About Listology

Listology was started in 1991 by Jim Biancolo. The site had a simple goal - enable users to easily and flexibly track their lists. Soon the site began to grow and before long a large and dedicated user base was using Listology for all their list-making needs. The mostly centered around popular culture like movies, music and television. However, the Listologists are an eclectic bunch, and you can also find lists on topics as diverse as life goals, philosophy, politics, and history. As the user base grew, so did the site, with Jim adding features as needed and keeping the site running smoothly.

After almost ten years of running Listology, Jim decided he was no longer able to dedicate the time necessary to keep the site running and put out a call for volunteers to take it over. This call was answered by Greg Dunlap who imported all the lists and users into a brand new system based on an open-source content-management framework called Drupal. Along with the new backend came a new design, courtesy of Martin McClellan. Martin also designed our iconic mascot *L*.

Listology exists only because of its users and their passion for documenting their passions. We hope you find something here to interest you, and maybe start keeping a few lists of your own!

If you have any problems with the site, or wish to send us any feedback, please do so!