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Goa Trance

Trance in its Purest Form

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This is a collation of the best tracks and albums of my favourite genre Goa Trance! Its a great introduction to the genre. There don't seem to be any Goa Trance specific lists on the web despite the "Goa sound" being distinct from mainstream trance, so I came up with this. All feedback is welcome though I warn you I'm totally biased in favour of Goa Trance as the best musical genre ever :P NOTE that this is a broad overview to the genre, so I've tried to keep bias out of it and included albums that mayn't be to my taste but are well regarded by others. If you're new to Goa trance, it may be easier for you to go through this short list first which has a complimentary torrent.

If you are a repeat visitor to this page, remember that new additions are always highlighted the way this line is.

If you feel I've missed out any noteworthy tracks, or have any other feedback in mind, don't hesitate to drop a reply.

First some QnAs on Goa Trance and this guide. If you know what Goa is then you can skip to the album list.

Q. Aaaaargh! I'm not going to listen to all this. Give me the 3 top albums! Why can't you put them in best to least best order so I know what I should listen to first?!!
A. Here is a short list of the best Goa tracks.

Its too difficult to arrange all this stuff in order. I ask you, which is best, Twisted, Trust in Trance or Alien Protein? Or maybe Lets Turn On, or Cosmology? Because I haven't the faintest idea. However, I have included some album descriptions which will help you decide what you want to check out first.

Ok, 3 albums you must get before anything else:
Hallucinogen - Twisted
Astral Projection - Trust in Trance
Etnica - Alien Protein

For a general flavour of Goa you can try getting Dragonfly presents: A Voyage into Trance mixed by Paul Oakenfold

Q. Whats the history behind Goa Trance?
A. Goa Trance is a subgenre of trance that originated in Goa, India stemming from the hippie influence. It had its roots in psyrock and the mid-80s electronic music in Europe. Goa Trance was also called "Trance Dance", hence the names of the Astral Projection and Cosmosis tracks. It slowly morphed into Psychedelic Trance around the turn of the millenium, and today there isn't much Goa Trance produced.

Here is a map of all the sub genres of psy and goa trance by Anoebis of Psynews. It was originally posted here. You can't see the whole thing properly so save it to your computer and then open it and zoom into the top left corner which shows Goa and its sub-genres.
Complete map of goa & psy trance

Goa is a small (by Indian standards) state halfway down India's western coastline which was a Portugese colony for hundreds of years. It still retains signs of Portugese influence, evident in the beautiful churches you'll find there, which makes it distinct from the rest of India in general. Perhaps this made the Goans more tolerant of hippies. Till the mid-70s hashish was legal and this coupled with the beautiful beaches and the freedom attracted them. Anyway, till the early 90s, no one really cared about the drugs. Then the police started cracking down and the scene shifted to other countries while Goa became a magnet for the usual tourist crowd.

Two albums which kicked the scene off were:
Project II Trance from way back in '93.
Order Odonata Volume 1 from '94.

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Nice to see this Goa list. I had intentions of making one, but I don't know what happened and now I just can't force myself to do it.
For a real contrast between goa and psy I would recommend checking Raja Ram's two labels: TIP Records and TIP.World. TIP Records were releasing melodic, organic and eastern influenced trance prior to 1998 from artists such as The Infinity Project, Doof and Psychopod, while on the other hand TIP.World is some kind of psy successor of TIP Records and they release this metallic, cold and mechanical type of trance from artists such as Alien Project, 1200 Mics and Logic Bomb.
BTW, Total Eclipse are really good, probably one of my favourite goa groups. I would also recommend Prana (actually everything from Tsuyoshi Suzuki), Blue Planet Corporation, Genetic, Electric Universe, Man With No Name (some of his tracks are really cheesy (especially stuff on Perfecto), but his debut album is one of the greatest trance albums in general) and already mentioned The Infinity Project.

Whoops! Don't know what I was thinking and how I omitted Man With No Name - Teleport.

Thanks for the feedback. I've heard Logic Bomb and Alien Project and they are utterly boring. Its almost trance or tech-trance at best.

I've heard Blue Planet Corporation - Xoco pretty decent; Space Tribe vs Electric Universe - Rabbit Hole very very good but it isn't 100% Goa; Genetic - Trancemission decent but not sure whether it'll make this list.

This is still a work in progress, atleast a month before all the descriptions, dates etc etc are fixed and put in place. Could you name the MWNN album you consider best and the specific albums/tracks from Total Eclipse, Prana, Genetic, BPC you feel are worth adding to this list. I'm not making a TOP # list so as long as its good, I'll add it.

I usually recommend to get everything you can (as you said, goa trance was a style that was produced for a very short period of time, so it's not that hard to collect or hear a lot of stuff) and choose for yourself. But here are my personal favourites, so you can start somewhere:

Man With No Name: get his debut album Moment Of Truth. It's probably the greatest goa trance album ever, alongside Twisted and Trust In Trance. There are no weak tracks here, but if I have to choose I'd say the best are Evolution with that beautiful spacey atmosphere and Low Commotion. And if you like acid, you'll probably love Floor-Essence (Dayglo Mix). It's pure acid bliss.

Total Eclipse: I would recommend their first track called Total Eclipse for the start. It doesn't sound as psychadelic as their later material, but that's because it was produced in 1993, and it represents goa trance in its forming stage. Actually, it's one of the first goa tracks ever. Some other tracks that are equally good or even better: Sound Is Solid (both Original and Simon Posford's Remix), Transparent Mind, Can't Do That, Far Beyond Speech and the whole Delta Aquarids album.

Prana: Voyager III (Voodoo Remix) - typical goa trance track with that indian chanting. Also, Message For Eastedge (Trance Mix is crazier than Original IMO), Indigo (again Remix is faster and more acidic than Original) and pretty much everything they've released on Tsuyoshi's label Matsuri Productions (especially Boundless and Future Space Travellers).

Genetic: Transmission (both Original and Juno Reactor Remix), and their album We Are Genetic.

Blue Planet Corporation: My favourite goa trance artist. Overbloody Flood - again beautiful early goa classic. Part after the break is simply breathtaking. But get the full 8 minute version, not the 5:10 "Original Mix". Then Crystal, Juno Satellite (another acid bomb), Generator (10 minute version is better than 7 minute one), Aquablue, Hemo Static... Xoco is great too, but I prefer the a side of that vinyl: Antidote (Pleiadians Remix).

Damn, now I want to make a list too. I'll probably do it after I see your complete list.

Whoa! Thanks for such a lot of recommendations. I've added them as I've seen appropriate. Unfortunately, I have a transfer limited connection, so I won't be able to get all this stuff.

You really seem to be into Goa. Were there any tracks on the list that you hadn't heard before?

If you're going to make a list, tell me now, because I'm sure it'll be better than mine, so no point me making this then. I've still got albums and tracks to add and research to do.

P.S. added a bit of formatting.

Actually, I never heard any Juno Reactor track (except Jungle High (which is quite far from goa) and their remix of Transmission). It's pretty strange, since they're like goa trance superstars and practically a must for every goa trance newbie. Koxbox's goa stuff is also unknown to me, although I have (and love) all their acid techno/trance stuff released on Harthouse.

