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  • Best Upbeat & Optimistic Albums   1 day 26 min ago

    To HumanEmotions (and anyone else interested) ... Bellybutton by Jellyfish is an excellent example of a diverse, eclectic, relentlessly catchy, upbeat pop album that very clearly has (much) more emotional/conceptual depth than Revolver. Note: Although the music isn't particularly difficult, its mixture of emotions and diverse moods and orchestration may take a few listens to really sink in.

    XTC's Skylarking is probably an even better album, but its even more orchestrated so might be a more apt comparison to something with a fuller sound like Sgt. Pepper, but anyway, easily surpasses Revolver. Again, that one might take a few listens to really sink in.

    For any of The Beatles earlier albums or Merseybeat songs, Green's White Soul, as noted above, takes the style to a much more emotional high (with a dose of punk).

  • Favorite Rock Albums (Eclectic)   2 days 2 hours ago

    Much appreciated, thank you.

  • Music Rankings & Notes   3 days 11 hours ago

    First time listening to their music and I like it. Very beautiful and smooth. I'll probably get all 3 albums.

  • Music Rankings & Notes   3 days 12 hours ago

    How's the Allo Darlin album? I only know a few of the songs off their self-titled (Kiss Your Lips was great in particular)

  • Best Upbeat & Optimistic Albums   3 days 22 hours ago

    If anyone is interested in hearing an album that (imo) trounces the Beatles, listen to White Soul by Green (1989). I'd completely forgotten about this album until the other day when I remembered that I should revisit it because I never rated it. It basically merges Merseybeat and punk. It is one of the most invigorating, "feel-like-bursting-out-of-your-skin-and-declaring-your-love-for-someone" albums of all time. It answers the question of what the Beatles could've sounded like if they had played their instruments with more ferocity, played with more rhythmic dexterity and if they were led by much more all-out and unpredictable vocals (basically an example of what a pre-Sgt Pepper Beatles album could sound like if it were to meet my criteria at the level of 8/10).

  • Favorite Rock Albums (Eclectic)   3 days 23 hours ago

    Ok, thanks that makes sense.

    Re: Low ... You're welcome. Trust is really something, isn't it. I am a bit shocked it doesn't usually rate particularly high in their discography on other sites. Speaking of amazing slowcore albums, I strongly recommend Jessica Bailiff's self titled after revisiting it today. Its up there near Low's best.

  • Favorite albums of 2016 (so far)   4 days 1 hour ago

    Yeah, I do remember some Andy Stott and Haxan Cloak. I'll have to listen to it some more to hear the others. Thanks, I want to check out their earlier stuff too.

  • Favorite Rock Albums (Eclectic)   4 days 2 hours ago

    I'm in the middle of a bunch of edits on this list. For now, the top 15 are ones I'm sure are my favorites above most other albums on this list, since I've been listening to them all so much in the past few months. Cyclops Nuclear Submarine Captain has always been somewhat high on this list (top 30), but I have grown to like it much more recently, so I wanted to put it higher. I'm going to keep editing this list and see where things end up.

    By the way, thanks so much for your recommendations about Low. I've listened to all three of those albums now, most recently Trust (possibly my favorite).

  • Favorite Rock Albums (Eclectic)   4 days 7 hours ago

    What does the space between #15 and the rest mean?

    Has Cyclops Nuclear Submarine Capt been that high before (and I just didnt notice it) or is that a recent addition/ascension?

