Party-Approved Lists


So which do you like better, supposed conservative movies, or liberal ones?

Definitely the liberal films.

Is this what our country has turned into? Drawing battle lines as to whether films are conservative or liberal?

Seems to me that the conservative media wants to do nothing more than cry wolf over this alleged liberal monopolization of the media, which is utter bullshit. For the most part, the liberal list of films is pretty accurate, but some of the choices on the conservative list are just baffling: Carnal Knowledge? Dumbo? (I didn't know the floppy-eared pachyderm was a flunky for the capitalists) The Bicycle Thief? Did the National Review see any of these films? And better yet, just because Rambo shoots up a bunch of Vietnamese in Rambo: First Blood Part II doesn't mean it's a film the conservatives should laud.

I, for one, am getting might f**king sick of all this conservative vs. liberal talk. Anarchy now!

Fortunately, Hollywood has always been a very liberal area. If, as pivvclam pointed out, the quality of the liberal movies is higher than that of the conservative movies, that's probably because they had to dig pretty deep for conservative films, and most of the rest of film history has been very liberal.

Aside from films by John Ford (a notorious conservative in Hollywood), most of the REAL conservative movies are pretty lame. I object to some of those films being labelled conservative though. How is "The Bicycle Thief" conservative? It's about a destitute man's struggle in a capitalist society.

And "It's a Wonderful Life"? I mean, sure, everything works out OK for Jimmy Stewart in the end, but only through divine intervention. I doubt it was intended as a serious glorification of capitalism. Just look how the evil Mr. Potter is portrayed, for God's sake: the rich capitalist bastard trying to buy out the little guy. Even after Jimmy Stewart decides not to kill himself, conservatives would probably give him the death penalty for drunk driving.

And "Ghostbusters" as a conservative film? That's just plain baffling.

I think Capra is a very conservative man, but he isn't the simple, block-headed conservative straw man liberals love to bash. He thinks capitalism runs best, but he sees the dark side and possibilities of the beast. It's a Wonderful Life shows both sides.

His view of capitalism is probably like many's view of democracy. It works best, but it can be corrupted and go horribly wrong. It takes the constant vigilance and effort of people like George Bailey to keep matters working.

As for Ghostbusters, I suspect it made the list since so many of the problems in the film are caused by a crazy man claiming 'environmental' issues in closing down the crew's detention system, ie regulation vs. free enterprise.

I suspect the liberal films are largely better than the conservative films on these list because the liberal folks have sought out great films and tried really hard to make them liberal. Citizen Kane, for example, is neither a conservative or liberal film, IMHO.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs (who, no, has no idea how The Bicycle Thief is a conservative flick...)

Boy, it is hard to deny the overall quality of the films on the "liberal" list. It wins hands down to me.