Best Trance Music of All Time

  • I'll do this by year:
  • The 80's (Trance doesn't really exist, but cool songs with very tranzy elements start to appear)
  • New Order - Blue Monday
  • Actually, many New Order songs fit here.
  • 808 State - Pacific (1989) - Probably the first actual trance song, although many call it house.
  • Amnesia - Ibiza
  • 1990 (Not yet an official genre, but some tracks start appearing)
  • Age of Love - Age of Love
  • Orbital - Chime
  • Dance 2 Trance - We Came in Peace
  • Psychic TV - Infinite Beat
  • Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence
  • Man With No Name - Way Out West
  • 1991
  • Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea
  • Dance 2 Trance - Let's Get Rollin'
  • Hardfloor - Acperience
  • 1992
  • Age of Love - Age of Love (Paul Van Dyk Mix)
  • Cosmic Baby - Airplay
  • Dance 2 Trance - Power of American Natives
  • Jam & Spoon - Stella
  • Jam & Spoon - Neurotrance Adventure
  • The Visions of Shiva - Perfect Day
  • Metal Master - Simply Metal
  • Barbarella - My Name is Barbarella
  • Sven Vath - Ritual of Life
  • The Martian - Meet The Red Planet
  • Visions of Shiva - Perfect Day
  • 1993 (Trance is now an official sub-genre)
  • The Martian - Star Dancer
  • Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar [This was an early version of a track that, when remixed later on, would become what is now considered possibly the greatest trance song of all time. The 98 mix is the best one. Little Known fact - Cosmic Baby + Kid Paul = Energy 52. Cosmic Baby, as in the inventor of melodic trance.]
  • Cygnus X - Superstring
  • Cygnus X - Positron
  • The Visions of Shiva - How Much can you take?
  • William Orbit - Water from a Wine Leaf
  • Hardfloor - Lost in the Silver Box
  • Underworld - Cowgirl
  • Underworld - Dirty Epic
  • Tranceformer - Humanoid
  • Quench - Dreams
  • 1994
  • Underworld - Dark Train (AKA Dark & Long)
  • Sven Vath - Robot (Hardfloor mix)
  • Cygnus X - The Orange Theme
  • Nostrum - Brainchild
  • Dance 2 Trance - Take A Free Fall
  • Spicelab - Amorph
  • Hardfloor - Confuss
  • Solar Quest - Acid Air Raid
  • Man With No Name - Sly-Ed
  • Man With No Name - Teleport
  • Arpeggiators - Discover Your Innerself
  • 1995 (People got bored of trance at this point)
  • DJ Misjah and DJ Tim - Access
  • BT - Embracing the Sunshine
  • Faithless - Insomnia
  • Digital Express - The Club
  • Astral Projection - Mahadeva
  • Humate - East
  • PHD - Summerstorm
  • Dynamix Maniax - Calling Middle Earth
  • 1996 - 1997 (Progressive trance is born (aka trance in it's current epic/anthem state), and trance becomes an official genre. It's also resurrected, and starts being propelled to eventually become the worlds most popular dance music. This is a transition period between the oldskool sound, and the newskool one)
  • Chicane - Offshore
  • Nalin & Kane - Beachball
  • Da Hool - Meet Her at the Love Parade
  • Underworld - Born Slippy
  • Tiesto - The Tube
  • Robert Miles - Children
  • Libra Presents Taylor - Anomaly (Calling Your Name) [Jan Johnson's first major track, made with BT]
  • Armin - Blue Fear
  • Way Out West - The Gift
  • Paul Van Dyk - Words
  • Lost Tribe - Gamemaster
  • Moonman - Don't Be Afraid
  • Chicane - Sunstroke
  • Transa - Enervate
  • Future Sound of London - Cascade
  • Banco De Gaia - Last Train to Lhasa
  • Transa - Prophase
  • LSG - Netherworld
  • BBE - Seven Days & One Week
  • Astral Projection - Dancing Galaxy
  • Astral Projection - Liquid Sun
  • Underworld - Pearl's Girl
  • Ascension - Someone
  • 1998 (AKA the year of trance, and the peak of the genre. It's all epic and anthem now.)
  • Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar '98
  • Three Drives - Greece 2000
  • Paul Van Dyk - For an Angel
  • Ayla - Ayla
  • Faithless - God is a DJ
  • Push - Universal Nation
  • Art of Trance - Madagasca
  • Chicane - Lost You Somewhere
  • Dove Beat - La Paloma (Heliotropic mix)
  • Agnelli & Nelson - El Nino
  • Binary Finary - 1998
  • TastExperience - Summersault
  • Father's of Sound - Water
  • Solar Stone - Day by Day
  • Miro - Paradise
  • Humate - Love Stimulation '98
  • Der Dritte Raum - Hale Bopp
  • 1999 [Another genre of progressive trance starts to surface - I guess kind of a progressive progressive trance, if that means anything. The elitists abandon conventional trance, calling it a sellout genre, and instead go for this progressive progressive stuff
  • ATB - 9 PM (till I Come)
  • Armin - Communication
  • York - The Reachers of Civilization
  • Gouryella - Gouryella
  • Gouryella - Walhalla
  • Solar Stone - Seven Cities
  • Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone [AKA the uber trance hit that pop stations and hockey games still overplay today, 5 years later]
  • Kamaya Painters - Endless Wave
  • Chicane ft Marie Brennan - Saltwater
  • Tiesto - Theme from Norefjell
  • System F - Out of the Blue
  • Sasha - Xpander
  • William Orbit - Barber's Adagio for Strings
  • The Thrillseekers - Synaesthesia
  • Binary Finary - 1999
  • Lange - I Believe (DJ Tandu mix)
  • Rank 1 - Airwave
  • Astral Projection - Another World
  • Yahel - Voyage
  • James Holden - Horizons
  • BT - Mercury and Solace
  • Tiesto - Sparkles
  • Technique - Sun is Shining (Mash up Matt mix)
  • The Quest - C Sharp
  • Push - Universal Nation
  • Matt Darey - Liberation
  • 2000 (A trance backlash begins. Suddenly it's an "anti-elite" genre officially)
  • Three Drives - Sunset on Ibiza
  • Gouryella - Tenshi
  • Darude - Sandstorm [AKA the other uber trance hit that pop stations and hockey games still overplay today]
  • Chicane - Don't Give Up
  • Delerium ft Sarah Machlachlan - Silence (Tiesto mix) [yet another uber trance hit, although the least overplayed of the bunch]
  • Push - Sunrise at Palamos (Tiesto mix)
  • Cygnus X - The ORange Theme (Moonman edit)
  • Orinoko - Island
  • System F - Cry
  • Push - Strange World
  • Salt Tank - Eugina
  • Coast 2 Coast ft Discovey - Home
  • Tastexperience - Tantrix
  • Push - Till We Meet Again
  • Mauro Picotto - Save a Soul
  • Astral Projection - Aurora Borealis
  • Rui Da Silva - Touch Me
  • 2001 (It retains a following besides the backlash)
  • Tiesto - Suburban Train
  • Ian Van Dahl - Castles in the Sky (another uber-trance hit, though not so overplayed as the others)
  • Kamaya Painters - Summerbreeze
  • PPK - Resurrection
  • Pulser - Cloudwalking
  • Riva - Stringer
  • Kamaya Painters - Wasteland
  • System F - Dance Valley Theme 2001
  • Push - The Legacy
  • Jan Johnston - Flesh
  • Fischerspooner - Emerge (okay, it's electroclash, but it's still really worthy of note)
  • M.I.K.E. - Sunrise on Palamos
  • 2002 (A resurgence of sorts this year. It lasts until late 2003, in where dance music then gets really confused and lost. That's where we are today.)
  • Way Out West - Mindcircues (Gabriel and Dresden Mix)
  • Gouryella - Ligaya
  • Ferry Corsten - Punk
  • Chicane - Love on the Run
  • Oakenfold - Southern Sun (Tiesto mix)
  • Solar Stone - Solarcoaster
  • Andain - Summer Calling
  • Nailn & Kane - Open Your Eyes
  • Solid Sessions - Janeiro
  • Push - Tranzy State of Mind
  • Cosmicman - I Love You
  • Oceanlab - Clear Blue Water
  • Tomaz vs Filterheadz - Sunshine
  • Underworld - Two Months Off
  • Dirty Vegas - Days Go By [another crossover]
  • Tiesto & Junkie XL - Obsession
  • 2003
  • Paul Van Dyk - Nothing But You
  • Underworld - Born Slippy 2003
  • Benny Benassi - Satisfaction
  • Solid Globe - North Pole
  • Holden & Thompson - Nothing (93 Returning mix)
  • Motorcycle - As the Rush Comes
  • Andain - Beautiful Things
  • POS - Remember
  • Three Drives - Air Traffic
  • Telepopmusik - Breathe (Another Day) [The first "progressive progresive" trance top 40 hit]
  • Aalto - Rush [Super8 vs. Orkidea mix)
  • Dirt Devils - Music is Life
  • System F - Spaceman
  • Ferry Corsten - Rock Your Body Rock
  • Alphazone - Rockin
  • Blue Haze - We Feel
  • Plummet - Damaged (this is actually cheesy epic vocal radio eurotrance [as in a style of trance that I mostly hate], but it's so good, and so perfectly done, that I love the song, and most others who share my taste in the genre like it too.)
  • Mike Koglin vs. Jono Grant - Circuits
  • 2004 (I have no idea what state trance is in. It's not quite as brilliant as it once was though)
  • Fliterheadz - Yimanya
  • Robert Gitelman - Things to Say (Push mix)
  • White Room - The White Room
  • Petter - These Days
  • Nathan Fake - Outhouse
  • Super8 - Alba
  • Oceanlab - Satellite
  • Rio Klein - Fearless (Push mix)
  • Antiloop - Hello Strings
  • Solid Globe - Sahara
  • Nickelson - Yin (Solid Globe mix)
  • Mark Norman - Phantom Manor
  • Smith & Pledger - Believe
  • Re:Locate - Typhoon
  • Benny Benassi - No Matter What You Do
  • Micahel Burns - The ambience
  • The MFA - The Difference it makes
  • Tim Deluxe - Choose Something like a Star
  • James Holden - The Wheel
  • Ernesto vs. Bastian - Stop 9.5
  • Above and Beyond - No One on Earth (Gabriel and Dresden mix)
  • Reflekt ft Deline Bass - Need to Feel Loved
  • White Room - Someday
  • Tranquility Base - Surrender
  • PQM - You Are Sleeping (Luke Chable vocal mix)
  • 2005
  • 4 Strings - Sunrise
  • Dominic Plaza - Sounds Rushing (David West remix)
  • Vinylshakerz - One Night in Bangkok
  • Motorcycle - Around You
  • Gabriel & Dresden - Arcadia
  • Mads Arp ft. Julie Harrington - Slow It Down (Mathilda Mix)
  • Deep Dish - Say hello (Paul Van Dyk mix)
  • Still not finished yet...but the list is no longer (really) being made. There's a far stronger list here:
  • Top 350 trance songs, in order of best to...least best
Author Comments: 

