10 Great Neil Young Songs

  1. Ohio
  2. Heart of Gold
  3. After the Gold Rush
  4. Tell Me Why
  5. Comes a Time
  6. Cinnamon Girl
  7. Old Man
  8. Down By The River
  9. Helplessly Hoping
  10. Tonight's the Night

Wow, this list is incredibly close to what mine might look like. Frankly, Ohio is one of the best songs I have ever heard.

I'd probably have to find room on here for Needle and the Damage Done. I also really like Driveby.

Great list!

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

The Needle and the Damage Done is indeed a great song.

A list would not complete without Hey, Hey, My, My, Mr. Soul, The Loner and I've Been Waiting For You.

'Tell Me Why' is often missing from most Neil Young lists, but it is certainly one of my favourites.

I would add 'Like A Hurricane' very near the top.

i would added 'out on the weekend' and the live version of 'cowgirl in the sand' from 4 way street. so beautiful!!!! every time i hear that song i can't describe the feeling it gives me. Neil solo, only guitar and his voice...

Shown on BBC TV tonight 21st November (BBC 4 - satellite) a Neil Young solo concert (on guitar and piano) from 1971 - 30 minutes of bliss. Included was a 'new' song called 'Heart of Gold'.

poor. not a good list but yet again u cant go wrong with any neil.
best neil young songs and this is more moral obligation to enlighten everyone on his truly best songs THAT U MIGHT NOT HAVE HEARD
1.) cowgirl in the sand
2.)Hey Hey My My (Into the Black)
3.) cortez the killer
4.)needleand the damage done
5.) el derado (road of plenty)
6.) shots
7.) mellow my mind
8.) comes a time
9.) albequrque
10.) alabama
11.) out on the weekend
12.) dead man soundtrack
13.) love and war