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  • The Greatest Albums Ever   2 hours 35 min ago

    Tbh I don't think it belongs in your top 20 either. Doesn't make too much sense to put The Shape of Jazz to Come on the same level as The Doors and Suicide.

    Have you heard Of Human Feelings? It's probably the closest thing to Trout Mask Replica that I've heard. It might be the Ornette Coleman album you're looking for.

  • The Greatest Albums Ever   17 hours 16 min ago

    Thanks, after revisiting it a couple times, I'm pretty sure I'm not missing anything actually, though I wouldn't mind to discover otherwise. I think it's simply a 7.5 (maybe 8) on my scale, both of which are very high scores. Looking forward to your thoughts on the album just in case there actually are additional element(s) to its greatness Ive missed.

  • Listening+Viewing Log 2016 (Started: 11 July)   1 day 18 hours ago

    Re: Radiohead... If you're interested, check out the singles and True Love Waits (which is a track previously only available in a live version from the Kid A/Amnesiac period)

    Re: Nusrat... I know, right? I hope you enjoy it.

  • Listening+Viewing Log 2016 (Started: 11 July)   1 day 19 hours ago

    Re: Radiohead ... Seems like about what to expect from them these days.

    Re: Nusrat ... Whoa, Ill have to check him out. His vocals on Passion are amazing.

  • Listening+Viewing Log 2016 (Started: 11 July)   2 days 9 hours ago

    Re: Radiohead... It isn't bad at all, I enjoyed it. But they've been declining since Amnesiac, although their latest is better than The King of Limbs.

    Re: Nusrat... He's the vocalist on the title track of Peter Gabriel's Passion, which should give you an idea of his vocal abilities. Musically however, Shahen-shah features traditional qawwalis with handclaps, tabla and harmonium and is extremely repetitive. Much more active and extroverted.

  • Listening+Viewing Log 2016 (Started: 11 July)   2 days 11 hours ago

    Re: Radiohead ... Doesn't sound too promising :-( they have so much talent. I wish they were more inspired these days.

    Re: Nursrat ... Sounds awesome :) Anyone the vocals compare to from my rock lists?

  • Listening+Viewing Log 2016 (Started: 11 July)   2 days 17 hours ago

    I like it, apart from one or two tracks. Their second worst since Pablo Honey though; not as good as In Rainbows though it comes close. They could be doing a lot better imo.

    Nusrat's stuff is amazing; I'll probably listen to several more albums from him this week. Among the best in spiritual music. Unstoppable rhythms, a crazed vocalist that seems to be communicating directly with the heavens...the entire album is a religious ritual carried out in a state of ecstasy. It also helps for me that I'm a Pakistani and so am familiar with the genre and the language.

  • Listening+Viewing Log 2016 (Started: 11 July)   2 days 18 hours ago

    Interesting to see a listologist opinion of Radiohead's new album. Also, haven't ever listened to the Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan album -- an 8.5!!

  • The Greatest Albums Ever   3 days 17 hours ago

    There's a whole lot of things. I can't reduce this album (or any other album here) to just one important key element. I'll give a useful response to this when I find the time and energy. Work takes up most of the week so there's not a lot of free time and I'd have to write a lot of paragraphs to do this album justice.

    If you're not too sure what to think of it, listening to a few of his other albums would certainly help put it in perspective. Change of the Century, Ornette!, Something Else and Tomorrow is the Question are similar to The Shape of Jazz to Come and different in their own unique ways. Personally I love them all and most of his other albums too (Song X, Science Fiction, Skies of America, Sound Grammar, Free Jazz, the whole harmolodic funk era). Most of his albums are not tightly connected to jazz aesthetics at all. Throughout his discography he keeps inventing and re-inventing his very own musical language out of classic and experimental techniques, and all the different albums (each of which tends to have a singular distinguished atmosphere and aesthetics) are centered around and driven by his unmistakable artistry and personality. He's basically the prototype for Lou Reed as a soloist and Captain Beefheart as a composer.

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  • Greatest Music Videos (in chronological order)   4 days 9 min ago

    I was kinda expecting someone to mention that one at some point. It is obviously a pretty nice idea and fairly well executed, but it doesn't actually make me feel a whole lot. I would say the video is a technical achievement, rather than an artistic one. I wouldn't be too surprised if I change my mind on this one at some point, though.

  • Greatest Music Videos (in chronological order)   4 days 9 hours ago
  • The Greatest Albums Ever   4 days 16 hours ago

    Even though we disagree on the merits of a few albums/artists here and there, most of these are all time favorites or not far off.

    I love Ornette Coleman's Shape of Jazz but ratings-wise tend to be all over the map on it, from 7.5 to, in the past, 8.5 and 9/10. Ive wondered if I might be mis-observing or not observing some key element to its greatness. How would you describe what makes it top 10 all time for you?

  • Favorite TV Shows   5 days 16 hours ago

    Which seasons of Seinfeld are your favourites?

  • Greatest Films of All Time   5 days 21 hours ago

    I don't think they improve the films particularly. I would prefer if Lucas didn't try and integrate CGI into the originals. I think the original special effects are better/more impressive (more ingenuity) without it, even if not as "technologically advanced".

  • Greatest Films of All Time   6 days 50 min ago

    What do you think of the Special Editions of the Star Wars movies vs. the original theatrical releases?

  • Favorite Rock Albums (Eclectic)   1 week 6 hours ago

    The rock 'n roll material on the self-titled is quite catchy, and the ballads are some of the best of their kind. The Murder Mystery is a cool experimental track too.

  • Favorite Rock Albums (Eclectic)   1 week 11 hours ago

    Totally agree :) That album and You are Free are her two albums that approach the intimacy and moving voice of Lisa Germano.

  • Favorite Rock Albums (Eclectic)   1 week 13 hours ago

    I think it took having the right mindset and being in a quieter, more private environment. It's a very intimate album, in music and lyrics.

  • Favorite Rock Albums (Eclectic)   1 week 13 hours ago

    I'm just not crazy about VU's more rock 'n roll material. I would definitely give it another listen sometime.

  • Music Rankings & Notes   1 week 17 hours ago

    I've heard those two but Moon Pix is more interesting to me. It's an extraordinary piece of work. Very consistent and there's nothing quite like it. I haven't dug deep into it yet but so far so good.

  • Favorite Rock Albums (Eclectic)   1 week 20 hours ago

    What's so bad about the self-titled? It's great.

  • 10 favorite songs per year.   1 week 1 day ago


  • Favorite Rock Albums (Eclectic)   1 week 1 day ago

    #17. Cat Power: What Would the Community Think


    Glad it hit home for you too!

  • Greatest Album Covers (in-progress)   1 week 1 day ago

    I checked those out and probably wouldn't add any of them, though they were all interesting. Sun Ra is always good for a double take. I like the Stranger from Durango. The Black Artists group one reminded me that I may want to list To Pimp a Butterfly.