For those looking for trance as we know it today, search from 1996+

Nice list, you obviously know your shit. I once stumbled upon a flash guide to electronic music that was very helpful - it had dozens of subgenres and a song sample for each style. Are you aware of this? Do you know where it is located?

Yeah, I saw it on

Titled, "Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music"

sweet, thanks!

Thanks for the helpful guide.

Say, if you're familiar with it, what would you call 'Dreamweaver - A King is Born'? Is that Trance? I mean, it's an Amiga mod, but outside of that, would it be considered Trance, or something else?

Never actually heard the song really...

It's not on soulseek either.

I found it on a site on the net, but it was in a format I couldn't run. It might be trance...people are commenting on "melodies." That's a good sign that it's trance.

How do I make the song run?

Probably need a better media player. I prefer foobar2000. But, here's the Mp3, via the link on my "free MP3 of the day" list. Let me know what you think of it!

It's not really trance, although the melodies in the song are somewhat of that kind that would be heard in ambient trance. The instruments are entirely different, and it lacks the "arpeggiation" and beats. Although wasn't it made in a "game tracker" type program? That would explain the somewhat tinny, 80's synth sound of it...

Not a bad song though.

Yeah, it's an Amiga track. I know it's 'video game music,' but I figure every kind of video game music also has a genre (whether its the electronica of WipeOut or the heavy metal of Red Alert or ambiance of Homeworld), and I was trying to figure out what genre of music that track was.

Actually, VGM falls under it's own genres. It's got a section on my "list of every kind of music."
That song would fall under "Electro-ish VGM"

Hale Bopp,

It's not there,

what's going on, it was the shits in summer in Melbourne

who's it by? I'll add it if I can get a hold of it.

Der Dritte Raum : Hale Bopp

you forgot 4 strings (take me away, summer sun, diving, let it rain, etc.)

Just wanted to say thanks for taking the time for composing all these lists! I came across your first trance list (best of 2003) after searching for some song recommendations via Google. I've been a self introduced/exploring trance fan for a few years now, never really delving into the 'science' of it, just finding what I like and going with it. I've got a raver buddy who occasionally tips me off to some tracks I haven't heard before, but it's not always easy to find what I like. When I do though, nothing beats the chills and goosebumps I get after a basically orgasmic buildup. hehe, I'm gettin goosebumps just thinking about it. Anyways, you're recommendations have opened up a few new doors for me to explore. Just wanted to let you know it's appreciated!

Oh, no problem!

That's what I'm here for, really :)

thanks man, really apreciated, just a question, the lists are in random order or "best to worst"?

Random order. I can make a "best to worst" list though, if you like.

you haven't out hale bopp in yet??


Very good song! Thanks for the recommendation!

Professional Widow (A bit Housey but the a real boost to the trance scene)

BT - Flaming June
Crystal Method - Busy Child

Mystery land:-

I would be thankful forever. :-)

Alright, I guess I can do that as my next list.