And don't you dare to delete this. It's great to see that someone made a goa trance list, since people usually don't like or don't understand this type of music (ironically, a large number of them love typical fluffy trance). There are so many lists here that are practically useless, and people still keep them. And I'm lazy as hell, so you won't see my list so soon...

Hehe thats so true, actually I've never personally met anyone who has the same tastes as me. People generally have the most skewed ideas of trance, having generally heard the fluffy stuff and not the good stuff.

You must try Juno Reactor, Guardian Angel, Conga Fury, Samurai, Acid Moon, Navras....they're all amazing. Juno Reactor uses choirs and tribal beats very effectively. Koxbox's Dragon Tales is really quite psychedelic, for a '97 release.

Come to think of it, a Goa list is quite easy to make, all you have to write is:

"Get everything of Hallucinogen, Shpongle, Cosmosis, Shakta, Doof, Goa Gil, Eat Static, Total Eclipse, Oforia, Juno Reactor, Astral Projection, Blue Planet Corporation, Cydonia, Genetic, Green Nuns of the Revolution, Message from God, Pleiadians, Prana, Dimension 5, Talamasca produced between 1993 and 1999. Its all good."

Sick list, glad to see you made one! Well done!

Thanks! The list is really wicked, I doubt any other list on Listology has so much acid on it.

Lol there was one...a while back...I made the top 50 acid tracks of all genres. I still have it on my comp somewhere, took it off here because it wasn't properly finished and noone was really taking an interest anyway haha. Also, sorry about another late reply to the email, I'll get on it tonight, and I'll be much more prompt in future, I have a week off school now so nothing else really big that distracts me (:

I'm interested to know whether you would call "The Light - Dusk" Goa or Psy. I always thought of it as rather Psy but looking at your definition of Goa I think it may in fact come under Goa. The Light aren't exactly a conventionally thought of Goa group but Dusk definately comes under one of the psychadelic genres. Getting hold of a good copy of it is very hard though. It has proved to be one of the hardest songs for me to find on soulseek (not including the version on Northern Exposure but I'm talking about the unmixed version). If you cannot find it I suggest asking Blind to send you his copy on msn (he has the same version for definate).

Sure, it'll take a bit to get the track though...MSN transfers are pretty slow.

Its really difficult to find a good source of it on Soulseek, I got the beginning of the track before the transfer failed. And time difference is coming in the way of the transfer. Anyway, the beginning does sound Goa-ish, I'm looking forward to hearing the rest of it.

Next time I'm online I'll send it, apologies for the other day you caught me at a bad time. On another note, I'm honoured that you mentioned my hatred of fluffy trance list on here, much appreciated :)!

Don't be ridiculous, its the time difference nothing else. Your vitriolic expostulation on fluffy trance deserves a mention, it is quite a good article as an attempt to change peoples' taste.

I've heard Dusk and its just beautiful. In the beginning till the breakdown it sounds like acid trance, but after the breakdown you can make out the true hallmarks of Goatrance. Many layers of acid, fast notes, each layer added so it complements and adds to the previous layer, and enchanting melodies. Thanks for the suggestion. Adds to list! For a similarish but faster track try Blue Planet Corporation - Overbloody Flood.

Yeah, it is a great song. It is a shame that it is so hard to get hold of though. I particularly like the acid line which comes in at around the 6 minute mark. Will try and get hold of that Blue Planet Corporation track, I've only heard one song by them.

and you actually can have a religious experience, and, hm, and it can be even more important than reading the bible six times or becoming a pope or something like that, you know.

your statement lacks insight, sounds lame and is completetly devoid of any tangible meaning, you could have just said instead that psychedelic drugs sometimes have the ability to awaken people from their slumber and make them question existence. and no reading the bible is not important nor required. and the pope is a simple and pathetic being oblivious to his own nature.

Karan didn't write it, why did you say "your statement"?

I guess it wasn't clear. The aforementioned line is a part of the lyrics of the track LSD by the Goa Trance project Hallucinogen , I have nothing to do with it. Any complaints must be directly addressed to Simon Posford =) (the producer) Edited to make it clearer.

Plus, reading the Bible looking for the meaning of life is like looking through the phone book for the recipe for chocolate eclairs. It's historically interesting, and nothing else. It's the mythology of our generation, much like the polytheistic legends of the Vikings, Greeks, and Romans (only instead of many gods, there is one in this book). There are so many contradictions in the Bible that it's nearly impossible to take seriously (ie: two different creation stories? 2 different ways that god made Eve? "Love thy neighbor as thyself" and the book of Exodus? Come on.).

While I don't personally use LSD, I agree that it's morel likely to give you a spiritual experience than traditional religious learning. A religious experience is simply rapid neuronal firing in a certain area of the temporal lobe. Read Michael Persinger's studies on the subject. Rather than citing 10 complicated neuroscience studies, I'll send you one article that summarizes a lot of it nicely:

So, if spirituality is simply abnormal temporal lobe neural firing, wouldn't one be far more likely to have a spiritual experience with something that artificially causes abnormal temporal lobe neural firing? So that LSD argument is certainly true, albeit probably for different reasons than (I believe it was Timothy Leary who originally said that) intended.

That was an interesting read. Yeah, anything that induces the the same neuron firing that a religious experience does, would definitely be more effective. I do agree that all sensations, emotions, perceptions are eventually just neurons firing in different parts of the brain.

You'll like this. A lot...

Thanks for the link, it was pretty good. Any idea when that show is from? I doubt Goa will ever go mainstream, its just too "spacey". Psytrance will and has gone mainstream in parts of the world like South Africa, Brazil and Israel.

it was aired in the early nineties by Channel 4 in the UK, they figured Goa/Psychedelic Trance would go mainstream much like the psychedelic rock scene of the 60s. Haha, Simon Posford's hair back in the day =P

It went mainstream in Israel :D

Possibly the most unintended and unexpected effect of Israel's compulsory military service?

The video is pretty interesting, I like watching historical documentaries on music.

Karan, I'm fully convinced now that goa (and more generally, acid) is the best subgenre of trance.

It totally fits my mood, and it can be more uplifting than something like Rank 1 - Airwave.

Goa isn't ever going truly mainstream. All I hope for is a revival, be it underground, and the eradication of psy trance. Psy is great (but inferior to goa), but if its going to kick out goa, I dont have room for it.

Btw, I came across an artist "Doof" who has a lot of releases and some of them seem nice. What tracks of his are most important to have?

Yay! :D

Doof is a well known Goa artist, his best album is "Lets Turn On". I recommend getting the album, espcially Double Dragons and Lets Turn On.

How about a separate list for like a "Hall Of Fame" of goa trance? The best of the best. Cause I checked out some of your recommendations...some of the tracks on the albums are spot on, others are about a list on a track per track basis?

Sounds good to me. One can't expect all the tracks in the albums to be good though, which albums dissapointed? I'll consider simply listing the good tracks under "Best tracks" and taking the albums off the "Best albums".

I started my own trance hall of fame list:

It includes anything you might find prog, techno, hard, acid, goa, etc. etc. on there.

