My cable connection went south, and the technician won't be out until sometime tomorrow, so I won't be able to respond to anything until it's fixed (I'm using my folks' connection now). "Sometime tomorrow." <Sigh>.

For when you get back:

I tried making a Listology icon that looked like a tree with the leaves being lists, but it wasn't something you could scale down much smaller than 400x300 before it you've couldn't tell what it was anymore.

With an icon, it'd be really hard to do something that showed many, many lists and still be able to scale it down to 24x24 or whatever.

Of course, a Listology icon could always be just one list, but that's extremely boring. Are there any thoughts you have that I could give a try?

I'm afraid I don't. Sadly, I'm not graphically or iconically creative.