I can't arrange ALL of them best to worst, but I could make a list of personal top 50 favorites. Also, certain tracks can't be compared, because they're incredible in entirely different ways (for example, you can't compare Underworld's Dark Train, to Chicane's Offshore, as they're on completely different ends of trance)

Sry it's taking so long to do that new list I promised - it could be a while before I actually get the opportunity to do it - I'm really busy lately :( .

Nice collection/list!

I wanted to remind you about Drax Ltd. II "Amphetamine" and Twister's "Metamorphosis of Narcotics" tracks. I think they deserves to be on the top 3 ever trance tracks.

1. Cyngus X - "Orange theme" (original radio version)

2. Drax Ltd. II - "Amphetamine"

3. Twister - "Metamorphosis of Narcotics"

Please add!!!!!!!!!

Good job.

Hey, great list, but you forgot the classics "Dreams" by Quench and "Ibiza (Loco mix)" by Amnesia. They are two very important tracks.

You're right! Strange...I remember adding dreams.

Might've been on one of the other lists.

Great suggestions! Thanks!

Ernesto vs Bastian - Stop 9.5
should be
DJ Ernesto - stop 9.5

oh, and i havent read the whole list

add every production and remix by Alphazone (and their alias, Saltwater)..

all tracks by above an beyond
all tracks on the Anjunabeats albums

Midway - Monkey Forest
m.o.r.p.h - maximum overdrive (original 3rd mix)
re:locate - waterfall
michael tsukerman - an open end
and if you can get your hands on a copy..
[p.e.g] - chiba

(made by member at

Hmmmmm...none of those tracks are really top trance of all time material, sadly.

They're all decent, for sure, but I don't think they belong among such incredible classics as this list is filled with.

There's one exception: the Gabriel and Dresden mix of No one on Earth by Above and Beyond is pretty worthy for the 2004 section

Nice list. Here are some tracks you might consider adding:

Barthezz - Infected
Tiesto - Flight 643
Safri Duo - Samb Adagio
NU NRG - Dreamland
Mauro Picotto - Komodo
Scooter - Nessaja (?)
Scott Bond vs. Solarstone - 3rd Earth (classic opener)

These are just a few less recent tunes that I could think of that weren't on your list. I'm not sure if all of them would be considered "classics" (I don't really like about half of them), but they were all popular at some point.

Hmmm....they're all OK, but none are really listworthy.

Thanks anyway!

samb adagio is listworthy

Mauro Picotto - Komodo = Save a Soul

Alphazone just released Serenity under the alias Saltwater...
definitely worth checking if you havent already..

Wide variety of tracks you can listen to if you havn't heard them from a range of years currently in my can listen to tracks(I'm not sure if your list is popularity or listenability)

Tiesto - Lethal Industry
- astral projection - mahadeva
. Scooter - Chinese Whispers
Sundawner - Krystal Dreams (Original Mix)
- Oliver Lieb - Subraumstimulation (Main mix)

Aluna - All I Need Is Time [Slusnik Luna Vocal Mix]
Andy Jay Powell & Mike Nero Project - Handz Of Time
Avanto - The flute (Dave Joy vs Emphasysts remix)
Blade Soundtrack - Blood Rave (Techno) (neworder-confusion)
Blue Oyster Cult - Dont Fear The Reaper - Techno Remix

Calling The Freak - Suck My Soul
Crystal Method - Busy Child
Crystal Method - Trip Like I Do
Cygnus X - Positron (Marco's V.ision Remix)
DJ KC - Escape
DJ Tiesto - Yahel
DJ Trashy - BFI - - Close My Eyes()
Dj Rilson Maia & Pedro Bial - Filtro Solar(Remix)
Enmass. CQ (Seek You) (Original Mix)
Heaven Beyond - [oliver Lieb - Subraumstimulation]
Jose Amnesia - The Eternal (Nu NRG Remix
Kayama Painters - Endless Wave (Dj Tiesto Remix)
Link - amazon enity (Cheamleon remix)
Mark EG - Composure - Universal Action
Michael Woods - Solex (Close To The Edge) (Dogzilla Vs. Michael
Woods Mix)
Modulation - Sky (Dallas Superstars remix)
N-TRANCE - Set You Free
Paul Van Dyk - We Are Alive
Plummet - Cherish The Day (Antillas Remix - Promo Vinyl)
Private Taste - First (Original Mix)
Pulsdriver mit Your Spirit Is Shining
Pulser Cloudwalking Quench - Dreams (Rave Mix)
Rank - Airwave (Gate Crasher Mix)
Sash - Ecuador
Sash - Encore Une Fois
Sash! - Together Again
Scooter - Jigga Jigga [Extended Club]
Scooter - Nessaja (original mix)
it's a fine day
Vascotia - Calibro (Sonicvibe Remix)
ferry corsten - electra
holding onto nothing(pvd mix)
plummet - cherish the day (antillas_mix_cut)
private taste - first (ashtrax remix)
quartz - Gerry Cueto - Messages
union jack - red herring

Dumonde - Ich Will Raus Alphazone vs Ralph Novell German Mix

Tilt - Twelve Orkidea Remix

Bonzai - Solar Factor - Urban Shakedown
- Bonzai - The Ultimate Collection CD - Solar Factor - Urban Shakedown
Kamaya Painters - Northern Spiritcloud
. Magik - A New Adventure - [kamaya Painters - Northern Spirit]
. Magik - Story Of The Fall - [vdm - Domino Runner]
- System F - Out Of The Blue mauro remix
- Yahel & Dj Miss T - Skywalker summer mix
Active Sight - Out Of Our Lives Original Mix
Bt Featuring Jan Johnston SunblindRare And Remixed Us Cd Version
C Sharp - The Quest Original Mix
Cern - The Message Northern Mix
Cosmic Gate - Tomorrow Marc Grave Remix
DJ Tiesto - - Cloud 69 - Sixty Nine Ways
DJ Tiesto - - Oliver Lieb - Subraumstimulation
DJ Tiesto feat. Dido - Summerbreeze [aria] Armin Van Burren's Universal Religion mix
Joker Jam - Innocence
LOCHI - London Acid City
Matt Darey pres. Li Kwan - Point Zero Lost Tribe Remix
Moob Deep - Nas Is Like Remix
Phynn - Lucid original mix
Signum - The Other Side
Solar Stone - Seven Cities Gatecrasher Mix

Sundawner - Krystal Dreams Cosmic Man Rmx -

The Prodigy - - Wind It Up
Tomonari & Tommy Pi - C Sharp Tom Porcell Remix
Utah Saints - Lost Vagueness Oliver Lieb's Main Mix
V-One - Dead Cities Return Of The Native Remix
Way Out West - Ajare
Way Out West - Intensify - - Activity
Wigan Pier Kristine Blonde - Love Shy BCD Project
Yahel & DJ Miss T - Going Up Isoterra Remix

