Alfred Hitchcock Anniversary Quiz

Michael Atkinson has posted a nice, non-Googleable, Hitchcock quiz on the Fandor blog. If any other Listologs are interested in throwing out some answers, I'm game, too. I've posted each question as it's own comment thread below.

The questions were not tough. I have watched almost all the Hitchcock movies. So, it did not take much time for to answer these questions. Anyway, Am I the only one who thinks that Vertigo is the most overrated film of all time?

1. In which film did two versions of Hitchcock appear, diegetically speaking?


I'm guessing Lifeboat, where he appears in a before/after weight loss ad in a newspaper.

2. What Hitch bit player was a famous flamenco dancer under another name?

3. What Hitch film featured a pair of real twins?

4. What bit player showed up in two Hitch movies sans first name?

5. What Hitch film featured a dancing couple that shared their names with a pair of medieval Oxford colleges?

6. What comedy duo were first paired in a Hitch film?

Caldicot and Charters, the cricket-loving travelers in The Lady Vanishes. The characters appeared in a few more wartime films in the UK.

7. In which Hitch did the two protagonists share the same name?

8. What is the non-Hitch cast connection between Strangers on a Train and Rear Window?

9. Name the actor who has sported five separate honorific titles in Hitchcock films.

Surely the honor must go to the inimitable Leo G. Carroll who had honorific titles in all 6 Hitch films in which he appeared, with only one duplication. Here is the list:

Rebecca - Dr. Baker
Suspicion - Captain Melbeck
Spellbound - Dr. Murchison
The Paradine Case - Sir Joseph
Strangers on a Train - Sen. Morton
North by Northwest - The Professor

Some may argue that The Professor does not count. I claim it does since, if the character had a full name, it would have been Prof. whatever. Simply because there is no surname, it does not follow that Professor is not an honorific.

Nice one Dash.

10. Which Hitch player who twice played a famous character in non-Hitch films but only with the lower half of his body?

11. What unseen character in a Hitch movie shares a name with a busy “nonsex” porn actor?

12. How many actors have played the same role twice within the Hitch ouevre?