  • Please Recommend Music, Films or Paintings to Me   4 days 9 hours ago

    To cuki luvz u: If I remember correctly, you (somewhat unseriously) recommended I revisit Live's Throwing Copper. Although I didnt add it to the selections, I did just re-listen to it and I would go with 6.5/10. Despite its highlights (Dam at Otter Creek, T.B.D, Stage, White Discussion) it just has a bit too many merely adequate/mediocre/solid tracks to gain the emotional significance it would need for a higher rating. They're at their best when they go for Doors-ian theatrical intensity and suspenseful build up (Dam at Otter Creek, White Discussion). The lead singer's powerful voice is perfectly suited for such displays so its unfortunate they resort to so many typical song structures and anthemic posturings (even though they're not bad at it). Iris and I Alone (recalls Heart Shaped Box a bit) and Lightning Crashes (recalls Springsteen) are all fine songs. And Waitress, while otherwise ordinary, gets pretty explosive towards the end. Wish they would've made more unrelenting, ferocious songs such as Stage, which has an intensity that recalls artists such as The Stooges. No filler and more songs like Stage, bookended with Dam at Otter Creek and White Discussion could've made up a sort of 90's Strange Days, perhaps.

  • Favorite albums of 2016 (so far)   4 days 10 hours ago

    There's certainly some Thom Yorke in the vocals. At different times through the record I heard a range of influences from bands like Haxan Cloak to Sonic Youth to Swans to Andy Stott. Their 2013 albums Images du Futur has some great tracks as well. The Montreal rock scene has certainly produced a lot of great artists in the past few decades.

  • Favorite albums of 2016 (so far)   4 days 13 hours ago

    Ok cool, thank you. I listened to the Suuns album and thought it was really good. Not sure what I'd rate it yet. I thought is was somewhat reminiscent of Kid A/Amnesiac period Radiohead.

  • MY FAVOURITE WORKS OF MUSIC   4 days 19 hours ago

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I find Gibbons hymns one of most precious hidden treasure in the whole music literature. I also love Gesualdo vocal works. Their harmony is so rich and audacios to foresee Wagner and late XIX century music in many way

  • Top 200 critically acclaimed movies from the last 5 years   4 days 21 hours ago

    Update 27/6-16:
    Out Captain America: The Winter Soldier - In Finding Dory
    Out Frozen - In The Square ("Al Midan")

    Update 8/6-16:
    Out Listen to Me Marlon - In Love & Friendship
    Out '71 - In A Bigger Splash
    Out Black Mass - In Weiner

    Update 2/6-16:
    Out Chef - In Dheepan
    Out Dear White People - In Eye in the Sky

    Update 26/4-16:
    Out Don Jon - In The Jungle Book
    Out Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me - In Sing Street

    Update 18/4-16:
    Out The End of the Tour - In Captain America: Civil War

    Update 14/4-16:
    Out 45 Years - In Victoria
    Out Frances Ha - In Zootopia

    Update 1/4-16:
    Out Furious 7 - In Marguerite
    Out Mississippi Grind - In Remember

    Update 26/2-16:
    Out Seymour: An Introduction - In Embrace of the Serpent ("El abrazo de la serpiente")
    Out Side By Side - In A War ("Krigen")

    Update 16/1-16:
    Out The Skeleton Twins - In Theeb
    Out This Is the End - In Anomalisa
    Out Time Out of Mind - In 45 Years

    Update 6/1-16:
    Out Top Five - In Phoenix
    Out The World's End - In The Assassin