WHOA! It'll take some time to go through all of those! I'll definitely get back to you on that though. I've heard most of them...
You have a good number of misnamed tracks BTW. A few glaring ones:
DJ Tiesto - Yahel (This is probably referring to Yahel - Voyage, which is on the list already, since Tiesto hammered that track like mad from 2000-2002)
Rank 1 - Airwave (Gate Crasher Mix), not Rank - Airwave
DJ Tiesto - Oliver Lieb - Subraumstimulation (Tiesto had nothing to do with this track)
DJ Tiesto feat. Dido - Summerbreeze [aria] Armin Van Burren's Universal Religion mix (I can almost guarantee this is misnamed. It's a combination of several tracks from several artists. What you probably have there is Aria - Dido (Armin Van Buuren's Universal Religion mix), which was on DJ Tiesto's album Summerbreeze)
Quench - Dreams (Rave Mix) (There is no such thing as a "rave mix" - this is usually just added by kids who download songs off kazaa, in the hopes that more people will download it that way. That tracks was always a "rave song" - it's trance, that's what it is).
Heaven Beyond - [oliver Lieb - Subraumstimulation] (???????? I'm confused by this one.)
Blue Oyster Cult - Dont Fear The Reaper - Techno Remix (There is also no such thing as "techno remix" - it's almost impossible to remix anything into techno)
Agnelli & Nelson - Holding on to nothing, isn't it?
DJ Tiesto - Cloud 69 - Sixty Nine Ways (again, Tiesto, didn't make it, he just played it)

Sry - I don't have time to go through the rest of these...

I'll get to it later. Thanks for the suggestions! :)

The list was pretty messy. Hastily done.. much of those tracks arn't in my listening pallet anymore but at the same time many of your tracks listed arn't in my pallete anymore either. The dreams(rave mix) thing... it did NOT sound like the original or first version I heard.. it doesn't seem the same as the one I had on the Pirate radio sessions cd either... I'm geussing these tracks are already listed but here is a more ordered list

1 The Moon Feat NU-NRG - The Moon loves the sun
2 ICQ - WIthout You (club mix)
3 Yahel & Dj Miss T - Going up (Isoterra 2004 remix)
4 Driftdreamer - Come (original mix)
5 Randy Katana - In Silence (Txitxarro Mix)
6 Elissa I dream (DJ rad radio mix) <--euroish
7 Green Day - Time of your life <-- not trance
8 Solid Sessions - Janerio (Armin Van Buuren remix)
9 CARAMELL - Kom Hall Om Mig <-- euroish

By now I'm geussing you have checked out any of the ones you don't know however I think there are the most quality tracks that I've come across that I have access to.

and I should clarify.. the blue oyster is NOT the orignal it is a trancey electronic bit, that Is a techno remix.. people name remixes all kinds of things, all electronic music is techno and LOTs of trance is over glorified techno(well not overglorified)

Yes it is holding onto nothing BUT it is PVD's mix I like not the A&N mix

Loads Of tunes you forgot
Punchanella - Santranscisco for one we could be here all day.great list but.most have taken ye a while.fare play

Noemi - In my Dreams [XXL Mix]
IMO is a great song not sure when it was released though

Hey, just thought I add my 2 cents:

the Liquid Trance album in my opinion is pretty good,

Club4mation - Lonely Raver
Airbase - Emotions
Mauro Picotto - Back to Cali
Diver & Ace (DJ Taucher-Torsten) - Century
DJ Greenhead - Dreamcatcher (club mix)

Hey guys great site and discussion. I feel normal now that I know I am not the only one deep into Trance (not too many tranceaddicts out here in Pennsylvania). I do get a chance though over the weekends to mingle with other trance lovers at some PA and Atlantic City trance clubs. I was disappointed though that some of my all-time favorites were not listed, namely:

DuMonde - Never look back (DJ Tiesto mix)
Kamaya Painters - Endless Wave (Ferry Corsten Remix)
Anjunabeats - Vol 1 (Above and Beyond Remix)
System F - Exhale
Vectrex - Meteor (Club mix)
Cascade - Altitude
DJ Armin Van Buuren - Come Together
Heaven Scent - Bedrock
Dj Tiesto - I Believe (Dj Tandu Remix)
Vincent Stormfield - Sweet Harmony (Dumonde Vocal Mix)
Talla 2XLC - No signs of life
Kai Tracid - Tiefenrausch - The deep Blue (Peyote Song Club Mix)
Matt Darey - Bailamos
Dj tandu - Lost In Love
Tillmann Uhrmacher- On The Run
Ayla - Angelfalls
Neo Cortex - Prepare (Dj Tandu Remix)
Apoptygma Berzerk - Kathy´s Song (Ferry Corsten Remix)
P2 - Fade to grey (Dumonde Remix)

Many of these songs are mislabelled:
LANGE - I believe (DJ Tandu mix), not Tiesto.
Anjunabeats - Vol 1 (Above and Beyond mix): this isn't a song, it's a mix. You have one song off the mix, which was made by above and beyond, labelled as the whole thing. Don't know which one.
Armin Van Buuren - Come Together. Armin Van Buuren never made a track by this name. I don't know which track you mean though, because there are several trance and trance-ish songs from the right era that fit the title (ie Khazad Dum - Come Together, M Factor - Come Together, B.A.R. featuring Roxy - Come Together, Mauro Picotto - Come Together, etc..), and a couple others...

Actually, I've kinda stopped adding to this list - I put everything on my muchly improved version, of the top 250 trance songs of all time, in order of best to...least best. You can find it under my profile, it's a much stronger list. Most of those tracks are on that list. You should check it out!

I took a look at your top 250 trance songs of all time and it's pretty impressive. I feel it's still missing a Jam X & De Leon (Dumonde) influence though. If you listen to particularly these tracks for example:

DuMonde - Never look back (DJ Tiesto mix)
Vincent Stormfield - Sweet Harmony (Dumonde Vocal Mix)
P2 - Fade to grey (Dumonde Remix)

it's hard to see how tracks like ATB's - 9 PM (Till I Come) can be considered better. I didn't get your take too on tracks like Cascade's - Altitude (one of my favorites), Talla 2XLC's - No signs of life, Vectrex's - Meteor (Club mix), and Apoptygma Berzerk's - Kathy´s Song (Ferry Corsten Remix) just to name a few didn't make your 250 list, because I consider them more solid heavyweight trance songs compared to some on the 250 list.

Also regarding the song "I believe (DJ Tandu mix) by LANGE, it's on Tiesto's "In search of sunrise album."
In addition "Come 2Gether (by Floyd)" is in Armin Van Buuren's "Boundaries Of Imagination" album.
Lastly Anjunabeat's Volume One compilation CD has a track called "Volume One" and that's the one I was referring to. Talk to you later bud.

Have you guys ever heard of 666 - amokk?? its like the best trance song ive ever heard..or is it even trance?? im so confused, oh well its a great song anyway though i dont know what theyre saying in it

that was the guy who was super popular on back in the day...