Got any you want to suggest just post

This is great to see, a psytrance/goa list here finally.

I've never fully explored goa trance enough to make such a list. I'll have to incorporate the best of this into my trance list.

I hope you like it. There is no psytrance on this list though, its pure Oldschool Goa, except maybe for the Space Tribe and Bamboo Forest tracks which are partly psychedelic.

Inspired by your and darktremor's conversation about Etnica I have decided to download some and see what it's like. Which tracks would you recommend in particular?

Their entire Alien Protein album is excellent. I recommend Trip Tonite, Starship 101, Z-Plane Sunrise and Party Droid. Darktremor has added Moon Influence and Spheric Concept onto his Top Trance tracks list, so you might want to try those too. You can also try Tribute (to Goa),and Vibra. Whatever you download of theirs, its going to be good as long as its pre-99.

Awesome, thanks for these suggestions.

Goa is one of my favorite edm genres. Fuck drugs, the music alone is a life changing experience. Astral Projection - Mahadeva always was and still is my #1 goa track. It defines the genre for me.

Oh and btw a couple more things:

1) I've been to ishkur's guide, youtube videos, and this guide, and I still don't know the difference between goa and psytrance. I listened to some tracks that are psytrance labeled and they sound just about the same as stuff labeled goa. My favorite tracks are all labeled as Goa though. Goa sounds cooler too.

2) Acid all the way baby! It's like the supersaw of real trance.

I'm glad you liked the suggestions =] Yeah Mahadeva's awesome! And yeah! Goa is better than Psy :P

Well, Goa is more melodious than Psy. Psy tends to be darker and more mechanical. Psytrance has more of a bassline than Goa which generally only has a kick. In Goa the sounds blend in together, while in Psy you have a distinct bassline on which sounds and effects are added which don't really meld to form a melody. For example, in GMS - Juice its has a bassline with effects added, and the sounds are more mechanical while say in Mahadeva the sounds are happier, uplifting and form a continous melody.

Acid is amazing, but don't compare it with the s*******! Acid is way better than the s*******!

I just read the lyrics to Hallucinogen - LSD

Its pretty interesting because those lyrics describe Goa (and anything thats *real* Trance) so perfectly - people are afraid to listen to something that appears so dark and evil - but it really is beautiful.

Goa trance is becoming my favorite genre too :D

Btw one more thing:

There's this non-Goa track that has a really Goa feel to it, I think you should check it out (cause there rarely are any really good trancy releases out these days):

Sebastian Brandt - Technology (Mikkas Remix)

I think your tastes in music and mine are pretty similar, I like Goa melodies because of their dark yet beautiful, evocative and mysterious quality. Its just so out of this world =] Thanks for that suggestion! I love Goa suggestions :D And I suggest getting the Witchcraft, Zodiac Youth and The Nommos tracks. Also lets see, if you like mystery you should like Etnica's Alien Protein too, right?

I like the Hallucinogen mix of the Zodiac Youth track best.

I'll check out the other two tracks, and the etnica album.

You listen to any classic trance?

Tracks I like are mostly acid trance, they're listen on my "Tracks I like and dislike" list. Faves are...

Union Jack - Red Herring
Solar Quest - Acid Air Raid
Balil - Parasight
Orbital - Remind
Hardfloor - Acperience 1
Lost Tribe - Gamemaster
Quench - Dreams

Though I haven't listened to or got much classic trance. I guess I like goa/psy too much.

Seeing as you like Goa I would advise the more acid side of classic trance over the melodic side (L.S.G., Mathius Hoffman, Cosmic Baby etc). The best Acid Trance artist imo is Simon Berry (Union Jack, Art Of Trance, Clanger, Poltergeist). You already have "Red Herring" which I would say is arguably his best song. The only rival (though he has a lot of good stuff) is "Art Of Trance - Deeper Than Deep" which is the most hypnotic (not the most trippy though) trance song I've ever heard.

All those songs you list are amazing though "Orbital - Remind" is kind of hard to classify. Its tranceyish but really comes under the category of Acid Rave which is a far too small genre in my opinion. I noticed you said in your 'other things apart from goa' list that you liked Rave The Rhythm. Seeing as you seem to like hypnotic/trippy stuff I would advise "Second Phase - Mentasm", which I think is the best rave song of all time, and much more hypnotic than most rave.

Um...whats teh difference between trippy and hypnotic?

Yeah, Simon Berry is a genius. He and Oliver Lieb are true trance pioneers - I'd argue those two have had the biggest impact on trance in the nineties. And they havent sold out like two other pioneers, Oakenfold and PvD.

Orbital - Remind is really trancy, I just love that track and anything like it.

Thanks for recommending Mentasm, I hope its really as good as you say it is.

Trippy would be weird and wild wonderful odd things about a track, it might use sounds associated with "tripping", and bend notes in a distince way etc. A good example of this is in Orbital - Remind.

Hypnotic is something that holds your focus, entices you, and has a common theme throughout dispite some subtle changes. A good example of this is Second Phase - Mentasm.

That said, the two phrases can be mixed and match and there are songs which meet both criteria.

I would agree that Lieb And Simon Berry are both very influential, though I'd place Simon Posford in their league, his Shpongle and Hallucinogen projects are extremely well known, he popularised goa and Twisted is the biggest selling goa album of all time.

Any of you guys, khriz, Blind, karan, etc. know some forum or site online for real trance today? most of the forums ive been to have members who are into the crappy trance, although a few people on some of those forums ( especially) bitch about that crap as much as I do.

I find the best community in the psy forums - they mostly arent into the music for the cheese/pop/uplift/shit, but the real mindblowing music

I haven't found any forums like that, but you'll find a lot of people with good taste here. It's not exactly a forum, but it's pretty good, and the listing aspect of the site makes it easy to recommend each other music.

Btw, to everyone above, I made a new article:

Want to hear your thoughts on this

If anyone's looking for a good place to discuss music, I'd suggest coming to discogs - many old school EDM lovers there: is a great site, you'll even find goa/psy artists on it and the people behind it founded Suntrip Records. And yeah, they definitely konw what they're talking about and have taste.

Well anyways, its only been a few weeks since we last talked, and my goa infatuation has passed. There's too much repetition and not enough innovation - I like something thats unique, not just any old layered acid bonanza. Innovation is what drives all music.

For example, Astral Projection - Another World doesn't deserve to be on the list, imo, because there's only one track on there, Searching for UFOs, which has some real originality...the others are really generic and weak.

After Trust In Trance and Dancing Galaxy, I think AP started their downfall. After 2000 their albums were decent at best, and they've really lost the goa sound in their work. They peaked at Trust In Trance, no doubt.

Heh, "old acid layered bonanza" well imo Goa was innovative as in it took acid in a new, melodious direction. All right, maybe some Goa tracks sound the same, but, there is enough variation between the great Goa tracks such as Teleport, Mahadeva, Dorset Perception, Double Dragons, LSD and the long list of them, that they can't be called copies of each other. With synths and acid sounds, the stuff you can do is endless. It took me a few months to start rating Goa over Psy anyway, because it takes some listening before you can appreciate all the different melodies and sounds. Goa is very different from mainstream trance.

