bands with stand-up drummers

  • moxy fruvous
  • jellyfish
  • violent femmes
  • guster
  • eddie from ohio
  • jesus & mary chain*
  • phil collins**
  • soulfly***
  • deadcats***
  • black stone***
  • jazz butcher conspiracy***
  • southern culture on the skids***
  • louis king***
  • low (per divajazz)
Author Comments: 

a unique phenomenon, i think (clarification: that is, drummers who stand up to play). can you think of any more than i've listed here? any musicians want to enlighten me to the pros and cons?

*at least they did at one time...

**he's not a band, but has been known to do it occasionally

***i've personally never heard these artists, but confirmed their places on this list via the internet.

I'm pretty sure Low has a standup drummer, too

i must say that, as a drummer, i disagree with much of your list. although i respect everyone's opinions when it comes to music (it is so very personal), there are some universal things like skill) which make people great musicians. it also bothered me that although you hadn't heard 6 of the bands on the list, you were content to place them in this category.

so, if i may...

matt cameron from soundgarden (and now pearl jam); kevin coultas from rodan; doug scharin from rex, HIM, june of 44, codeine, and the letter e; neil peart from rush (voted best drummer in the universe so many times they had to bar him so others could win); mitch mitchell from the jimi hendrix experience; keith moon from the who; damon che from don caballero (words can't describe); zakir hussein (ravi shankar's drummer); trilok gurtu (one of the best fusion drummers around); and carter beauford of the dave matthews band (for the popular music likers).

contrary to popular belief, mickey hart of the grateful dead is NOT a good drummer. he just happens to know a lot of good drummers and weasel his name onto things they do so that makes him seem like he knows what he's doing.

obviously, this list could go on and on ( i didn't even include the jazz greats) and everyone has their tastes, but no matter the style, you have to respect talent. and if you haven't heard them for yourself, why judge? your other lists seemed to be full of personal inspection and insight and i'd like to see that here.

It doesn't seem to me that Taryn was judging anybody on this list. It is not called, "Great Stand-Up Drummers." She's simply listed bands with stand up drummers. I don't see anything here that says she loves or respect the people on the list. Check the title.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

yeah! whats up rippin in to Taryn like that. I'm with the bangsmeister on this one. Read the title of the list before you start cutting in to somebody. Much Love


Simply put, as illustrated above, these are STAND-UP not STAND-OUT...a list of outstanding drummers could go on and on, and frankly, many of taryn's would not make my cut...props to taryn

Having watched taryn's Listology career from the beginning (along with everybody else's :-), I can tell you that she wins the "most frequently misunderstood Listologist" award hands down. I'm sure we could do some kind of study to figure out why, but until then I'll remain baffled.

This one just looks like a case of a misread title to me. It may be that jdr1051 is a newcomer (certainly new to me) and thought all lists here were based in value judgements.

While the misunderstanding is hashed out above, can you, as a drummer, help taryn out with the "any musicians want to enlighten me to the pros and cons [of stand-up drumming]?" question? know, i was about to fall asleep last night and this post crossed my mind. all of a sudden i had this awful sinking feeling when i realized that taryn meant, quite literally, that these drummers actually stand up when they play. i was thinking stand-up relating more to talent and not thinking literally at all. so let me apologize PROFUSELY to taryn for jumping the gun...

in terms of pros and cons, which i also seemed to overlook, to each his own, no? jimi hendrix preferred playing a right-handed guitar strung upside down because he was a lefty.

again, my apologies...

:) Wow, I never thought about that. I can see where someone might read "stand up" similar to "stand out" and mistake the point of the list.

Well, I at least now certainly understand how that mistake could be made.

Welcome to Listology, by the way. You really should create a drummer list of your own, as I found your comments very interesting (and I was very happy to see you include Keith Moon. For some reason, most of the drummer I know can't stand him. I think he's the tops.).

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Heck, almost every time I've stepped in to chastise (which I wasn't doing here, since it was a more obvious misunderstanding than some others) it's turned out that the "abusive post" was really a new-to-Listology family member of the "victim" just talking smack. Anyway, an honest mistake. Hope we haven't scared you away! Sounds like you've got some very interesting music lists in you.

gosh, i step away for a couple days and all this controversy ensues! thanks everybody for clearing up the misunderstanding--it's nice to know people are watching out for me. and i do have to say, jim, i don't try to be misleading... it just happens! *grin*

as far as the pros/cons aspect, i was thinking maybe there would be a chiropractic effect of some kind--having most of your weight on one hip all the time probably messes up your back! (can anybody with medical knowledge back that up?)

moi...scared??'s good to be put in your place sometimes, right? besides, i would never talk smack about taryn considering we have the same employer.

anyways, about the pros and cons to playing standing up...i was thinking about this last night. i've actually tried playing standing up and it just doesn't work, but that's because my kit isn't raised. i personally think that drum kits are meant to be played sitting down. in order to really use the foot pedals properly and effectively you need to have your butt planted to lift your feet of the ground. it's really not like tapping your foot. and when you have to count time with the high-hats and use the bass pedal at the same time there's no way to really do it standing up unless you go airborn or unless you keep your heel planted which doesn't give you proper control.

i would actually guess that sitting down is worse for you than standing while playing. i have awful posture as it is and i slouch even more when i play because there is no back to my throne. even if there was a back on it, i don't think you're supposed to just lean back and play.

so, there's my humble opinion on this matter. i do have tons of lists in my head, but i might never get around to putting them up on here. although, a great use of lists in a book is nick hornby's high fidelity (yes, the movie with john cusack was based on it, and did a really good job of sticking close to the story).

good call on High Fidelity--i love that movie. and did you see this list of mine? [subliminal message: start your lists today!]

(ps: i wouldn't be spreading it around that you work here... besides, wouldn't that be *more* reason to talk smack? jk)

okokok...i did it. i put up my very first list: Great Drummers, of course. i'd put a fancy link to it here, but i'm sure you can all figure out how to get to it.

Eddie From Ohio - "Eddie" is the drummer, and often does solos on the djembe standing, but I'm actually not sure about the more conventional stuff (whether he's standing).

Uh, according to your list, you HAVE seen Eddie From Ohio.

it's true... i have seen them, but it was at one of those festivals where everybody blurs together, so i don't really even remember what they looked like. thanks for the addition, btw!

Another band with a stand-up drummer is called "The Rhythm Dragons".They are a Rockabilly Trio out of Phoenix,Arizona.They have many C.D. albums out and tour the United States and Europe each year.