I liked 666 alarma back in the day. . wasn't so much a trance but more so techno or dance

Solar Quest - Acid Air Raid

Is that trance ? I thought it was just acid.
Very good nonetheless. You into acid too, darktremor ?

Acid trance. Oldskool trance and acid trance are very interchangable.

I'm extremely into acid. Fantastic genre, not enough is made anymore.

What about
Brainbug - Benedictus
Hi Gate - Pitchin
Storm - Storm

They should be on the list...

I am looking for a 2 disc set from way back in 1999. From what I recall it was simply named Euro Trance 1999 (it could also be from 2000 but I am not sure). It has an orange label. If anyone knows where I might be able to find this cd set I would be incredibly grateful.

I might be wrong here but I think you are referring to ministry of sounds trance nation vol.1. (the very first). It was an orange cd that came in a black cardboard sleeve that leaves the orange spin in view. This is certainly THE definitive trance album and is mixed (and if you research the artists on there produced by) ferry corsten. This cd is so popular is has completely sold out. I had to get it imported from canada to the uk after they had imported it originally! I cannot recommend this cd enough. Look for it on the web or get in touch and ill try and give you a copy.

i cannot find this cd at all is there anywhere i can find it??

Hello, I appreciate the list. It let me know that I liked alot of it but trance must not be exactly what is my favorite. The beats favor house, whereas I like melodies that lean more toward breaks. Several of the artists you list are some of my favorites, however how would you categorize songs/artists/albums like:

Classic: Lost Tribe Distant Voices (Angel Edit)

Relative New Favorites:
Sashsa: Airdrawndagger (especially Requium)
Cirrus: Counterfeit (Matter of Time, Boomerang)
BT: Emotional Tech

Favotites (Prob listened to a million times):
Northern Exposure 2
Hardkiss Delusions of Grandeur

OK im stuck in the late 90's I admit it. Been out of the scene for a while. Thats why this site helps.

PS. Been looking for a really old record mabye 1994,95. I beleive it is by "The Drum Club II" ??and I beleive it was called "The Beat" or something like that. The were two notable voice samples: "The Beat that cannot be denied", and one song started with a phone message with a guy talking about a new record he got saying "It is totally bad ass, totally bad ass". Sound familiar to anyone?

Thanks for listening.

wnat to know if you have found the song.......if you have.....I have been looking for this song since i heard a mix in 1995 and can't find it. Thanks

Hi, I just want to say awesome job on the list, you have pretty much gotten every song that I would have included save one: Space Manouvres' Stage One. Whether or not you like the song, you have to respect it's affect on the scene. It appeared in some form on almost half of Oakenfold's famous '99 essential mix sets, as well as countless other mix cds from the time period, most notably Sasha and Digweed's Northern Exposure: III. I don't know if it would fall under '98 or '99, but I think it definitely warrants consideration for your list.

I definitely love it! This list has, however, mostly been discontinued. It lives on in the form of it's highly improved descendant "The Top *** trance songs of all time, in order of best to...least best." I don't think it matters what year a song is from when you're a listener, only that the song is enjoyable (as a DJ it's a different matter, but...). Anyways, Space Manoeuvres is on the descendant of this list. You can find it under my content.

Hey all, am a mega dance fan :) got a few tracks for you to all to consider...

Schiller - Das Glockenspiel - not a full on trancer but its simple and works :)

Esp - The traveller - rmx'd 'dr who' theme all i can say it's gotta b heard!!

The digital blonde - Gothica - nice dark trance stomper :)

Discovery - Missing 'john 'oo' fleming remix - another dark trance stomper :)

DJ Jean - The Launch - it's a good track izzit not?

Bluephaze - The Bell - A quality acid techno track!

I can't believe these next two tracks aren't on the list or if they are i din't see em!

Beam & Yanou - The Freefall (The opus) - now this is gotta one of my fav's of all time just listen to this one got everything u need :)

Apex - Virtuoso (Airheadz Remix)now along with 'rank 1 - airwave' this sounds just as godly in my opinion :)

Those last two tracks have got to be added pure classics in my opinion & "they take you there" what trance is all about, Peace out 4 now dj shakespeare :) :) :)

Ohh and Mauro picotto - lizard - i think thats what its called another god-like track gotta be added folks :)

OHH OHH OHH 'blue fear - armin van buuren' another godly one JUST BRILL!

OHH OHH OHH OHH OHH OHH and not to sure of the artist but 'sister sister' godly also :)

& the big brother tv theme is also a well made trancer may as well b added err "element four" did it :)

Proper peace out 4 now - take it from me most of those should be added :) :) :)

Some of them are actually on the other list, just lcick my name, and click "top 250 trance songs, in order of best to...least best," and repost the list there. Oooooh...some excellent classics on your little list...

I've pretty much stopped with this list though, it's a weaker format than the other one. I'm pretty far ahead of this one with it, some of these are on it, in fact...

The only one I really disagree with is "The Launch." It's not trance music, for two reasons:
1)It's not trance.
2)It's not music.
I've got a nice little commentary on it in the forum attached to the other list...
I don't know, I just REALLY don't like the track...

U r right, "The Launch" I needn't too.

[XRM]-Electronic is my favourite internet radio and I dont like just only this track.

Good job darktremor, Trance is the best :)

In my opinion

Fragma - Man In The Moon

is very good and its remixes by Duderstadt and Kadozer too.

I think that CAFE DEL MAR ist the best trance song ever(but I dont now wich of them is the best) :)

I think Cafe Del Mar 98 is the best mix :)

What do you think of the Three-n-One Remix?

I've actually never heard it - is it any good?
I'll have to download it if's just there are SOOOO many remixes of that song...

It's awesome! I liked it coz it's different...


Haven't heard?
Nu-nrg-bonsai, alt+f4-alt+f4, avanto-the flute,
ayumi hamasaki-trauma(dumonde remix) and ayu-m(above andbeyond rmx)
for a liveset i'd recommend nu-nrg-live at orgasmatron(a radio show)

4-Strings - take me away
4-strings - diving (cosmic gate rmx)
Beam - amun(cosmic gate rmx)
Chemistry - We are one
G&M project - Sunday Afternoon
Marco V - Simulated
Svenson&Gielen - Beauty of silence
Sun Decade - I'm alone (ronski speed mix)
All above = melodic trance

Maybe you could also include 2005 now? That would be great...

Wow! Darktremor, nice list. Also into the trance and harder side of things :). Also have a list of my favourate traxx, @ Just click on the 'best dance traxx ever' link. Hope u enjoy!

Good idea, but this list is pretty much defunct - I add the tracks to the "top ??? trance tracks of all time" list...

Besides, i haven't been following it as closely this year...

Ah well, might do it anyway.


seem like a forgot one!!
Gamemaster - Paul Oakenfold remix!!

Nope, it's on there.

What do u think of the

Velvet - China In Your Hand

Beam & Yanou - Rainbow Of Mine (Cyros Radio Mix)

very very good

I've actually never heard them: I'll get back to you when my soulseek goes back up and they download...

