The 20 Greatest Live Albums

  1. The Allman Brothers- At the Fillmore East
  2. The Band- The Wall
  3. James Brown- Live at the Apollo
  4. Pink Floyd-Live At Pompeii
  5. Johnny Cash- At Folsom Prison
  6. Nirvana- Unplugged in New York
  7. Neil Young- Live Rush
  8. The Who- Live at Leeds
  9. The Grateful Dead- Live Dead
  10. Phish- A Live One
  11. Sam Cooke- Live at the Harlem Square Club, 1963
  12. Led Zeppelin- How the West was Won
  13. Peter Frampton- Frampton Comes Alive!
  14. The Grateful Dead- Without a Net
  15. Led Zeppelin- BBC Sessions
  16. Deep Purple- Made in Japan
  17. Rolling Stones- Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!
  18. Eric Clapton- Unplugged
  19. The Roots- Roots Come Alive
  20. Matisyahu- Live at Stubbs

Bob Dylan - The Bootleg Series Vol. 4: Bob Dylan Live 1966, The "Royal Albert Hall" Concert

One of the most famous concerts in rock music. The gig after the first time Dylan went electric.