Though you have a point, I don't listen to only Goa or something, but the Goa sound gives me that feeling like no other genre does.

Does this mean you're not going to listen to Goa anymore? What are you moving on to?

As for AP, try Liquid Sun released in 2000 and Solid Electronics released in 1999.

No way! I'm still going to listen to the goa stuff I think are original and Zodiac Youth's album, Hallucinogen's album, Shpongle's albums, Astral Projection's albums...

The tracks you mentioned are very original - but there are plenty other lesser known stuff that don't really have anything unique.

I heard those songs, and although they're nice, I don't think they can even be compared to AP's masterpieces in Dancing Galaxy, Kabalah, People Can Fly, Mahadeva, etc. etc.

great list karen- its good to see someone carrying the flame for goa trance. i love the stuff- used to do a local radio show from 93 - 97 playing all of this stuff. keep it up!

Thanks for the encouragement =] I'm glad you liked the list!

I thought maybe Infected Mushroom were considered Goa Trance. I was surprised not to see anything from them on here.

Only their first album is Goa-ish, but I'd say its psytrance and not goa. I wish to keep only pure Goa releases on this list which is why I haven't added Talpa - The Art of Being Non and Koxbox - Dragon Tales, despite the former being good and the latter amazing. Talpa is similar to IM, and thats a great album so if you like IM you might want to check it out.

imo talpa is not similar to IM - the gathering and i think the gathering is goa. Its very melodic, but dark, same as UX - ultimate experience whih is labeled as goa trance too.

Wow! Incredible list! You obviously invested quite a bit of time into creating this, so thank you very much! This will definitely help me to expand my Goa collection :)

Thanks! Good to see this list helped you out and is spreading the sound =]

karan.Thanks dude. This List Was MAssivelyyyy helpful. just awesome. I love this site. man, u r just great. I dont know if u have heard

Forbidden Paradise 7 - Deep Forest - Tiesto.

Its a goa,Psy album. Must be heard. just a masterpiece like Voyage - Paul oakenfold.

anyway your torrent is dead. Just upload it to Demonoid as it has so many members and u will get seeders soon. Plz

Nice to see you liked the list ;) I'll give Forbidden Planet a listen, but I doubt anything mixed by Tiesto will be goa/psy, and I don't recognise the artists on the compilation as goa/psy artists.

Thanks for letting me know, I'm reseeding right now, will upload at Demonoid when I get the time =]

hey karan,
yaaar, awesome work. can u tell me the difference between Goa Trance and psy trance. i think goa is like father and psy is like the son. but the same blood. rite.

anyway u will love these albums
Goa beach 5 - ( CD2 is an amazing ambient goa mix)
Goa beach 9 - ( awesome )
u can get them from btjunkie.
also check sunlouger - another day and

Kushiya dude

Goa trance is more euphoric or happier, while psy is darker and harder with more mechanical sounds. Most psy tracks have a bassline unlike Goa tracks. In goa, melody and the flow is important, in psy artists ventured into dark and wierd stuff. Yeah, both genres aim to be "psychedelic", goa does it in a happier way, psy does it in a darker, harder hitting way.

Haven't heard those, thanks for the recs, I'll give them a listen =)

Awesome list. Very helpful. Manmademan - drama should really be on there.

Good call, it should be!

Hey karan, my dude. how are u man.I used to be a trance music lover. Well then i wanted to listened to some psy tracks. not much interesting. then i heard the track i searched for hours to findout what type its belong to..GOA trance..went to google and typed " best goa Trance" and saw your list. Got the torrent from minova.Listened to them all and danced on the london bridge on a full moon day looking at thames river..After 1 hour of dancing to goa trance listened to atb-trilogy....I am the happiest person alive as i know..
ur torrent now has loads of seeders. I uploaded it to Demonoid and its also on bt junkie.. i love goa trance. if u knock loads of doors one will open. Fell in love with boris blenn's track. searched for the album and got it...

check the above blog...1000000s of goa

Nice, thanks for uploading it over there. That blog is really useful :)

Boris Blenn's album is great, melodic stuff, you can try other melodic tracks like K.U.R.O. - Zoa, Electric Universe's One Love album and Zen Paradox's Light at the End. Good to see this article helped you out. Keep exploring =]

Christ, this is epic. Great job.

Thanks :) I honestly have no idea how you managed a top 200 electronic albums list. The amount of listening required for that must have been gargantuan besides balancing out all genres in the list.

Would you be able to tell me if these albums are any good (this torrent)? I'm fairly new to the Goa scene, I checked out your torrent and instantly fell in love with the genre, but I hate wasting my time with bad music. The albums and songs and artists are in the notes section. Thanks in advance, and thank you for introducing me to this astronomically beautiful genre.

Isn't this music great! I've practically listened to only goa for 2 years now, no other genre comes close.

Yup, I see lots of well known tracks on that torrent. Destination Goa is a pretty well known compilation series, and at the least you'll get a good overview of goa trance from that torrent =))

Which tracks from the torrent did you like most?

The genre is fucking magnificent! Once I started listening to it I started thinking "this is the reason acid was invented."

I got the torrent to finish DL just last weekend, and it will take months to sift through the ones I love, don't care for, and just downright dislike, but here are some of my favorites thus far.

1. Only process (Vibrasphere Rmx) - Atmos
2. Ashes to Ashes - Mystica
3. Planet Ben - Non Sense
4. Last Missions - Phoenix
5. Space Pussy - Hallucinogen
6. Goaway - Power Source

What goa tracks are your personal favorites?

Yeah, Goa really does take acid to its peak! On the best Goa tracks I can feel myself flying \o/

Space Pussy and Goaway are amazing tracks. They are the usual acidic Goa tracks, try getting the whole Identified Flying Object album by Pleiadians and Cosmosis - Cosmology.
Planet B.E.N.'s style is a litte minimalistic for me. I think he's the only minimal Goa producer, he style sure is unique. You should check out the Trippy Future Garden album from him. However, I quite like Non Sense :) Thanks for bringing it to my notice.
I only have the original of Only Process and its not to my taste, its more like minimal melodic psy. Try the artist Cosma.
Ashes to Ashes is more in the vein of newskool goa to my ears, try tracks like Goasia - Yin and Yang and Mindsphere - Perception. You can also check out Suntrip Records.

I don't have Pheonix's Last Missions, I'll check it out.

The "Best Goa Trance Tracks" list pretty much covers my personal faves. I love every track on that. A few others are the rest of the albums IFO,Cosmology,Twisted and...

Etnica - Trip Tonite
Shakta vs Moonweed - Micronesia
Ayahuasca - Ayahuascan Chant
Paradise Connection - Source of Emotion
Asia 2001 - Rakshas

and many many others... =)

Haha I 100% agree with the "I can feel myself flying."