Better China In Your Hands :)

That almost sounds like an ancient proverb...

Moving on, my soulseek still isn't up, as the internet on my computer containing all my MP3s is still down, I'm responding from my sister's: I still haven't got them...

Some realy good tunes.

Andrew Bennett - Ocean Drive (Probspot Remix)(I would not call this trance, but still, I love that song)

Aly and Fila - Spirit of Ka (Markus Schulz mix). A very uplifting trance.

Ozgur Can - Over Nothing at All (A very simple, but good and poweful song)

Max Graham - Yaletown

Bakke & Ljungqvist - Fanatic (Intro mix).

CAN ANYONE HELP ME????????????????????


U'VE BEEN.......




I found you the song: Ultrabeat - Big Bang

I also found you the "Caps Lock" button. It's directly to the left of the "a" key.

I have fallen in love with this sweet ass techno song that i heard a couple of years ago in my friends caddy with two 10's banging! I can only remember a few words from The song but the treble not so much just the bass was mind blowing. In the middle of the song it goes "Ill nevER, ill never, ill never let you goooooooooo and then the bass hits hard 3 times and then the treble just goes crazy and i cannot find this song anywhere. PLEASE HELP ME FIND THIS SONG.
AIM S/N: Numba1SkinzFan

Would it be Lasgo - I Close my Eyes?

That track is possibly the furthest thing possible from techno. What you have there is trance. Specifically epic euro poptrance. Not techno.

I have to Applaud, brother. one of the most comprehensive lists, i have ever seen.

Iv'e scanned you list a few times, and there are a few artists whom i thought should at least get a mention.

Union Jack - a collaboration between Platipus label boss Simon Berry and Claudio Giussani.

The Hardkiss Brothers - Gavin, Scott and Robbie Hardkiss are a trio of San Francisco djs and producers who helped bridge the gap between hippy and raver with some of the most innovative sonic architecture of our time, and Instrumental pioneers in the early 90's San Fran. trance scene.

Marc et Claude - Marc Romboy and Klaus "Claude" Derichs defined German Trance in the late 90's

Blue Amazon - Lee Softley and James Reid produced many classic trancers in the mid to late 90's






"We Came In Peace" by Dance 2 Trance (1991)

"Sweet Dreams For Kaa" by Cosmic Baby (1992)

"Out of Body Experience" R.I.T.M (1992)

"Love Stimulation" by Humate (1993)

"Two Full Moons And A Trout" by Union Jack (1993)

"For an Angel" by Paul Van Dyk (1994)

"Four Seasons" Blue Amazon (1995)

"Cosmic Greets Florida" Cosmic Baby (1995)

"Red Herring" by Union Jack (1995)

"La" Marc et Claude (1997)

guess thats about it for now. :)

Thank you, but I suggest looking at the other list: "top 350 trance songs of all time, in order of best to least best": this is basically just a warm-up for that, and most of those tracks are, in fact, on it. I decided it was a better system than arranging by year. you can find it by clicking my name, then clicking the list under my profile.

Thanks for the suggestions anyway :) :) :)

hey darktremor am really amazed bout da knowledge u have in almost everythin!!! i juz started liznin 2 trance and i like bennybenassi atb and tiesto mainly can u tell me sum more good artists or tracks...2 start of wid

excellent site.

can't someone clarify what song is this line from:

...See me Feel me Touch me Heal me...

it was repeating many times...women's voice over ambien/trance... no beats...

email me the answer if you can.

There are a lot of songs with those lyrics...could you Yousendit the song to me? i might be able to identify it.

hey man that song line is play by the rasmus
"in the shadows"

Yeah, liked your list except for one thing, your classification of Über tunes is kinda lame, no offence, but since when is Castles in the sky classified like that ?
And better off alone
I'm not an elitist prick but just cause the masses appreciate something doesn't neccesarily make it good, you want an Über tune, try Flaming June by BT or Xpander by Sasha or maybe something that i heard the other night while i was out in Melbourne nad i nearly lost the plot when i heard it (or creamed my pants) Hip Hop Phenomena, it was wicked ... but don't classify these 'Über' tunes so because honestly they're nothing so special

I call them uber in their popularity. Not uber in their quality. Uber trance HIT. The uber qualifier is attached to the hit part, not the trance bit. They're decent tracks, certainly, but I'm not calling them best of all time. About par for anything in that year, they are only given "uber" stadium and radio play by sheer luck and timing. You're right, they're nothing special.

I agree with you completely, Xpander and Flaming June are far superior, in fact, these pop hits are over a hundred up in my "top 350 trance tracks in order of best to least best" list. Seriously, the masses have awful taste in trance. I would rather pull my ears off than have to hear that abominable Crazy Frog "song" one more time.

That's one of the central messages of my trance lists: popularity does not mean excellence. How could you have missed that?!?

Here, in case you don't end up finding my ordered trance list (it's under my name on this site, you should have no trouble tracking it down), here's the top 20:

Underworld - Born Slippy (NUXX).
Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar
Sasha - Xpander
Nalin & Kane - Beachball
Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea
The Age of Love - Age of Love
The Orb - Little Fluffy Clouds
Orbital - Halcyon On & On
Chicane - Offshore
Humate - Love Simulation
Salt Tank - Eugina
LSG - Netherworld
Underworld - Dark Train
The Thrillseekers - Synaesthesia
Push - Strange World
Cygnus X - The Orange Theme
Cygnus X - Superstring
Banco De Gaia - Heliopolis
Binary Finary - 1998
Atlantic Ocean - Waterfalls

More what you'd expect?
Note: no pop trance anywhere in the upper echelons. Better Off Alone appears at position 170, Castles in the Sky gets 304, and Sandstorm 87 (the only truly deserving uber-hit, you can argue this, but it was one of the better anthems of 1999, regardless of overplay).

This list was designed irregardless of the opinion of the masses. Does it really project the opposite point?
I do not pander to the lowest common denominator. I'm slightly offended anyone would suggest I'm doing such a thing with this list. (sorry if I seem a little annoyed, I just hate being accused of being the one thing that annoys me the most in musical opinion - imagine how the head of "Project Change" would react to being called a rascist.)

tell me some really good ambient trance record. i want to hear. i listen some ambient and im intrested

Air for Life (Airwave Remix) - Above & Beyond vs. Andy Moor

one of my favorite tracks of all time, it also has very ambient qualities

Chicane - Offshore
Leama - Requiem for a Dream
POS - Remember
Jam & Spoon - Stella
Orbital - Halcyon On & On
Air Liquide - If There Was No Gravity
Orbital - Belfast

That should do you for a bit.

Utmost respect and applause Darktremor for producing such an outstanding list! Thank you!
I suggest however that Sunscreem has been woefully overlooked here. Their albums O3 and Change or Die were topped only by the definitive lesson in trance that is "Looking at You". Am I mistaken?

