to pick up the pieces/when somebody breaks your heart'...nice thought, if your heart's just been broken). Great list, barbie!
-groovytune (or, here, "grvytune", which could translate to "gravytune". whatever.)

dude!!! check out my latest addition to this list! i know you're going to freak out...anyway i forgot to tell you BUT...the other day i heard it again!!! quite randomly too, i was outside this store and they had this stereo system that had speakers on the lure you into the store with "groovytunes" and i heard the opening strains...of...CARELESS was truly an amazing experience..sorry forgot to tell you ...byebye

YIIIIIIKES!!! HOW COULD WE FORGET THAT ONE!!!! excellent. i thought of another good one this morning...Ghost, by the Indigo Girls (it's on rights and passages). I'd say #5 would be good, too, but not on this list. ;]
anyway, i've been checking out your other lists...i like your book lists. later...

Fun list! :) Gotta add a few off-beat ones:

"One more minute" by Al Yankovick (classic line of "I'd rather clean all the bathrooms in grandcentral station w/ my tongue, then spend one more minute with you.")

"I hate everything about you," by Ugly Kid Joe (obnoxious song, but certainly gets the point across!)

jranwez! thanks for the suggestions! i think that "i hate everything about you" song will fit in nicely...barbieOONA

hehehe, that Weird Al song is perfect... It sounds so much like a country love song until you listen to the words.

i wish i'd heard that one....

I demand satisfaction for ABBA! Not only have you not put one ABBA song on your list, you have not even expressed a desire to hear them! Yet I live but a few minutes away, and ABBA is clearly the master of break-up songs, having broken up themselves while still a band. You must listen to ABBA soon and provide options for people who need poppy light break-up music! I know where you live!!!

calm down, miss"i-am-ABBA's-number-one-fan!!!" ok, i consent to have you play some ABBA break up tunes for me...yes i know where you live too...duh...umm, satisfied??? ;)


well you're just a dorky, ABBA-loving, "movie fiend!!!!" hahahahahahahahaha right back atcha....this is not an abusive post, right??? hmmm....

WIERDO!!!! break up songs??? should I be worried?? How about adding barenaked ladies "Welcome to the old apt" and some all important REM!!! break up songs.....shesh....

:):):) don't worry!

ah-HA!! I know you, Car Boy! (ask EK; she'll tell you what that means). REM! Totally! Hey, babs, you should put up "Losing My Religion", not because it's about breaking up per se, but because on every episode of 90210 (the high school years) where someone would break up, it'd always mournfully playing in the background (I'm thinking of the first Dylan-Brenda debacle, where they were up a cliff in his Porsche, and she was axing the relationship for the first time, and he was like, "Bren...are you sure?", and his eyes were all teary...awww....>sniff<. Magical moments, man. Now that's a break up song!)

Bob Dylan - Don't Think Twice, It's All Right; Most of Blood on the Tracks

Elvis Costello - Lipstick Vogue; I Want You

T Bone Burnett - Over You

Aretha Franklin - I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Loved You); The House Jack Built

Richard and Linda Thompson - Most of Shoot Out the Lights

Liz Phair - Shatter

Adam Again - River on Fire; Hidden, Hidden; Harsh; Stone; Don't Cry

Just a few off the top of my head...

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

saddest breakup song ever "haleh" by mazzy star (first track from album with swan in the title that i forget") but the song is unmistakingly beautiful in a not-too-cheesy way.

hey, great suggestion. the name of that Mazzy Star album is 'Among My Swan.'

noooo. "halah" is actually the first track from their album entitled "she hangs brightly."

oh, you're right. i wasn't paying attention to the question. sorry for the misinformation.

Solitude-Billie Holiday

"Love Will Tear Us Apart" - Joy Division

'Unravel' - Bjork
'Delia's Gone' - Johnny Cash


unravel sounds like a cool song....what album is it from please?

Sinead O'Conner - Nothing Compares 2 U

how about "song for the dumped" by ben folds five? it's a great and very funny song, i highly recommend checking it out

Oh goodness I can't believe
"It's not right, but it's OK" by Whitney Houston
didn't make it on this list. It's my second favorite next to "I will survive" by Gloria Gaynor. My favorite break up CD of all time is still the waiting to exhale soundtrack. Mine broke so i'm making my own CD. ;-) Thanks everyone! Oh yeah others are...
"I Wish I Wasn't" by Heather Headley
"Shoop Shoop (Waiting to Exhale)" by Whitney Houston
"Why does it hurt so bad" by Whitney (again) -- she's gotta be my favorite break up artist


Ahh... one song.. I know i'm hella late. but... A good one is Dave Matthews Band - Grace is Gone .... one more drink and i'll move on? yeah that's a GREAT one quite possibly my fav. :)

Here are a few I know and I love and these have helped me out a lot. "Driven Under" by Seether. "I Hate Everything About You" by Three Days Grace. "Whiskey Lullaby" by Brad Paisley and Allison Crouse. "Immortal" by Evanecence the acoustic version. "Get Out" by Jo Jo. "From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart" by Britney Spears and also by her "Everytime".

How about adding in Stronger by Britney Spears, Smile by Lily Allen, and Cry me a River by Justin Timberlake?