I got the IFO by Pleiadians and played it at my friends party the other day actually. My friends are not into electronic music like me, but they are now at least addicted to that album. It went over phenomenally well. All of a sudden I was bombarded with questions and I just pointed them to your torrent. I blame my success with goa on you. Bit really is a mind-shattering album. I was drawn into it so deeply that my mind started wandering and thinking of things that I never thought of before. I was passed out by the end (no drugs included), and the only thing that woke me up was my legs started seizing for some reason (that happens whenever I get lost in really good music). As we speak I am DL Trippy Future Garden and Cosmology. I am definitely going to look up the others that you mentioned.

Etnica - Trip Tonite is an amazing album
Trust in Trance 3 - Astral Projection: I don't know why but I just can't get into that for some reason. I get bored of it really quickly, and just want to start listening to Hallucinogen or California Sunshine (or Analog Pussy, etc etc). Mahaveda is good, but it never really spoke to me. Now Deranged - Derango, that's a fucked up album that I just recently fell in love with. Shakta - The Enlightened Ape is also a beautiful album. I have thousands of songs to listen in the genre, but the start of it is perfect. Thank you so much for the lists, it's been spread to all of my friends.

This is so great! I'm so glad I could spread the music around :)

Yeah beginning to end, IFO is just something else altogher. Btw have you heard Koxbox's Doktor Mesmer track and Sound Pollution's Where track back to back? Also try listening to Paradise Connection's Source of Emotion directly after those two, this atleast for me is one of the biggest auditory experiences I can have.

AP is mostly happy, melodic, uplifting stuff, maybe you like deeper, more involved tracks. Its a matter of taste I guess. Try Kabalah by them though. I don't like California Sunshine that much, I feel the person behind that project (Har-el Prussky) has a better album in Pagan Moon Child. By Deranged - Derango, do you mean Derango - Tumult? Minor correction, Trip Tonite' a track actually =p

Again, this is great stuff! I hope you find Goa/Psy as fulfilling musically as I do, as I think you already are =]

I'm DL Koxbox as I write this, and cannot seem to find Sound Pollution. What album are those songs on? I will definitely listen to them in that order once I get them though.

I think I do, I just get really bored of AP very quickly. It just doesn't satisfy my taste. I want to be drawn into some weird fascinating world where I can't tell what comes next. I want to be blown away by the sounds incorporated into the songs. AP just doesn't have any...weirdness to it, at list in my unprofessional opinion. I do like Kabalah. I will definitely check ot Pagan Moon Child. And I did mean Derango - Tumult, I always get that mixed up, and I don't know why. And you are absolutely right, I meant to say I love Etnicas - Alien Protein, and my favorite song from that album at the moment is Starship 101, though they all fascinate me. Trip Tonite must be on that torrent that you made, and I believe I assumed that as the album. I'm bad with albums if you hadn't noticed. I just try to remember the artist.

This IS great stuff! I am finding it more than fulfilling, it's making me want to go out and live life in a whole new (positive) way. It makes everything interesting to look at. While I'm driving I just turn it on and just focus like I never have before and everything just turns more... psychedelic looking. I don't know how else to say it.

Also, Planet B.E.N. - Trippy Future Garden. I am fucking loving it, thanks for the recommendation!
And I got Cosmosis: Cosmolgy, just haven't listened to it yet, but I will get back to you on it.

Sound Pollution - Where is the second track on my torrent. Its from Trance Mix 6 - Melodia Records - 1995.

While I'm driving I just turn it on and just focus like I never have before and everything just turns more... psychedelic looking. I don't know how else to say it.
We call it "tripping" =P

you should try Infected Mushroom - The Gathering. This was first goa album (i know, it's not pure goa) ive heard and i still love every song on it after 4 years since then xD
And yes AP is good but most of their tracks become boing after few listens.

Yup, I've heard it, its definitely good stuff. Too bad they've gone commercial now. If you are interested in the psy side of things I've begun a Best of Psy list. You'll find some interesting stuff over there.

Also check out the track called "Schmusic" here. At the least, the end should remind you of IM. Its a pretty good track too.

I felt Talpa was fairly similar to IM's early work, I'll give it a relisten.

You can find many psy/goa tracks here and
here :)
Have a nice day !

Listened to Crop Circles- Tetrahedron for the first time this week, and I have to say I am not very impressed at all. Karan have you heard this album yet? The bass hits very hard and everything seems centered around that hard bassline, but there is very little dynamic, colorful acid sound.

I agree that there aren't any clear, melodious acid sounds, but this album isn't aiming for that. I think Pleidians/Lotus Omega tried to extend the psychedelia of I.F.O. and make a swirling, chaotic, trippy album. The difference between I.F.O. and Tetrahedron is like the difference between Twisted and The Lone Deranger.

However, some parts of the albums do sound alike, and yes, it comes off hard and not that happy. Its more like a mix of Goa and Psy, like the already mentioned Long Deranger, and also Koxbox's Dragon Tales. I'd rank it below I.F.O. I liked tracks 1,2,5,6,7. Track 5 in particular had some really psychedelic moments. #7 has a nice acidic intro.The remaining tracks weren't bad, but weren't at the level that the rest of the Etnica/Pleidians output is. Try turning the volume up, and giving the album your full attention to let all the stuff going on sink in.

Overall a good album, very psychedelic in parts, but too chaotic and random for my taste in parts.

hi karan,
This is an amazing awesome web site containing rare GOA trance Records.Pure Bliss

if u put this top of your list so many people will be able to download these master pieces. :)
thanks for the awesome article again that changed my life :) lol

There are loads of ways you can d/l, I've already mentioned Soulseek so I don't think there's any need to list d/l links.

Its awesome that you can feel the music and see how wonderful it is =]

Hey Karan, I tried Soulseek but the d/l q's are usually too long and getting full albums is tough. Can you suggest some good websites/p2p networks where I can doanload all the Goa albums you've mentioned in your article? TIA.

I've found Soulseek is great so far. Treat it like a community, not a p2p network. D/Ls aren't a problem in my experience. Try DC++ otherwise.

Actually, your right, I have been listening to Tetrahedron more and more and the different melodies are starting to separate for me... its not quite as focused as some of my favorite Etnica work, but it is really quite good...

what? no solar plexus - into the 5th dimension??? ....shhhaaaammme

Wow! Its the end of the world! Seriously, there is no way anyone can hear every single album released. Thanks for mentioning the album, I'll give it a listen and get back to ya :)

I've added two tracks from the album, Solarplanet and The Landing - Epilogue. The album was pretty good, but the tracks weren't consistently good enough to make it to the album list.

Anyway I remember the good old days in Athens – Greece the track from Sheyba : trance Africa express make my ego broke and go to all the goa clubs and fly around from the speed including another tracks from Astal Projection like ionized and Nilaya. I hope one day all the people of 1994 to 99 make a happening in these tragic days we are living and gather all to a club again from evening until next day. (Not just an after party.)Be happy everybody.

hey ppl, i've been trying to promote goa music...
i mix popular non-goa tracks with goa ..

check'em out at

hey karan, i read through your list and i have enjoyed many songs from artists that i never knew about, its great to see you put in so much effort to make the list, there is one artist that i would like to recommend for you to listen to:
Artist - Amithaba Buddha
Album - Psyramid EP

Its a good track, but unfortunately still sounds like other newskool tracks. The sounds and rhythms have been done before. I have also heard his Goa Gate album and again it has the same sounds and the same emphasis on production that makes it good, but not great.