Fantastic list you have here:) Some songs i have forgotten that i got after reading this:)
However some great songs are missing:p

Try out my other list, on the top 350 trance songs of all time. I don't really add to this list anymore, I use the other one instead.

hey darktremor i juz started liznin 2 bennybenassi atb and tiesto and i like da music a lot can u tell me sum more good tracks by different artists pls help me out there are so many songs over here and i dont know which ones 2 download

Well, get as many as you can.

hey darktremor, I've read your list a couple of times and i have to admit it is quite impressive. I've been listening to electronic music for at least 6 years now and trance is by far the best! I have a question and a comment. Question: Is benni bennassi considered trance? or house? If you can be even more specific that would be great. Comment: I've really taken a liking for two artists in particular. Chemistry and Neo Cortex. I recommend you listen to:

- Heartbeats/Chemistry
- Storm of Light/Neo Cortex

I'll have to check them out, for sure, thanks! :)

Anyways, Benny Benassi is electrotrance, or electroclash, depending on who you talk to. (personally, I don't see the electroclash at all, this is too trancy for such a gritty genre).

Hey tremor, i was wondering if there's a way to get private lessons to compose trance music? I heard somewhere that you are canadian. So am I. Also should check out the song Ecstacy by Darude. That's a classic in my books!

Nope, just learn how to use production programs. Or maybe become a sound engineer, that'll give you the studio knowledge to make trance more easily.

(BTW my above descriptions of trance and techno are horribly ignorant and mostly incorrent. I'll correct this at a later date, when I have the time)

In your opinion, what is the best production program out there for some 1 like me who has never really had experience composing before. BTW would u happen to know when the next time Armin van buuren is coming to Montreal?

There's Cakewalk and then there's Ejay and many many more.

As well as Acid, Ableton Live, Fruityloops (I'm not a big fan), Reason, and Cubase.

Well done with your top 350! i have a question though... I heard a song somewhere that i have not been able to find anywhere else... the only lyrics in it are "we come in peace"... it has a badass piano solo in it also... the beat is sic and i was just wondering if u might know which song it is??? thx

dude im looking for that song too! i have it on a mix cd but i dont know what it is... if you know it lemme know ... IM me at ooobluyumyum0o0 ... sic song!!

Hey Darktremor, love the list!!

I will try and add some of my fave trance tracks as well!

ive heard about this song and i heard it was really really good. "Pure Imagination" by Ford feat Jori. its a vocal trance remake of the willy wonka song. I never heard of it before and just wanna know if this song is good or not or possibly amazing. anyway, thanks for the help

My cheese-o-meter exploded when I read that.

I've never heard it, but from your description, my suggestion is to avoid it at all costs.

BTW, why do you need me to tell you if a song is good or not? Shouldn't you come to your own decision? Music is an entirely personal thing,, my opinion should mean very little to you.

The point of this list isn't to tell you what you should like, it's a list of musical recommendations and interesting songs. The reason for the quality control, is because I only recommend songs that are extremely good. And by good, I mean, songs I like (and/or important, innovative and interesting songs that everyone should like, but I like pretty much all of those anyway.)

Glad you enjoy it :)

I suggest looking at my "top 350 trance songs in order of best to...least best" list though - it's far better for this sort of thing.

I pretty much don't update this list anymore, I use the other one instead.

On 12/03/05 at 5:02 PM, gauhar wrote:
I was at Armin Van Buuren's concert last night and it was too good to be true...
I heard a song there and there was a guy sayin some words. I was somewhat tipsy but somehow i managed to type the words on my phone from what the guy was saying:
it was something like this.. im not sure it was completely this...
Could someone please tell me the song? Ive been looking for it madly... i really wana hear this song again... [ reply to gauhar ]

On 12/03/05 at 5:04 PM, gauhar replied:
i think it was
im sorry but i was a lil tipsy..
and then something something SPACE!
n more... i tried looking around but i only found
Aluna - All i need is time (it is a song from armin's album) but that is not the song....! :(
PLEASE HELP! i really wana hear dat song [ reply to gauhar ]

Anybody know what is the name and artist of this song.I am not sure if it is a RMX of an old hit..lyrics go something like this:
All I need is time , time
to dance it all the way *
I don't remember touching you
and giving you the best of my time
... missing ...
I want the rhythm
... missing ...
I move further away
... missing ...
All I need is time , time
to dance it all the way *

Yes pls pls pls pls
im desperate for this song :(

"All i need is time time
to dance it all the way"

Hey, I just found the song!!!!

Jennifer Carbonell - Time (Hernandez Vs DJ Tyo Club Mix)

I was at Armin Van Buuren's concert last night and it was too good to be true...
I heard a song there and there was a guy sayin some words. I was somewhat tipsy but somehow i managed to type the words on my phone from what the guy was saying:
it was something like this.. im not sure it was completely this...
Could someone please tell me the song? Ive been looking for it madly... i really wana hear this song again...

i think it was
im sorry but i was a lil tipsy..
and then something something SPACE!
n more... i tried looking around but i only found
Aluna - All i need is time (it is a song from armin's album) but that is not the song....! :(
PLEASE HELP! i really wana hear dat song

Way out west - mindcircus ?

lol sorry i mixed up. try ask at

Actually, I'm also leaning towards Way Out West - Mindcircus.

Hi. I like your in your profile and some posts. Thought you might be able to help me too so..., do you or anyone else know the songs and artists that these synth lines are taken from? IOW, what songs are these melodies found in, specifically? Referring especially to the opening trance like themes in both demo mp3s but also the melodic themes further into the demos. Thanks in advance...


Well done with your top 350! i have a question though... I heard a song somewhere that i have not been able to find anywhere else... the only lyrics in it are "we come in peace"... it has a badass piano solo in it also... the beat is sic and i was just wondering if u might know which song it is??? thx
I had a look at my personal music collection... :) I believe the track you’re talking about is "Dj HyDrO - Trippin the Trance"


Dance 2 Trance - We came in peace


Thanks guys... I got it..
It's Marco V - False Light

have you heard of infected mushroom if so do you know of any artist that are similar.

2005 TranceAddict Tune of the Year: 1st Half Nomination Results

1 Perasma - Swing 2 Harmony
2 Jonas Steur - Silent Waves
3 Purple Haze - Adrenaline
4 Deep Dish - Say Hello
5 Above & Beyond vs. Andy Moor - Air For Life
6 Luminary - My World
7 Gabriel & Dresden - Arcadia
8 Phynn - Lucid
9 Jonas Steur - Castamara
10 Ava Mea - In The End
11 Interstate - I Found U
12 Tilt - Twelve
13 Andy Moor - Halcyon
14 The Killers - Mr. Brightside (Jaques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke Dub Mix)
15 Synergy - Hello Strings
16 Whiteroom feat. Amy Cooper - Someday

2005 TranceAddict Tune of the Year: 2nd Half Nomination Results

1 Dogzilla - Without You
2 Pryda - Aftermath
3 Kuffdam & Plant - Summerdream
4 Marcel Woods - Advanced
5 Bart Claessen - Playmo (1st Play)
6 Mike Foyle vs. Signalrunners - Love Theme Dusk
7 Markus Schulz & Departure with Gabriel & Dresden - Without You Near
8 Marco V - False Light
9 Above & Beyond feat. Gabriel & Dresden - Zocalo
10 Mark Otten - So Serene
11 Kosmas Epsilon - Innocent Thoughts
12 The Drill - The Drill
13 Mr. Sam - Lyteo
14 Röyksopp - What Else Is There?
15 Smith & Pledger - Northern Lights
16 Jose Amnesia vs. Serp - Second Day

There you go everyone!

