25 Worst Rock Bands/Artists of all time

  • 25. Bruce Springsteen - Because each list must have its share of controversy.
  • 24. Styx - They had a couple songs which were just good enough to save them from being a complete throwaway, but really, they're amazingly lowsy.
  • 23. REO Speedwagon - Of bands that begin with the letters "RE", this band ranks last. R.E.M. is the best band of all time. REO Speedwagon? The 23rd worst.
  • 22. The Grateful Dead - I put them on my list of the 25 best American bands of all time, but they're also clearly one of the worst. I mean, they existed for 30 years and the closest they came to a meaningful record is I once a Grandpaboy (Paul Westerberg) release misfiled into the Dead section. Other than that, they've never come close.
  • 21. The Moody Blues - Psychadelic music at its worst, and that's saying something.
  • 20. Dave Matthew's Band - Not that they're horrible, but that they're not good. Their songs all sound alike and like they ripped off every half-decent band that came before them. At least the Goo Goo Dolls had the decency to rip off a good band, albeit pathetically.
  • 19. Depeche Mode - See Below.
  • 18. Motley Crue - They're just so bad. In fact, they would be lower, but I had already written reviews for the bottom 17 when I remembered their sorrowful existence. Consider this as a 10-place save because I forgot about them.
  • 17. Live - Ok, I'll admit that Throwing Copper was a great album, but the band did not even have another song that was listenable until their most recent album, which actually had one really good song, which is enough to earn this band the "Stunning comeback from utter atrocity to semi-respectability by sheer luck" award.
  • 16. U2 - Had they broke up after War, they'd be on my list of the 100 best artists of all time. Instead, the band became a joke, suddenly returned in 2000 with an album with 4 good songs, before releasing what almost any other band would call their worst album but U2 can't since they had Pop, Zooropa, Achtung Baby, and Joshua Tree....
  • 15. Counting Crows - Because having one amazing love ballad that ranks as one of the 200 or so best songs of all time ("A Long December") does not erase a vastly overplayed song about an obnoxious lead singer's penis ("Mr. Jones").
  • 14. Any modern Emo band - I almost left this off the list, because when you think of it, Emo really doesn't meet any of the qualifications of music, such as being interesting or accessible to listen to without ear plugs.
  • 13. Asia - Because they really just suck.
  • 12. Oasis - Coldplay without the obsession with the Piano.
  • 11. Coldplay - Oasis without the one good song (Ok, I like "Yellow"...).
  • 10. Goo Goo Dolls - Utter ripoffs of the Replacements. Ok, "Name" was a great song, but that was it. And considering they're the only thing left that was influenced by the last Rock & Roll band to ever grace the Earth, it's sad that this is the 'Mats legacy....
  • 9. Don McLean - "American Pie" never ends, but really, nothing else he ever wrote even began.
  • 8. Genesis - The band was sub-mediocre with Peter Gabriel. The band was sub-redeemable with Phil Collins. Speaking of which....
  • 7. Phil Collins - Basically everything that was wrong with the '80s....
  • 6. Jefferson Starship/Starship - I think this choice is fairly self explanatory, although Jefferson Airplane wasn't bad....
  • 5. Pearl Jam - Alright, I have bias here: I really, really, really, really cannot stand Eddie Vedder's voice. So sue me...
  • 4. Chicago - Name one reason they shouldn't be on this list? Name just one....
  • 3. Kansas - Carry on Wayward Son isn't horrible. Everything else is.
  • 2. Creed - This band is saved from being #1 not because they aren't so horrendous, but because they split up.
  • 1. Nickelback - They actually have one redeeming factor: they're not Creed. However, they've been creating horrible music longer so they are #1, even if Creed is twice as bad.
  • Honorable Mention (with reason they were saved):
  • Nirvana - Because they had some good songs on Nevermind, even though every emo band loves them.
  • John Cougar - Because I didn't have enough room on the list to include him.
  • The Beatles - Because I'd be shot, even though Paul McCartney wrote half the songs and because John Lennon wasn't that much better. Best song: "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" by George Harrison.
  • J. Geils Band - Because "Centerfold" is so amazing.
  • Thin Lizzy - Because I've never actually heard anything except "The Boys are Back in Town."
  • Scott Stapp - Because he's only released one solo album, but I assume that it's as bad as anything Creed ever wrote.
  • matchbox twenty - Because they're just too catchy to flat-out hate.
  • Spin Doctors - Because they faded into obscurity rather quickly.
  • Led Zeppelin - Because they're actually liked by (other) people with good music tastes.
  • The Outfield - Because nobody really cares about them.
  • Anal Cunt - Because they are the best song titlist of all time.

I couldn't agree more for numbers one and two, but I have some issues with some of the others.

This list is pretty pathetic. I agree with some in the top 25, but your honorable mentions are terrible. Who DO you like?

No shit. He lists 2 of the best bands of all time in The Beatles and Led Zeppelin as 2 of the worst. And he hates Motley Crue. Good question, who does he like?

Not the worst list I've ever read but I still can't agree with some choices.First of all Motley Crue no way. They would be somewhere on my best bands of all time list. And even though I'm not Jefferson Starship's #1 fan,they had some decent songs. I wasn't a big fan of Genesis either but I liked Phil Collins solo. Besides he's a phenomenal drummer.And my next question for you is, where are shittybands like Marilyn Manson, Limp Biscuit, Korn, and Red Hot Chili Peppers? Now those are 4 bands that should have been on this list.

You're right you do need to be shot for saying The Beatles and especially Led Zeppelin need to be on this list. C' Mon dude those are 2 legendary, ground breaking bands!

What is with the hatred that people have for Nickleback? I'm not saying they're a great band or even a good band, but I can name 100 bands worst than them. Most of this list is other than Motley Crue. Nobody's going to tell me that they're worst than the 4 bands I've named above (Manson, Korn,Limp Biscuit, and the Peppers. They opened for 3 Doors Down and they put on a decent show.