Would you happen to know if Oliver Lieb has released any goa or psy over the years? I would be most curious as to what the master could do in those genres.

I looked up his Discogs Profile and none of his aliases or groups strike me as being Goa ones, so it doesn't look like he's made any Goa.

hey thanks for the list it will help me to find the best goa tracks cuz i'm new to that genre and the more i listen the more i like!

The link to Why "fluffy" trance sucks is broken :(

Hey, thanks for bringing that to my notice :) I think the author has taken the article down. Rest assured, it does suck :p

What is "fluffy" trance?

The kind of trance that makes you feel like you've eaten too much sugar, you know full of those unabashedly happy, uplifting sounds and female vocals, mostly commercial stuff. Trance that has no substance, but is full of 'fluff'. The producers of this, dare we call it 'artform', are Tiesto, Armin and their ilk.

Wow, thanks for this. I knew I was in to Goa for years, but I could never delve deep enough into the genre or find any albums. Found Shpongle a while ago, I love em but was after faster stuff!

This just ties everything together for me, so thanks a lot, I'm sure a lot of others are grateful too. Your set was awesome, great skills there.

Personally, I think that MWNN's Teleport thrashes all the other top Goa tracks hands-down ;)... I also love the "sound" at the beginning of LSD, spine-tingling. AP have produced many of the best tracks, People Can Fly being my fav, but I don't ever think that their albums are consistent and can be listened from start to finish.

One problem for me is that I'm not keen on downloading tracks on the internet... I'd much rather the CDs themselves, but they're all pretty rare :/ Particularly looking for:
*MWNN - Moment of Truth
*Electric Universe - Cosmic Experience (you should check this out...)

Thanks once more, that was a stupid post ;)


I'm happy this article has worked out for you that way, because thats what I've tried to do, make this a one stop Goa article. And yay, you liked the set!

Yeah, I really do feel that way about Teleport sometimes, you need to hear it loud on a decent system so that you can hear all the stuff going on in the background, the claps, the hats, the fluid, trippy synths with each layer building and complementing the previous one and then when the choir and then that crazy melody kicks it, its like nirvana! \o/ The way the synths come in in LSD is beautiful too. I think its that way with all the great tracks, when you hear one of them you feel that this track has to beat everything else. For example, Shakta - Spiritual Beings in Physical Bodies.

If you want to buy the CDs and support the artists, I guess you could buy the current set of Goa releases. You can also buy Crop Circles - Tetrahedron which is basically Pleiadians + Lotus Omega and it was just released. Also check out Suntrip and Avatar Records. Suntrip has released a lot of stuff. Avatar has re-released many old classics apart from its series of "Retrodelic Vibes". I've linked to both in the article, just do a Ctrl+F for the links. The older CDs can be super expensive, I.F.O. is listed for 80+ Euros on Discogs.

Hope this helps!

Thanks, those recommendations were helpful ;) I've actually changed my mind, I'm only gonna bother purchasing a couple of the old classics, otherwise I'll end up in huge debt lol.

It's funny how soundsystem affects the songs so much. I listened to Teleport the other day with a bad pair of headphones and thought, nah this isn't so good. But the thing that makes it so good, as you say, is that it has a simple structure but there's so much going on in fact! All the elements of the song are re-used, and there are so many good moments.

Sometimes they try to scam you on Discogs... I've seen some cheap ones, but most of the time, it's better on Ebay. Astral Projection - Another World went for £17 last night!


Yeah thats true, I've also read that Discogs tends to be overpriced.

Wow, thanks to this list I've become a Goa junkie overnight. I always thought I hated trance because all I ever knew was the "fluffy" rubbish. However, a few weeks ago I noticed a sweet Juno Reactor track on The Orb's "Back to Mine" mix... a few clicks later, and I find myself here learning all about this amazing music, which I never knew existed.

These album selections are incredible, though unfortunately some artists seem tough to find (Goa Gil, Ubar Tmar).

Is anyone familiar with Montauk P.? I found his Def=Lim album on allmusic's list of top Goa albums, but haven't been able to track down a copy yet.

Again, thanks so much. This music is so mind-expanding... I feel like it's changing the way I see the world, even though I've only been listening to it for a short while.

Wow, thanks to this list I've become a Goa junkie overnight. I always thought I hated trance because all I ever knew was the "fluffy" rubbish.
This pretty much mirrors my experience. I always 'knew' I liked trance, and at the same time I disliked all the trance I heard on radio and on the top tracks charts. Goa is just so radically different from mainstream trance, it takes trance to a completely different level. Try out Goa's successor, psy for which I've made a nascent list. It has some crazy stuff in it like Sandman - Witchcraft.

I remember giving Def=Lim a preliminary listen and thinking its ok, but not good enough for this list. I'll give it a through listen now though and let you know.

Allmusic's list seems kind of dubious anyway, due to the presence of the Perfecto albums (Fluoro and Earth Moving the Sun).

I just listened to EMtS this morning; it seemed really watered down, not at all like the classic Goa on Teleportation or Moment of Truth. The two tracks with the vocals a la "Born Slippy Nuxx" especially turned me off.

Thanks for the psy list... I've checked out a few of the albums, and it's great stuff, especially Infected Mushroom. I still prefer the pure Goa though... the organic feel makes it much easier to become truly entranced.

I listened to Are You Shpongled? last night and I was blown away once again by the production on it. I like the organic noises too, the flute is beautiful. Shakta are also great.

I love more or less anything that Simon Posford does. Watch the interview with him and you'll just like him even more, you wouldn't have expected him to be a well-spoken geek :D:

Allmusic's list is just based on popularity I reckon. A better one is on, again based on popularity but this is more accurate:

And what do you think of Crop Circles - Tetrahedron? I'd like to hear some raving reviews before I buy it ;)

If you don't mind I'm just going to be lazy and ask you to look up this page at the discussion between me and Shadowzz. Hit Ctrl+F and search for Tetrahedron, you'll find it.

Shpongle is good ambient stuff. Goa doesn't really have dedicated ambient albums otherwise, but many albums end with an ambient track. Posford is great! I'm waiting for the never-going-to-come third Hallucinogen album!!

The lastfm list is definitely better but its heavy on IM and Juno Reactor, due to all those people who don't know better and tag IM as goa. Pfft! And since its based on popularity, great tracks by lesser known artists will never make it to that list. I prefer my list =P

I saw that and the impression that I got wasn't overly impressive about the new album ;)

I really do see the difference between Goa and Psy. Got Dragon Tales today and found it a little "inaccessible" - harder to tap my foot too, perhaps a little too hard and mechanical. I hope it grows on me. I love the Lone Deranger though, particularly the track transitions.

Yeah, you mayn't like Tetrahedron if you don't like Dragon Tales. But Dragon Tales is also for the mind, not just for the body. You really need to pay attention to all the small sounds and layers. Tetrahedron is much darker, and faster so you should try it before dismissing it, just download it. It does definitely have some good moments. Give it your full attention on high volume.