Some of the songs are house music! However they retain the same energy as trance.

what about oakenfold? u hardly mention him in any list of urs - whats up with that?

hi everyone

does anyone know the artist name of the song independence? (not lulu)
...late 90's...those of you in california might remember it from "together as one" 2000


Notice to everyone:
I won't really be here for a while. Until about early May (2006), I'm pretty much entirely tied down to the rest of my life: I'm going to have almost no time at all to respond or update here. I may make an occasional post, but don't expect anything regular (and don't take offense if I don't answer you for a very very long time).

Sorry to anyone who has posted and I can't respond to: I'm juggling university (a SCIENCE degree, in others words the nightmare of university existence - this is a complete time filler as it is), a (very serious - not in nature, in depth of relationship) girlfriend, two entirely seperate groups of friends, several plays, several clubs, and possibly soon a job. There really isn't time left to handle answering comments...

Goodbye for now everyone! (I'll be back again, eventually). It's been fun.

Here is my favourite trance tracklist:

(randomly written)

1 Marcel Woods - Advanced
2 Armin Van Buuren - Serenity
3 Tiesto - Adagio For Strings
4 The Drill - The Drill
5 Vanessa Mae - White Bird (cosmic gate rmx)
6 Purple Haze - Adrenaline
7 Paul Van Dyk - For An Angel
8 Tiesto - Traffic
9 Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar (marco v rmx)
10 Cosmic Gate - Exploration of Space
11 Armin Van Buuren - Shivers
12 Barthezz- On The Move
13 Darude - Sandstorm
14 Ferry Corsten - Fire
15 Paul Van Dyk - Another Way
16 Rank 1 - Airwave
17 The Drill - The Drill (paolo bolognesi mix)
18 Rank 1 - Awakening (cosmic gate rmx)
19 Voodoo n Serano - Blood Is Pumpin' (club mix)
20 Tiesto - Love Comes Again
21 Armin Van Buuren - Naked Angel
22 Public Domain - Operation Blade
23 Marco V - Simulated
24 The Chamber - Inertia
25 Andy Moor vs. Above & Beyond - Air For Life


Can anyone help me, I’ve herd a mad remix version of Leftfield - Open Up.. I cant seem to find it, it's a lot faster and just repeats the first keys from the start of the song.. Much appreciated to anyone that can help me.

leftfield - open up (chemical brothers remix)

I have searched on the internet and I have found my favourite mix from 1994.

Techno Trance Mega Mix 1994

01 Mo-Do - Eins, Zwei Polizei
02 Robert Armani - Hit Hard
03 The Prodigy - No Good
04 Age - Doomsday
05 The Apex - Dear Hi-Shock
06 Cherry Moon Trax - House Of House
07 ICE MC - It's A Rainy Day
08 Jam & Spoon - Find Me
09 The Hunter - Daydream
10 Rozzo - Into Your Heart
11 Secret Cinema - Timeless Altitude
12 Traxmen & Eric Martin - Ride Me Baby
13 Tapp - Shake That Ass
14 The Operator - This Is The Ultimate
15 Indo Tribe - Owl
16 BKS - I'm In Love With You
17 The Outhere Brothers - Don't Stop
18 Kristine W - Feel What You Want
19 Pizzaman - Trippin' On Sunshine
20 Tony Di Bart - Do It
21 X-Static - I'm Standing
22 Kaf'e - Can You See It
23 Gems For Jem - Lifting Me Higher
24 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor - Let Me Be Free
25 Def Dames Dope - Out Of My Mind
26 Olga - I'm A Bitch
27 2 Unlimited - No One
28 B.O.D. - No More Mind Games
29 Dave Clarke - Wisdom To The Wise
30 Drax - Amphetamine
31 V-Tracks - Subway 26
32 The Ultimate Seduction - Organ Seduction
33 Jens - Loops & Tings
34 Thunderball - It's Your DJ
35 Zolex - Time Modulator (The Black Out Remix)
36 The O.T. Quartet - Hold That Sucker Down (Rmx)
37 Pancake - Don't Let You Go
38 Dajaé - It's All Over My Face
39 Beyond - Opus 1

You can listen to this huge mix on

This isn’t the remix I’m talking about, although thanks for helping. ^_^

totally agree with motorcycle as the rush comes!!!!

Hey thanks for the list! it's helped a lot I didn't know what I was looking for before. Think anyone could ID a song for me if I send it to them?

Yes, I could try to help you. As for finding songs, most tell me this list: here is better for finding tracks than this one (although they had to bury the comments on it, since it started eating bandwidth - but anything posted there now will stay, for sure.)

hey thanks, it's been bugging me for a while. It doesn't have very many lyrics, but I think the female vocalist is saying "...but you should know, you should know." that's at the very beginning. It's only like 1:58 and the rest of the song is really high energy clubby trance. If those are the right words, kind of new sorry. Anyway I could let you listen to it?

What rooms do you use on soulseek to d/l?


Minimal techno, Experimental electronic, power electronics, ambient alvays beat trance ! Trance alvays sounds cheesy ! There's only good trance songs, no albums !! and true music lovers listen to ALBUMS, no songs /: !!

just found a track titled "Fragma vs Darude vs 666 vs Dj aligator vs atb - Tocastorm". Probably not the correct name but i thought it was a good twist on "Darude's sandstorm".

"My Odyssey" by Scarf is incredible

Hi there.
You have done great job here
I am looking for a song wich i think is a trance song. I don't remember the title or anything. I just remember that it begins with the ring of some bells and the words in the song go like this "Come on, dance with me let your body ....".
Thank you in advance and sorry for my english.
Keep up the good work.

i think the song is Age of love - The age of love

I was searching the web looking for any help in finding a certain club song. Not sure the exact year of this song, but around 1995 96, the club I was going to would play this awesome trance song with a soaring female vocal, lyrics I think were "I sawwwwwwwwwww?????" and the video had 2 guys in big hats dancing behind her from what I remember....It had a Deelite Groove is in the Heart scenery effect to it. Can ANYONE help me out here? email me PLEASE. TY : )

hey can any1 give me the lyrics for lonly raver by club4mation please and email them to me at thanks

Awesome list! Though, I miss the much overlooked artist CONCEPT. Even today his album CONCEPT (2001) sounds fresh! Tracks like 'Waveform', 'The Night the Earth Stood Still' and 'Eternal Life' should rank amongst the most divine trance ever.

one track thats missing on that list which think should be added is Sasha/Emersion - Scorchio. After 6 years it was released it still sounds fresh as it did then. Good list btw.