    Update 1/1-16 (New Year's update):
    Out The Artist - In Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem
    Out A Separation - In The Way, Way Back
    Out Hugo - In The Raid 2
    Out The Descendants - In The Spectacular Now
    Out The Tree of Life - In To the Wonder
    Out Midnight in Paris - In Locke
    Out Melancholia - In X-Men: Days of Future Past
    Out War Horse - In Blancanieves
    Out The Kid With a Bike - In Good Kill
    Out Moneyball - In Joe
    Out Le Havre - In 99 Homes
    Out Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy - In Parkland
    Out Drive - In Tracks
    Out The Intouchables - In A Hijacking
    Out The Ides of March - In The Lunchbox
    Out The Help - The Tribe
    Out Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 - In Bless Me, Ultima
    Out Footnote - In Cloud Atlas
    Out The Guard - In Prometheus
    Out Monsieur Lazhar - In Searching for Sugar Man
    Out Martha Marcy May Marlene - In Under the Skin
    Out 50/50 - In Goodnight Mommy
    Out Shame - In We Are the Best!
    Out Margaret - In Into the Woods
    Out The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo - In The Lobster
    Out The Skin I Live In - In The Central Park Five
    Out A Dangerous Method - In Hit & Run
    Out My Week With Marilyn - In Hyde Park on Hudson
    Out Page One: Inside the New York Times - In A Late Quartet
    Out Buck - In Premium Rush
    Out In Darkness - In Safety Not Guaranteed
    Out Super 8 - In Sleepwalk With Me
    Out Pina - In How to Survive a Plague
    Out A Simple Life - In Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    Out Headhunters - In Frozen
    Out Take Shelter - In Listen to Me Marlon
    Out Bridesmaids - In Ex Machina
    Out Warrior - In '71
    Out Like Crazy - In Black Mass
    Out Coriolanus - In Chef
    Out Higher Ground - In Dear White People
    Out Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol - In Don Jon
    Out Pariah - In Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me
    Out Polisse - In The End of the Tour
    Out Terri - In Frances Ha
    Out Win Win - In Furious 7
    Out X-Men: First Class - In Mississippi Grind
    Out Project Nim - In Seymour: An Introduction
    Out Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close - In Side by Side
    Out The Raid: Redemption - In The Skeleton Twins
    Out Rango - In This is the End
    Out We Need to Talk About Kevin - In Time Out of Mind
    Out Bullhead - In Top Five
    Out Chicken With Plums - In The World's End

    Update 31/12-15:
    Out Hanna - In Star Wars: The Force Awakens
    Out Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem - In The Big Short
    Out The Way, Way Back - In Youth
    Out The Raid 2 - In The Second Mother
    Out The Spectacular Now - In Mustang
    Out Dark Horse - In Hitchcock/Truffaut
    Out To the Wonder - In The Hateful Eight

    Update 14/12-15:
    Out J. Edgar - In The Revenant
    Out The Interrupters - In Spy

    Update 3/12-15:
    Out Locke - In Creed
    Out X-Men: Days of Future Past - In The Danish Girl
    Out Blancanieves - In Bridge of Spies
    Out Good Kill - In Carol
    Out Joe - In Son of Saul ("Saul Fia")

    Update 28/11-15:
    Out 99 Homes - In Spotlight
    Out Parkland - In Brooklyn
    Out Tracks - In A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence ("En duva satt på en gren och funderade på tillvaron")

    Update 5/11-15:
    Out A Hijacking ("Kapringen") - In Steve Jobs
    Out The Lunchbox ("Dabba") - In Room

    Update 28/10-15:
    Out Into the Abyss - In Beasts of No Nation

    Update 10/10-15:
    Out Bless Me, Ultima - In Sicario
    Out Cloud Atlas - In The Martian
    Out Prometheus - In MacBeth

    Update 14/09-15:
    Out Searching for Sugar Man - In Straight Outta Compton

  • MY FAVOURITE WORKS OF MUSIC   5 days 2 hours ago

    I've only listened really intensively to Byrd's masses, viol consort music, and virginal music, and Gibbons' viol consort music. Of those, I like Byrd's viol consorts the most, then Gibbons', then Byrd's masses and virginal music in that order. Byrd sounds almost like a proto-Bach in many places in his consorts, which I really like.

  • Favorite albums of 2016 (so far)   5 days 3 hours ago

    I really try not to think of things in number ratings, although it is hard not to sometimes. I had it at 7.5 before, but in saying that I usually think of it as a list of what I think is above the 66-75th percentile of a standard bell curve, based from what I think is the average quality of albums released in the same time. But quality is a loaded word and it's meaning can't be easily pinned down I think. Music is a spectrum rather than a single point on a bell curve, so I think an accurate mathematical definition of it like this is impossible, if not useless, for actually summarizing my opinion on a piece of art. Number ratings are a poor man's version of your actual opinion about a piece, although I admit they're certainly convenient sometimes.

    I'll just say that the bold albums are the albums I like the most over the year. Call it my shortlist I guess.

