How long does it take Netflix to log in movies after you mail them?

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Since they opened a new office closer to where I live, and now it actually takes longer for my movies to show up as received. When I complain Netflix blames the post office, and spits out their standard "Netflix strives to get your movies to you within 24 hours". The dig is they do. They do not have an adequate tracking system for incoming movies. If it truly is the post office, shouldn't there be as many delays getting to me, as getting from me? I think there is some lazy worker, that does not rotate his inbox. I do not know how their intake works, but if it is not first in first out, then that could be the problem. Their official delay time frame is 6 days? It takes one day to get to me, and up to 6 days to get to them? I do not buy it. Is it an artificial delay in timing to keep the number of movie we have down so we are tempted to get a higher subscription rate?

3 days..and my depot is in a city 9 miles from me.

1 day for the mail to send my returns
1 day for netflix to process
1 day for the mail to get my new ones back to me.

Once in a while I have to wait longer if the movie I want comes from a depot further away(for example, I live near Tacoma Wa but have got movies shipped from Florida. That takes longer.) I always return these to the Tacoma depot though, why wait the extra days sending them back to the distant depot?

Well it looks like I have a reason to be griping. What may be happening is Lifo instead of Fifo. Thats Last In First Out. I have noticed a trend. If they get it near the end of the week, its logged in faster. If they should have got it by the beginning of the week, it can take until the end of the week.