I know my review comes off a little negative, but actually its with respective to the rest of Etnica/Pleiadians output, not the average album. So I'm comparing it with stuff like IFO and Alien Protein.

I listened to Def=Lim and nothing really stood out for me, Lizardman was ok. For the good MWNN, its all about Moment of Truth and the tracks he released on the Concept in Dance compilations. His later releases don't do justice to his talent, especially the stuff on Perfecto can be clubby/commercial which is expected since thats Oakenfold's label.

From the psy list, try out Talpa - The Art of Being Non and the Fly of the Pheonix track from the Immortality album.

My comments on some of my favourite tracks:

Hallucinogen - LSD: One of the first and the best as you say. Fast, interesting, so many layers.

Pleiadians - Maia: Amazing, builds itself up into a total frenzy. The screaming, squelching noise at the end has me in hysterics, the track is personified (monsterfied)!

Astral Projection - Mahadeva: Great "benchmark" track, after repeat listens not so interesting though

Doof - Double Dragons: Sounds like it was MADE to go after LSD. Great track.

Man With No Name - Teleport: Simple song structure, and a nice sample towards the end gives it a theme - another "benchmark" sort of track, one of the best.

Jaïa - Mai Mai: My my, this is good. Light, melodic, uplifting! Needs to be listened to with the right EQ.

Etnica - Trip Tonite: Mysterious, dark track, swirling track. Another big thumbs up

Charm - Brain Structure: Absolutely awesome "combination" of sounds, but not much changes after the first 2 minutes

The Light - Dusk: Astoundingly good track and my favourite alongside Maia in terms of technical skill - it is almost minimalistic but very psychedelic. Also it's on one of my fav albums ever, Northern Exposure South coast.

Boris Blenn - Jeboa-Electrogarden: For some reason this is insanely addictive, I keep hearing it in my head wherever I go. Not much happens in the song, but its memorable and clever how the same starting element is repeated for 13 minutes.

Electric Universe - The Prayer: Amazing start, and another fast paced monster from Boris Blenn. He's one of my favourite goa trance acts, if only the CDs weren't so damn hard to get hold of.

The Infinity Project - The Answer: Beautiful ambient track, even if not a lot happens.

Once again I owe it to Karan, else I would never have heard of all this awesomeness, and the furthest I would've got in this genre would've been Shpongle!


(Abashed) Don't thank me, thank the wonderful people who made this great music for the music and not the money. If I make a 'LSD' you can thank me ;p

Boris Blenn's formula is to find a awesome, hypnotic loop and then repeat and repeat it whilst introducing small changes. You can see it at work in the Paradise Connection album.

Mahadeva is a great track, its inclusion in the greatest tracks list is, in a small part, a concession to mainstream trance lovers since the track can imo be appreciated by them while remaining a goa masterpiece. It also has some stuff going on in the background if you listen carefully.

Now all you have to do is find some festivals and start stomping :D

Unfortunately Goa/Psy festivals are hard to find these days, and I'm not really sure I want to be one of a mass of drugged-up people...

Hating the whole minimal/electro obsession at the moment in mainstream electronica, mainly listening to the great stuff that was produced 93-01 before electronica screwed up somehow.

Goa/Psy parties and festivals -> Lots of stuff on there, or try Facebook groups.

Goa/Psy will never be mainstream. I guess it simply goes over everyone's heads. But there's enough of a scene going on. Mainstream electronica will be of course be whatever most people like, which generally includes vocals. There's always good stuff being produced, you just need to dig a bit, because it'll be buried under the commercial stuff. Hunt around internet forums. Discogs is really helpful. The ratings are fairly accurate.

Oh and you make it sounds like its some zombie fest. Really, festivals are big so they can't be underground. That means it has to be clean. Leastways try one out before deciding.

Hi, i have about only 50% of the music in this list, so lucky me i have loads of good stuff to explore.
But i do have some tracks that i love and don't find them here. Maybe you'll take a look or tell me what you think bout them:
Athena - Human vox
Athena - Croctopus
Z to A - Next stop Oblivion
100th Monkey - Spiritus
Rythmystec - Stellium
All of them are amongst my favourites and you can find them on "Goa vibes" vol 2,3 = great compilations
Thanx for the list

Thanks for taking the time to recommend tracks :) I hope you find the stuff you haven't heard to your liking.

Athena - Human vox
Beginning melody is really good, but it changes and that melody is ok, but gets repititive.

Athena - Croctopus
Good but not good enough. But its good enough to merit a few re-listens.

Z to A - Next stop Oblivion
I'm assuming you mean the synchro mix? I'm suspicious of 'vocal' mixes. This didn't appeal to me unfortunately.

100th Monkey - Spiritus
I've vacillated on this one, given it several listens as a result and I came away thinking that this track just falls short of making the cut.

Rythmystec - Stellium
I have taked to the Rhythmystec output or Nick Taylor's release in general to be honest. I think his tracks need to have some more melody and rhythm in them. They sound a little random.

"Human teleportation, molecular decimation, breakdown, reformation, is inherently
purging. It makes a man a king."

I love the squelching sound that comes in towards the end of Maia - shame it doesn't last more than a couple of bars, it's the total peak of the track. But to be honest, I am leaning heavily towards Psychill - in that it is very hard to put together a Goa album without sounding repetitive, but Shpongle manage to structure the album so that you CAN'T not listen to the whole thing. And my my, Are You Shpongled has been my #1 album for quite some time now, I also have one of the 500 rare releases. I feel "enlightened" after listening to tracks like The Answer.

Its true that Goa albums sound similar, but thats what they are, a collection of tracks that represent a certain mood, and perhaps a build within that mood within the album. "Enlightened" is actually a very good way of putting the feeling you get after the really good tracks.

Now I have to get Shpongle a concerted listen.

Shpongle - I would compare the first album to exploring a rainforest, peaking at the tribal drums and chants of DMT. Second album is more like a trip around the earth, with lots of world elements. Third album moves too quick for my tastes, but it's more like a series of dreams. My favourite is Are You Shpongled? by far, and the peaceful ending when the live instruments come back in is such a beautiful return to Earth (reminiscent of the end of Floyd's 'Wish You Were Here' actually), that it really rewards listening to the whole thing through.

I'm halfway through a list on of some of the best Goa tracks, with a bit of Psy.

Recommendations helpful, but it's not finished yet. And if you don't know what is, I highly suggest you try it!

Lastfm's is very handy when you're getting into a genre since it gives you those top tracks and albums lists so I do visit it once every few days. I've held back from creating a profile because I don't have the time to manage it, tag tracks etc...

That list is interesting thanks :) I'll have a close look at it. It has a handful of tracks I haven't heard, but I think those are the Psy ones, like the 3rd Crazy Ducks track.

I was pleasantly surprised to find Crazy Ducks, that's what is good for - otherwise artists like them would get even less exposed than they are already.

There are so many underrated artists in Goa and Psy, a shame it's such an underrated genre, considering that anyone would trip out to it in a club. Jaia for instance, he's practically unheard of but made an album about hundred times better than anything Tiesto could put together.

