Top 40 Happy Hardcore Songs

Fair enough. I wasn't at the Docks in Toronto from '97 to '99 and I wasn't a part of the UK Hardcore scene. Clearly (if you've seen my profile), I'm too young to have had that experience. However, I understand the happy hardcore genre well enough to know good cheese from bad cheese. Happy Hardcore is about having a good time and you should be able to party regardless, but high quality music really enhances the experience. Making the list was hard, as its hard to distinguish among classics. Feel free to comment, disagree, ask questions, etc. Make your own list, even. So, without further ado, here's the list.

1. Field of Dreams - Force & Styles [1997]

I believe this classic happy hardcore tune is the finest in the genre. The song has meaningful lyrics (and more than one verse) and is put together well, but what strikes me the most is the incredibly classy mix of keyboards, strings, vocals, and synths. The piano melody is syncopated rhythmically and is unbelievable catchy. That's not to say that I loved everything- I didn't appreciate the overpowering synths in the middle. However, the song starts with a bang and never ever lets you down.

On a separate note, there is video of a performance on Youtube with Jenna and MC Junior from "Hardcore Heaven: The Live Showcase" on 22nd Feb 1997 (from the VHS video of the event). I'm pretty sure she falls down at one point there, but her singing was very good. One of my favorite live EDM performances of all time.

"It's a matter fact and its plain to see
The love that burns inside of me
I'd like to lead you back here by my side
These memories might never last
A broken dream held from the past
And the passion that is lost within my mind"

2. Shooting Star - Bang! [1997]

This was the first real happy hardcore song I ever listened to, save some chipmunk-esque rubbish on youtube. The vocals are kind of strained at times, but it was clearly well constructed. It begins with a chorus and never lets the listener down.

3. Eyeopener - Brisk and Trixxy [1997]

This song is truly special. The vocals hit you almost immediately and are familiar to many people. In fact, the song samples "Open Your Eyes" by Koko, a major hit from, you guessed it, 1997. Koko was a one-hit wonder, but her song evidently wasn't. At first, however, it seems to be cheesy and derivative, but it was perhaps genius of Brisk and Trixxy to sample that Euro hit.

4. Wonderful Days - Charlie Lownoise and Mental Theo [1994]

This might not be the first happy hardcore song, but it's sure a pioneer. In 1994, happy hardcore was a new genre, if it existed. In fact, the main predecessor to happy hardcore, bouncy techno, was still popular. Let's just say the song was precocious. The song is centered around a vocal sample is from the first verse of Tony Ronald's "Help me get some help" (1971).

5. Toytown - Hixxy (and Sharkey) [1995]

The original song was instrumental and produced by Hixxy. However, part of the song's lasting fame comes from its place first on the first CD from Bonkers, where it had both the input of MC Sharkey and vocals.

6. Heart of Gold - Field of Dreams [1996 recorded/release feat. Jenna, 1998 recorded/release feat. Kelly Llorenna]

Heart of Gold has a lot in common with Field of Dreams, especially a similar form and quality lyrics. However, I don't think that detracts from either of them. Heart of Gold, in fact, is the more famous song. In 1998, the record was released, and had some commercial success, peaking at 55 on the UK charts. When re-released by Llorenna in 2002, it peaked at 19.

7. Dancing in the Rain - Euphony [1997]

8. We Come Alive - Ineffect and Gammer feat. Andy L [2006]

9. Elysium - Scott Brown [1998]

Elysium has been remixed so many times, it's hard to keep track. "Elysium" is different than "Elysium Plus," which is different from "Elysium (Scott Brown v. Ultrabeat)," which is different from "Return to Elysium." That's enough to give me a headache. The original is the classic, not the others, if you can differentiate.

10. Power of Love '97 - Q-Tex [1997]

Power of Love was originally released in 1993, but remixed in 1997. Scott Brown was a part of Q-Tex.

11. Funfair (Exclusive Remix) - Force and Styles
12. Your Smile - Charlie Lownoise and Mental Theo [1996]
13. Fly Away - Visa
14. Come Follow Me - DJ Stompy [1997]

Cheesy lyrics are good, but the fake horns section made my day.

15. Hold Me Now - Highlander [1995]

Vocals from Chicago's "Hard to Say I'm Sorry."

16. Eurolove - Brisk and Trixxy
17. Can't Stop Raving – Dune
18. Rush Hour - DJ Magical [1996]

Actually, I didn't like this one at first, but it grew on me. Standard rhythm (4/4) and nice vocals.

19. Forever Shining - Mikk [2007]
20. Together Forever - Hixxy and Bananama [1995]
21. Set You Free - N-Trance [1995]
22. Discoland - Tini-tot
23. Children of the Night - Nakatomi [1996]
24. Techno Wonderland - Ravers Choice [1996]
25. Kiss Your Lips - Tokyo Ghetto Pussy
26. Pretty Green Eyes - Force and Styles [1997]

Ultrabeat re-released a classic. I'm not sure it added anything.

27. Sunrise - Trixxy
28. Rainbow to the Stars – Dune
29. Follow Me - Force and Styles
30. Million Miles From Home - Dune
31. Getting High - Brisk and Ham
32. '74 '75 - DJ Fritzy
33. Forever Young - Interactive
34. Steam Train - Dougal and Hopscotch [1995]
35. Love, Life and Happiness - Stealth
36. Stuck In a Moment - Ineffect and Gammer feat. Alice Wade
37. I Wanna Be A Hippy - Technohead
38. Have You Ever Been Mellow - Party Animals
39. Tears Run Cold - Sy & Demo
40. All I Need - Visa

Honorable Mentions:

Sunshine (97 Acid Remix) - Slipmatt and Eruption
Planet Love - Intermission

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Created August 28, 2009.


August 10, 2010 - updated list, added honorable mentions, replied to comment
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Nice list! Happy hardcore is pretty fun.
Here's some input from me:
Dune - Rainbow To The Stars, Million Miles From Home
Interactive - Forever Young
Party Animals - Have You Ever Been Mellow
Stealth - Love, Life & Happiness
Technohead - I Wanna Be A Hippy

Sorry about not getting back to you in a timely fashion. Rainbow To the Stars is a classic! How did I forget that! **Added**
Million Miles From Home is ok **Honorable Mention**
I don't like Forever Young covers, since I am such a fan of the Alphaville version, but interactive is good. **Added**
Have You Ever Been Mellow is ok **Honorable Mention for now...**
I know Love, Life & Happiness! **Honorable Mention/low on list**
I Wanna Be A Hippy is just silly... **Honorable Mention**



Unicorn - Living In A Fantasy

Cmon now... not one song from Ultrasonic or Scooter !!!!!
you could make a top 20 with just those 2.

but there has to be one of them in there somewhere.

jump on utube and search for them. If they dont get your head boppin somethings wrong

After reading the list must say I'm a bit shocked bt the lack of ultrasonic, scooter, bass generator stuff, qfx
Having grew up listening and playing out from 93 I've got an extensive collection, id say ur list is good but there r better tunes could b added, should YouTube bass generator records, or qtex the equazion part 4, Fred west is dead, or how about technophobia - the gytoftb mix, gytoftb stands for get your Tits out for the boys, also check out penguin records, or dwarf, the dutch did a lot of proper classics, Paul elstaks luv u more