  • Favorite albums of 2015   5 days 4 hours ago

    Croce by Father Murphy is among the best of 2015 (might need a few listens to really take hold).

  • Favorite albums of 2016 (so far)   5 days 4 hours ago

    Could bold albums be considered ones you feel are the equivalent to "7.5/10+" ?

  • Favorite albums of 2016 (so far)   5 days 4 hours ago

    Hmmm, think I'll have to check it out. Thank you.

  • Favorite albums of 2016 (so far)   5 days 5 hours ago

    Slow year for music so far, it feels like. I still have hope for a lot of hidden gems to surface later.

    I had the pleasure of seeing Suuns live at a festival this weekend. I didn't know anything about them before the show, but they were certainly one of the stand-outs. Their music is hard to pin down, it borrows elements from various genres in a way I haven't quite seen before.

  • Favorite albums of 2016 (so far)   5 days 6 hours ago

    Finally a bold one!!! :)

  • MY FAVOURITE WORKS OF MUSIC   5 days 22 hours ago

    Thank you for your advice. Do you like more Gibbons or Byrd?

  • MY FAVOURITE WORKS OF MUSIC   6 days 3 hours ago

    There's an excellent recording of the complete viol music by a viol consort called Phantasm. I like enjoy them just as much, if not more so, than his keyboard works.

  • Best Upbeat & Optimistic Albums   6 days 13 hours ago

    The comments above were getting too bunched up along the side of the page, so Ill say here that (even though I never thought I would spend my time doing so) I'm going to post an analysis of The Beatles' Revolver in the near future which should act as "catch-all" to this never-ending discussion -- a completion of my answers of sorts (one would hope...probably wishful thinking...).

  • Best Upbeat & Optimistic Albums   6 days 22 hours ago

    You copied and pasted the wrong comments. I was referring to many others. Here's one for example:

    "Looking at your comment and your list of greatest albums (which features very few easy-going and happy albums), I get the impression that Revolver is so far up in the easy-going happy range that it's just not that interesting to you. I agree with most of what you're saying about Forever Changes and its evocative spaced-out emotional sound, but Revolver is just as good and even better. If you don't dismiss the content based on the complex (and mostly irrelevant) historical context, Revolver is enjoyable as a personal, spaced-out, evocative and complete album with a happy vision. The emotional depth and musical significance of the album are only there if you're willing to go along with their happy vision as much as Forever Changes' dread and doom. Of course you don't have to embrace it, but that doesn't make Revolver any less good.

    There would be no Rock music as we know it today if Revolver was never released, and that's not because of dumb luck. Beatlemania was a hilarious thing that made the Beatles the most famous artists on earth. But unlike nearly all other world-famous stars, the Beatles invented a prototype for the rock album that invents and amplifies some of rock music's best characteristics:

    - Reconstructing and fusing different methods of songwriting in order to get original material with original effect. They continued this thread with their subsequent albums but Revolver is the only LP where this quality is consistently visible and successful. Besides setting a great example for innovation as major world-class artists (which influenced everybody, including Holger Czukay, Bruce Springsteen and Robert Fripp), this is one of the trickiest things to do in the context of mainstream music, and everybody else is trying to pull it off one way or another, but nobody (except Rolling Stones and Prince, I guess) came close to the level of Beatles in this aspect.

    - Use of studio and painstaking mixing methods to gain maximum effect from songwriting, arranging and improvisation for a unified powerful sound. Like Zappa but in a different context with different methods for different results.

    - All-encompassing fusion with all sorts of music from all around the world (from classical to raga to tape loops to soul to anything). This is one of the qualities that gives rock music an advantage over classical and jazz music (not to imply that it's exclusive to rock, but it's much more evident in both mainstream and avant-garde rock compared to classical and jazz music). Revolver is one of the earliest, most influential and most diverse albums to have this quality."


    You wrote in your final comment that "I am very familiar with Revolver and already know the answer". I just realized we posted a couple dozen comments on this and you "already know the answer".

    I'm out. Peace.