Yeah it is a shame, people really ought to have better taste :P But I think its because most people really haven't been exposed, as you said, to all this fringe music and, atleast I've found, people have a mental block towards anything that doesn't have vocals.

You could try out Jaia's 2005 album - Fiction - which is progressive and more accessible while remaining a very good album. Its one of the few prog albums I enjoy.

I can't get hold of Fiction...

I won't need it though - luckily for us, I just realised you can get the whole of Vibrasphere, Astral Projection and Twisted Records on! kicks ass, no question. I just have to recommend "Waiting for a New Life" by Total Eclipse, since I haven't seen it mentioned here. I found it on Goa-Head & TIP's Yellow Compilation, both of which are pretty solid collections.

Another track on Goa-Head that has potential is Z to A's "Next Stop Oblivion" (vocal mix). My main complaint with the track is the distracting female vocals, but it's still worth a listen. I haven't been able to find the Synchro mix, but I'd definitely like to hear it if they ditched the vocals.

Great track by Total Eclipse, but I can't find Next Stop Oblivion.

I'm not sure how Goa-ey this is, but I love ... being an Anarchist idealist myself, the wild "Let's all take Mescaline" is almost like a call against authority - I like it!

Yeah, that's a pretty good track. Since you like Teleport, you should also check out Sly-Ed by Man With No Name.

Here's the vocal mix of Next Stop Oblivion (quality is kind of bad since it's YouTube):

Sly Ed is okay, but I prefer some of MWNNs other stuff, especially on his Moment of Truth album which I own. Sugar Rush Refined is my favourite track there probably.

Z to A I didn't like, it started well but didn't build into anything; and the vocals just didn't do it as you said.

Sorry about the late reply, I haven't been listening to much music lately. Waiting for a New Life is good stuff for its time, Bom Bole was ok, Transparent Mind is better. I found Next Stop Oblivion a trifle repetitive, there isn't anything new brought in in the second half. And yeah, the Synchro mix is pretty much the vocal mix minus the vocals.

Nice! Loads better than all those blogs which just post the album title and download links :) The reviews are quite informative and describe the albums well. What about replacing IM in the poll with Boris Blenn, Ofer Dikovsky or Har-el Prussky?

Hmmm, I deicded not to put them in since all of those three work under so many different names that nobody seems to connect between them, thus they destroy their own popularity! Plus I can't edit the poll now it has votes anyway :/

Har-El Prussky alone as you say is Brainflowers, Unnatu, Adrenalin Drum, BSF, C-Life, California Sunshine, Carribean Sunrise, Dazzle Pulse, Godfather, The, H.S., Liquid Child, MG-3, New Bit Generation, Psy-Kick, Strawberry, Testkard 225, Unnatural Oforia, Virtual Obsession, X-Wave

Thanks for your support, but I can't really be bothered to write any more to the blog unless it gets some more visits, I will need to hire some recruits to do the work for me :D


It's much harder than I thought to remix Goa tracks, I tried plenty but they all sound too much like the original or horribly wrong...

Link to the original is a few posts above

Yup the plethora of projects had me confused too, when I found out that it was the same person behind all of them I though "Ooooh!" =p Har-el has already released some stuff using his name. California Sunshine is his main project though, it has a fair many fans.

I've never written a blog, but I guess there are so many blogs out there that getting eyeballs is hard work. Just easy to write an article.

There's a mistake in the naming of the songs in Etnica's album Alien Protein, you wrote "Spheric Influence, Moon Concept" instead of Spheric Concept, Moon Influence

Thanks :) It just goes to show that when you listen to that album your mind is elsewhere :p

Thanks for that list btw, I wouldn't be listening goa now if it wasn't there, I would only have the few goa tracks on darktremor's list (I think there is not enugh goa on it)

Sure :) I think that can't be helped seeing that 'normal' trance seems to getting further away from goa trance everyday to the point that some people dislike trance that has acid in it making goa less and less accessible. Which artists did you really enjoy in Goa?

I just received Dimension 5 - Transdimensional in the post and it is MINDBLOWING! Sorry, but all other Goa artists have been surpassed in my eyes ... I guess I just love the chord progressions and purple acid. Never gets boring, check out Psychic Influence.

Juno Reactor - Beyond the Infinite is also awesome in the first half, but it gets boring in the second IMO - the culmination of Ice Cube after the first two tracks is spooky.

Soon I shall be able to make your collage out of real CDs! Or not, if IFO, Cosmology, One Love all stay at ~80 euros... anyways, I'm getting more into the psybient side of things now - Entheogenic, Asura, Bluetech, Carbon Based Lifeforms etc. One piece of advice - check out Ultimae Records (I don't mean Ultimate Records).

Making that collage or even part of it out of real CDs is really awesome! Well done! Transdimenional does have some avowed fans. Check out Hunab Ku - Magick Universe its D5 side project and pretty good too. D5 is simpler and light and great stuff I love Antidote and Beetlesnuff, its just that the layers and crazy psychedelia of Etnica/Pleiadians put them a notch higher for me. But then it would be no fun if we all had the same taste :)

Yup, Ultimae records has huge following among the psybient crowd, their releases are very dependable and high quality. I listen to psybient once in a way to relax but not a lot.

Wow, I listened to D5 again and wasn't quite as impressed as in my first listens. Still awesome, but I was a bit over the top with the previous comment, some of the tracks are a bit boring :D... Deep Space D5, Psychic Influence, Beetlesnuff and Flow are very good, however. Still prefer them over Etnica, I personally think that the Etnica sound is slightly dated now - I love Deep East and Trip Tonite though.

Hehe, there's no surprising you. Ultimae records is fast becoming an addiction for me, the packaging is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, as is the music - plus all their CDs bar none are great (apparently)!

Hey there karan, I saw this page a few years ago, but I didn't trust downloading at the time so I just drooled over your suggestions for some time and then forgot about the page. When my distrust to downloading evaporated a couple of months ago, I chanced upon this page again.

I got into goa as a student and was lucky enough to see D5 live in 1997 - unforgettable experience. Since then I've been through different moods, so goa has been on-off as an interest. But I have to say that this page has rekindled my interest in the genre and has helped me discover some extremely cool stuff. Thank you very much.(BTW you must be in your 30s now, right?)

I downloaded the Laughing Buddha EPs recently and was very pleasantly surprised. And I'm loving Suntrip's output.

Well, thanks again and let's hope for a strictly goa party outside Belgium.

Actually I'm a bit past 20 =p Yeah I discovered Goa a few years ago so my view is retrospective. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for any goa this side of the world but the trend is mostly darkpsy. I'll be going to the Shanti Jatra festival though, it should be good. Wish I was there in '97! D5 must have been amazing, Transdimensional has some effect on the, atleast my, mind.

Some of the newskool goa is pretty good. Compilations come out every now and then like Ya Wichna and Organic Vision this year and each of them has a good track or two to keep the sound going plus the production is better now than it was in the 90s. I don't know its thats just me, but that makes sounds plasticky sometimes. Artists like Astrancer and ArmagedDance have some good stuff. Lets hope with labels like Suntrip Goa slowly gets some exposure. Maybe Simon will come out with a real oldskool Hallucinogen 3 \o/